Full moon glows Blood Red as it rises into California’s inferno

There was no eclipse on September 30, 2020. But still, as the full moon rose on that day, California’s wildfire-smoke-infused skies caused it to glow a vibrant red over Mount Shasta.

And that’s really an eerie sight to see in California… Yes, wildfires in the state have given the moon a blood-red cast.

The smoke from California’s wildfires have stained the sky red in recent weeks and that effect can have a particularly striking impact at night, turning the full moon a bright shade of red on September 30.

gor A Chicherin captured this timelapse video on Instagram that shows a crimson moon rising over Mount Shasta.

The effect was seen outside California too.

Dylan Robichaud, a National Weather Association certified meteorologist in Eugene, Oregon, reported on that date that the moon “appeared orange this morning due to the smoke in the upper atmosphere from the California fires.”

According to local meteorologists, the red hues were due to wildfire smoke in the state, which caused hazy skies and a red tint to the moon.