Glowing Red Bird Appears Right for Halloween in the Sunset Sky Over Brazil

Look at that! The glowing red phoenix formed in the sunset sky over the city of Soledade, Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil on Halloween 2019.

The sky is acting strangely in the past few days. After this pink sky anomaly in Trinidad, many residents of Soledade, a city in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil were left amazed by this giant red bird glowing in the sunset sky on Halloween.

What an amazing sunset, isn’t it?

The strange shape of the sunset light really looks like a burning bird over Brazil. Picture via Twitter

Can you imagine watching a giant burning phoenix returning from its ashes?

And that on Halloween? I would have been totally scared… Or better said… baffled.

And here the original facebook post for those who think it is fake:

This sign appear during Halloween which is a coincidence? I don’t think so!!!