Freezing Cold in Mongolia Right Now and More Than 55,000 Livestock Have Frozen to Death

Mongolia is currently hit by extreme wintry weather.

These so-called dzud have killed more than 55,700 livestock animals in 3 months.

“Dzud” is a Mongolian term, describing a frigid winter following a dry summer, that kills an incredible number of livestock by starvation or freezing to death.

The agriculture department explained in a statement that: “A total of 55,764 livestock animals have died in 11 soums (a type of administrative district in Mongolia) of our province since late last year due to the severe wintry weather. Heavy snowfalls have hit the province 16 times since the beginning of November.”

To cope with the unprecedented situation, officials are distributing grass and fodder to local herders free of charge.

Meanwhile, 60% of the country is buried in snow and more than 80 soums in 15 provinces are experiencing dzud or near-dzud conditions. That’s insane!

Mongolia is one of the last nomadic countries in the world, with a livestock population of 70.9 million, as of the end of 2019. 40 % of that population are herders and depends on their herds of animals to live.

Since before the era of Genghis Khan, Mongolia’s nomadic herders have lived with some of the harshest winter conditions on earth. But in recent years, they’ve been hit by extraordinarily severe winters that have killed animals in the millions. More apocalyptic news on Strange Sounds.