The Document of Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together, also known as Chrislam, was signed in February 2019 by Pope Francis and El-Tayyeb in Abu Dhabi with the aim of reinforcing the principle of coexistence among religions. The document is the foundation for the planned construction of the Interfaith Abrahamic Family House that is scheduled to open next year in Abu Dhabi, comprising a church, a mosque and a synagogue. During Saturday’s meeting, El-Tayyeb said the fraternity document has proposed solutions to the problems facing the world today from a religious standpoint, according to a statement by Al-Azhar. Al-Azhar’s relations with the Vatican remain an effective model for spreading tolerance and peace and fighting extremism, hate, wars and disputes, El-Tayyeb said.

El-Tayyeb, the leader of the Sunni Muslim world’s top religious institution, made the remarks on Saturday as he received Cardinal Miguel Ángel Ayuso, President of the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, in Cairo for major Chrislam update.
El-Tayyeb, the leader of the Sunni Muslim world’s top religious institution, made the remarks on Saturday as he received Cardinal Miguel Ángel Ayuso, President of the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, in Cairo for major Chrislam update.

Funny thing about Bible prophecy, it has a moment where everyone is paying attention and then long after people have stopped watching, it continues to be played out in the most magnificent way. Such is the case with the One World Religion of Chrislam that was officially inaugurated in 2019 when Pope Francis kissed Grand Imam Ahmed El-Tayyeb on the mouth and then signed the Document on Human Fraternity while Abraham Accords author Mohamed bin Zayed stood by and witnessed the whole thing.

“And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon. And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.” 

Revelation 13:11,12 (KJB)

The One World Religion of Chrislam, and now its sister group the Abraham Accords, are barreling down the prophecy turnpike at 100 MPH, leading you to the Two State Solution faster than you can blink. The Abrahamic Family House, scheduled to open 2022 in celebration of the Golden Jubilee of the UAE, will be the headquarters for Chrislam, and it will be from here that the Israel will agree to part God’s land, and why would they do that? Because the Abraham Accords will allow them to rebuild their Temple in Jerusalem. Like we said on the podcast the other day, 2022 is going to blow your mind if you believe the Bible.

Azhar to intensify implementation of Chrislam fraternity document with Vatican: Grand imam

FROM AHRAM ONLINE: The Document of Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together was signed in February 2019 by Pope Francis and El-Tayyeb in Abu Dhabi with the aim of reinforcing the principle of coexistence among religions. The document is the foundation for the planned construction of the Interfaith Abrahamic Family House that is scheduled to open next year in Abu Dhabi, comprising a church, a mosque and a synagogue.

During Saturday’s meeting, El-Tayyeb said the fraternity document has proposed solutions to the problems facing the world today from a religious standpoint, according to a statement by Al-Azhar. Al-Azhar’s relations with the Vatican remain an effective model for spreading tolerance and peace and fighting extremism, hate, wars and disputes, El-Tayyeb said. El-Tayyeb added that scholars and religious leaders have a duty to confront negative ideologies that harm the moral health of society.

The path of peace and dialogue is strenuous and hard, El-Tayyeb said, affirming that everyone has to make an effort to take this path. The world is in an urgent need of the values of brotherhood, peaceful coexistence and respect for one another, El-Tayyeb said. Reliance on weapons to ignite strife and claim lives will not stabilise the world, he added. Cardinal Ayuso hailed joint efforts led by El-Tayyeb and Pope Francis to consolidate peace and stability, affirming that the two leaders’ meetings have sent messages of love and peace to religious followers worldwide.

The Higher Committee of Human Fraternity, to which Ayuso belongs as member and chair of current round of sessions, will work on raising awareness regarding the Document on Human Fraternity, Ayuso said. The committee will also work on activating the document’s provisions and opening new horizons of cooperation between institutions and officials to adopt the document and convey it to the youth. Cardinal Ayuso also gave a lecture at Al-Azhar University, where he affirmed that extremists should recognise that dialogue between religions is possible without compromising each religion’s identity and core beliefs.

