Gods’ Youth Army In The Philippines Spark Revival Fighting for the Destiny of the Nation

“God is preparing the Philippines for a great revival”.

An unexpected yet glorious movement is stirring up the hearts of millennials in the Philippines as young Christian leaders come together to pray for the Millennial, Gen Z and Alpha Generations.

Nowadays, it’s undeniable that due to the rise of social media, the younger generation is becoming more prone to brokenness. Suicide, depression, and identity confusion are rapidly on the rise. The increasing rate in the Philippines has become alarming. And for this reason, God inspired Christian leaders in the country to start the PUSO movement.

What is PUSO?

PUSO is a Filipino term for “heart.”  Their website wrote, “PUSO is a movement that aims to reach out and touch this generation and the next, particularly the Millennials (1981-1996), Genzers (1987-2010) and Alpha Generation (2011-2025), who are all born in the Digital Age.”

But above all, the movement aims to save this generation through Christ. “Because of easy access to the internet, brokenness and lack of guidance at home, these young people are more susceptible to HIV, teenage pregnancy, envy, discontentment with self, heartbreaks, suicide, depression and identity confusion,” states their website.

Love And Purity Fest This Coming February

That’s why as part of the PUSO Movement, a nationwide event called the Love and Purity Fest will happen in the Philippines regions of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

This is a never before seen movement in the country spearheaded by the Body of Christ from different churches all over Philippines. And what’s more surprising is that it was initiated mostly by millennial leaders.

The Prophecy: A Great Revival In The Philippines

God is preparing the Philippines for a great revival that has never been seen before in the nation.

Also, Prophet Cindy Jacobs prophesied several years ago of the great revival coming to the Philippines. She shared what God told her,

“For I have waited a generation that I could raise up a purity and a holiness in. And I AM raising up firebands. There is a forerunner anointing coming upon the youths of the Philippines. That will prepare the way of the LORD.”

Today, we see God moving in the hearts of the youth in the Philippines. They are crying out for their generation. But nothing is more beautiful than to see the body of Christ working together in order to fulfill God’s amazing plan for the nation.

Greater things are yet to come!