Giant Hail Hammers Queensland Damaging Homes and Cars (Videos and Pictures)

A huge hail hit the eastern part of Queensland, damaging homes and cars in Rockhampton, Yeppoon and other cities in the area.

The huge hailstones had diameters between 8-10 cm (3-4 inches).

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Giant hailstones wreaked havoc across parts of central Queensland when a storm cell passed through the region on Sunday afternoon.

With wind gusts in excess of 100 kilometres per hour, that unusual storm turned biblical when tennis ball, maybe even softball-size hailstones started hammering the region.

The spread of the storm itself was quite isolated and very focused.

An official even said he has not seen a storm like it in about 10 years.

The brutal storm destroyed windscreens, windows, solar panels and smashed cars and roofs.

A local farmer even reported fruits trees being felled and solar panels on a packing shed smashed.

Revelation 11:19 – “And the temple of God which is in heaven was opened; and the ark of His covenant appeared in His temple, and there were flashes of lightning and sounds and peals of thunder and an earthquake and a great hailstorm.” More extreme weather news on Strange Sounds and The Remnants. [ABC News]

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