Signing the Document on Human Fraternity was not easy, Ayuso said. However, the determination and sincerity of El-Tayyeb and Pope Francis have contributed to breaking barriers between Muslims and Christians and resuming dialogue between Al-Azhar and the Vatican after a hiatus of around six years. The grand imam visited the Vatican and met with Pope Francis last October. They discussed work on the initiatives agreed upon in the Document on Human Fraternity, including the construction of the Interfaith Abrahamic Family House.

Last month, El-Tayyeb and Pope Tawadros II, the patriarch of the See of St Mark and leader of Egypt’s Coptic Orthodox Church, attended a celebration marking the 10th anniversary of the Egyptian Family House in Cairo’s Nasr City. The house was established in 2011 to promote tolerance and peaceful coexistence between Muslims and Christians, which together constitute the Egyptian nation’s fabric. The house seeks to restore Islamic and Christian values, nurture Egyptian civilisation and promote a culture of compassion, empathy and tolerance. READ MORE


Starting at the 2-hour mark in the video shown below, prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj made a shocking announcement regarding Pope Francis. The video was recorded at a live prophetic conference in Chennai India yesterday. The following provides a transcript.

“Two years ago, during a conference in Sydney Australia, one afternoon while I was in prayer, the Lord Jesus Christ appeared before me and He spoke to me about the false prophet mentioned in Revelation chapter 13. And He said, ‘The present pope Francis is the false prophet.’

I was very shocked. I’m seeing the Lord Jesus standing right before me and He explained to me all the signs and the characteristics of the false prophet that fit him.

And then when this sign in the heavens in 2014 appeared, it confirmed beyond a shadow of doubt that the prophesied beast of Revelation 13 is none other than the religious leader in the Vatican.

A few weeks ago, the Pope put out a message and that is another very shocking thing because that again is a fulfillment in Revelation chapter 13 concerning with the false prophet will do. The Pope issued a message inviting all religious leaders to gather to form one new world religion.  The Pope himself spoke in the Latin and it was put out in the media. When I saw that, fear came inside me because that is a fulfillment of what we read in Revelation chapter 13.

This invitation, a call for world religions to come together as one and then the proposal to form a new world religion. Now who’s going to be the God of that new religion? If the pope says it is Jesus, then the Muslims and Hindus will get very upset. So, who is going to be that God? This is where the false prophet will point his finger at the antichrist and say he is the new God.

And Daniel chapter 11 tells us that this antichrist will announce himself as God. And just like John the Baptist pointed his finger at the Lord Jesus and said, ‘Behold The Lamb of God.’

John the Baptist is a prophet. In the same manner, the same event will be duplicated again. The false prophet will point the finger at the antichrist and say, ‘This is the God.’

My dearly beloved sons and daughters and brothers and sisters, all these events they were prophesied in the book of Revelation are now taking place right by our doorstep. Time will delay no longer! The Lord Jesus is coming again in our days! This event is not a great future in time! And all of heaven and the angels in heaven are ready with the trumpets to blow to announce the coming of the Lord Jesus.”

Pope Francis will celebrate his 83rd birthday on December 17, so if he is the one who fulfils the prophecies of Revelation 13, then the time of the Lord’s return must be near. It would also mean the antichrist must not only alive on earth today, but already on his way to becoming ruler of the world government, economy, and religion.


Let me say from the onset, I am not writing this post to convince you that Pope Francis is the False Prophet or not the False Prophet mentioned in the Book of Revelation or of anything else for that matter. I know many have a vague feeling, suspicion, or some concerns about Pope Francis, or even a strong belief that Pope Francis is or could possibly be the False Prophet, the last Pope. There are many Catholics who believe that Pope Francis is in fact the very False Prophet who precedes the Antichrist written about in Holy Scripture and foretold in Prophecy. I am not here to attack, insult, or slander the Pope (Jorge Mario Bergoglio) or the Holy Catholic. The information presented here is not intended to spread hatred or incite unrighteous anger towards this Pope (or anyone else) but rather to raise very important questions and increase alertness to the times we are now living in.

If this kind of discussion causes you fear or anxiety – it shouldn’t. Please take courage and simply trust in Jesus Christ and know that His Word is always the Truth and is always fulfilled. Evil may have its hour, but God will have His Day. The Bible is the mirror that shows exactly who that person is. We need to check every thing according to the Bible.

Let us now check his character and his doing whether he matches with bible prophecy:


1) A Catholic saint St Malachy Prophesied Pope Francis the No 112 Pope will BE THE LAST POPE. This ancient Prophecy – about the 112th Pope was first warned by a CATHOLIC SAINT!! – St Malachy, an Archbishop of the Catholic Church who lived in Armagh, Ireland in the year 1140 A.D. His prophecy is an accepted prophecy in the history of the Catholic Church. He is a man who prophesied his own death. Malachy is known today for a set of prophecies, purportedly written by him in 1139, concerning the future line of Popes. His list started with his contemporary, Pope Celestine III and continued through the next 112 Popes.

He said the last Pope would be called Petrus Romanus (“Peter the Roman”), whose reign would end with Judgment Day. Malachy’s vision of the future included a brief, cryptic description of each Pope. According to Catholic tradition, Malachy’s prophecy remained hidden until AD 1590, when it was first published. It has been a source of conjecture and controversy ever since. The prophecy has recently come into focus again because of the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. According to Malachy’s reckoning, Pope Francis I will be the last.


1) Pope Paul VI De medietate Lunae (“Of the Half Moon”) 

2) Pope Juan Pablo I De Labore Solis (“From the Toil of the Sun”) 

3) Pope John Paul II Gloria Olivae (“The Glory of the Olive”) 

4) Pope Benedict XVI Petrus Romanus (“Peter the Roman”) 

5) Pope Francis I Pope Francis is the Last Pope – No 112 told by Malachi who will lead the Church into Tribulation Period.

Let us now read Pope Francis list of quotes. Below is an abbreviated and incomplete chronological summary list of troubling quotes, headlines, and happenings which have taken place in the Pope Francis papacy. These quotes and news items on the list below are from well established, mainstream news sources and may easily be searched in google to confirm.


YEAR 2013 – Pope Benedict XVI announced “resignation” and lighting struck Saint Peter’s Dome hours later. In his first speech Francis announced himself as the Bishop of Rome from the ‘end of the world’; Newly elected Pope Francis jokes with Cardinals who elected him saying ‘May God forgive you for what you’ve done.’ (NEW YORK POST); Masonic lodges congratulated Jorge Bergoglio on becoming Pope Francis and wrote ‘nothing will be as it was before’; Said to youth ‘I want a mess’ and ‘I want trouble in the dioceses’; Pope Francis claimed that the miracle of Jesus multiplying the bread and fish was really a miracle of ‘sharing’, not multiplying; Said atheists who do good are redeemed; talking of Holy Spirit he said in an address to the College of Cardinals, the Holy Spirit is the ultimate source of every initiative and manifestation of faith. It is a curious thing: it makes me think of this.

The Holy Spirit creates all the differences among the Churches, almost as if HE WERE AN APOSTLE OF BABEL. But on the other hand, it is he who creates unity from these differences, not in “equality”, but in harmony.’ (VATICAN ). Pope Francis speaking of The Virgin Mary says ‘The Gospel does not tell us anything: if she spoke a word or not… She was silent, but in her heart, how many things [she] told the Lord! ‘You, that day, this and the other that we read, you had told me that he would be great, you had told me that you would have given him the throne of David, his forefather, that he would have reigned forever and now I see him there!’ Our Lady was human! And perhaps she even had the desire to say: ‘Lies! I was deceived!’ (VATICAN RADIO)

YEAR 2014 – Held the first ever Muslim/Jewish prayers and Koran readings at the Vatican (NY POST); Sent an iPhone message to evangelicals through prosperity-gospel TV preacher Kenneth Copeland; Pope’s Peace Doves attacked by Crow and Seagull (BBC); Pope Francis says ‘Scold the Lord a little. ‘Hey you promised me this and you haven’t done it!…Prayer must be a negotiation with God’ (CATHOLIC NEWS SERVICE)

Pope Francis accidentally says ‘the F word’ (HUFFINGTON POST); said ‘Catholic Church should not dismiss gay marriage’; Compared Islamic terrorists to Christian fundamentalists… Pope Francis says ‘Sharing our experience in carrying that cross, to expel the illness within our hearts, which embitters our life: it is important that you do this in your meetings. Those that are Christian, with the Bible, and those that are Muslim, with the Quran. The faith that your parents instilled in you will always help you move on.’ (ROME REPORTS) Pope Francis says he would baptize aliens saying ‘Who are we to close doors?’ (THE INDEPENDENT)

Pope Francis arrives in Jordan. Before his arrival, those waiting at the airport in Amman felt a magnitude 4.1 earthquake that struck in Israel near its border with Jordan (ASSOCIATED PRESS); Pope meets with Televangelist Joel Osteen at the Vatican (NATIONAL CATHOLIC REPORTER); Pope meets with Televangelist Kenneth Copeland and other Evangelicals at the Vatican (NATIONAL CATHOLIC REPORTER)

Pope Says Evolution, Big Bang Are Real, saying ‘God is not a divine being or a magician, but the Creator who brought everything to life…Evolution in nature is not inconsistent with the notion of creation, because evolution requires the creation of beings that evolve.’ (USA TODAY)

Pope Francis prays in Istanbul’s Blue Mosque – Pope Francis took off his shoes as he entered the huge mosque, before bowing his head in prayer for several minutes, facing Mecca and standing next to Istanbul’s Grand Mufti Rahmi Yaranwith Muslim (REUTERS)

On June 8, 2014, Pentecost, the day that celebrates the descent of the Holy Spirit on the apostles (often called “the birthday of the Church”), ‘Pope Francis’ hosted the first ever Muslim and Jewish prayers and Koran readings at the Vatican.

What happened on June 8, 2014 could be symbolized in the stars under the supervision of the beast, for on the day in which the Holy Spirit Descends from the Heavens so as to be with His Militant Church, A METEOR LABELED BY NASA “THE BEAST”, traversed our skies and cast its shadow onto the Vatican Gardens’ triangular space that “pope” Francis reserved for the dark ceremony.

YEAR 2015 – Claimed lost souls do not go to Hell; Joked about the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ; Claimed that Jesus begged his parents for forgiveness and the Virgin Mary ‘reproached’ Christ; Met with a transgender dubbed ‘The Devil’s Daughter’; Pope Francis said ‘Jesus Christ did not fall from heaven like a hero that comes to save us. No, Jesus Christ has a history!’ (VATICAN); Pope Francis says in interview ‘I told the Lord: ‘you are taking care of me. But if your will is that I die or that they do something to me, I ask you only one favor: that it doesn’t hurt. Because I’m a big coward when it comes to physical pain.’ (CATHOLIC NEWS GENCY)

Pope Francis, when asked ‘What happens to that lost soul? Will it be punished?’ replied ‘there is no punishment, but the annihilation of that soul. All the others will participate in the beatitude of living in the presence of the Father. The souls that are annihilated will not take part in that banquet; with the death of the body their journey is finished.’ (LA REPUBBLICA)

Pope Francis said ‘There is also a question, I frequently ask myself and many of you, many people ask: “Why do children suffer?” And there are no answers. This too is a mystery. I just look to God and ask: “But why?” And looking at the Cross: “Why is your Son there? Why?” It is the mystery of the Cross. I often think of Our Lady (Mother Mary), when they handed down to her the dead body of her Son (Jesus), covered with wounds, spat on, bloodied and soiled. And what did Our Lady (Mother Mary) do? “Did she carry him away?” No, she embraced him, she caressed him. Our Lady (Mother Mary), too, did not understand. Because she, in that moment, remembered what the Angel had said to her: “He will be King, he will be great, he will be a prophet…”; and inside, surely, with that wounded body lying in her arms, that body that suffered so before dying, inside surely she wanted to say to the Angel: “LIAR! I WAS DECEIVED.” SHE, TOO, HAD NO ANSWERS.’ (VATICAN.VA)

At least 14 people were bitten by snakes and had to be attended by medics during a Mass conducted by Pope Francis in the Paraguayan city of Asuncion (ALJAZEERA)

Pope Francis said ‘How comforting it is for us to reflect on Mary and Joseph teaching Jesus how to pray!…We know what Jesus did on that occasion. Instead of returning home with his family, he stayed in Jerusalem, in the Temple, causing great distress to Mary and Joseph who were unable to find him. For this little “escapade”, Jesus probably had to beg forgiveness of his parents. The Gospel doesn’t say this, but I believe that we can presume it. Mary’s question, moreover, contains a certain reproach, revealing the concern and anguish which she and Joseph felt.’ (NEWS.VA)

Answering a question put to him by a nurse in paediatrics, who asked why children suffer, Pope Francis said: ‘I have no answer to this question. Nor has Jesus given an answer to these words. There is no answer to this question, all we can do is look at the crucifix and let it give us the answer. Is God unjust? He was unjust with his son, he sent him to the cross, if we follow this logic then we have to say this.’ (LA STAMPA)

Of THE HOLY SPIRIT – ‘Pope Francis’ Says: ‘The Paraclete (the Holy Spirit) creates all the differences among the Churches, almost as if he were an Apostle of Babel.’ (MARCH 15, 2013, VATICAN )

On November 27, 2015 while in Nairobi, Kenya, ‘Pope Francis’ said to a group of youth “I am going to tell you something private. In my pocket I always carry two things: 1) A ROSARY TO PRAY something which seems odd, and 2) THE HISTORY OF GOD’S FAILURE, it’s the way of the cross, a small way of the cross, as Jesus suffered and when they condemned him right up to where he was buried with these two things I do the best I can. And thanks to these two things, I never lose hope.”

He had used this line before in New York on September 24, 2015 saying “if at times our efforts and works seem to fail and produce no fruit, we need to remember that we are followers of Jesus… and his life, humanly speaking, ended in failure, in the failure of the cross.”

YEAR 2016 – Released a video promoting his prayer intentions featuring Muslim prayer beads, a Buddha statue, and Menorah, but no cross; Suggested that John the Baptist doubted that Jesus Christ was the Messiah; Proclaimed that a US Presidential candidate is ‘not a Christian’; Praised an abortion rights advocate; Compared idea of Islamic conquest to Jesus’ Words in the Gospel of Saint Matthew; Said that Mother Earth is the one who ‘gave us life and safeguards us’; Taught that Jesus ‘knew temptation in Himself’; Elevated memorial of St. Mary Magdalene to rank of Apostle; Said the Church should ‘ask forgiveness to the gay person who is offended’; Said if he speaks of Islamic violence he ‘must speak of Catholic violence’; Prayer intention to build a society ‘that places the human person at the center’; Said ‘It’s not right to convince someone of your faith’; Said inequality is ‘the greatest evil that exists’; Attributed ‘weakness’ and a ‘bad memory’ to God; Said God was ‘unjust with his son’; Reportedly said he may ‘enter history as the one who split the Catholic Church’….

YEAR 2017 – Appointed protestant pastor as Editor of Argentinian Holy See’s newspaper; Said ‘Jesus was always the servant of all, and this is what gave Him authority’; Recorded video message for Superbowl, didn’t mention God once; Said there is no such thing as Islamic terrorism; Seminarians told they can leave if they don’t agree with Pope Francis; Said ‘Jesus did not say whether it is lawful or not lawful’ about divorce; Taught that Jesus Christ ‘made himself the devil’; Said ‘God cannot be God without man’; Appointed Pro-Abortion Theologian to Pontifical Academy for Life; Said the Vatican II Liturgical reform is ‘irreversible’; Said ‘The most minor sins are the sins of the flesh’… Of THE MOST HOLY TRINITY – ‘Pope Francis’ Jokes: ‘Inside the Holy Trinity they’re all arguing behind closed doors, but on the outside they give the picture of unity.’ (MARCH 25, 2017 – CRUX).