Franklin Graham Offers Tribute to Trump: ‘I Miss this Guy … Pray for Him’

Reverend Franklin Graham offered a tribute to former President Trump on Wednesday, posting a picture of himself with the former president while urging the nation to pray for both Trump and “all of our leaders in Washington.”

“With the chaos in our world today and the lack of leadership we see, I miss this guy,” Graham wrote alongside a picture of himself and Trump, who was donning a red USA baseball cap and flashing his iconic thumbs up.

“Pray for him—and let him know you’re praying in the comments below. Also continue to pray every day for all of our leaders in Washington,” Graham added:

Indeed, thousands commented on Graham’s post, letting the former president know that he has their prayers.

“Miss him…we need him back to straighten out this mess our country is in. Praying for leaders in office and for President Trump,” one user said.

“I sure do miss him. Greatest President in my lifetime! Stay strong Mr President! God Bless!” another chimed in.

“I pray for good Christian leadership and for the removal and destruction of ungodly, evil people,” one other added.

As of 12:35 p.m. Eastern, Graham’s post had over 10,000 comments, 35,000 reactions, and 3,000 shares.

This is far from the first time Graham has expressed support for the former president, expressing grave disappointment in the ten Republicans who voted to impeach him in January.

“After all that he has done for our country, you would turn your back and betray him so quickly?” he said before listing Trump’s accomplishments:

We have never had a president like him in my lifetime. He gave us lower taxes, a strong economy, and low unemployment. He made NATO take notice and pay their own way. He had the guts to take on North Korea and meet with their leader personally. He didn’t let China walk all over us. Just his Mideast peace initiatives in the last couple of months deserve a Nobel Peace Prize. He has defended religious liberty like no president before him, and that matters to all people of faith. He has worked to bring prison reform and secured our southern border. He defeated the ISIS caliphate in Syria, and he strengthened our military. He was also the most pro-life president we have ever had.

“And these ten, from his own party, joined in the feeding frenzy. It makes you wonder what the thirty pieces of silver were that Speaker Pelosi promised for this betrayal,” he added at the time:

Graham has remained an active voice throughout Biden’s presidency, praising Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) in July over remarks she made in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, in which she framed the culture war in the United States as a fight between Judeo-Christian values and Marxism.

“She is absolutely right,” he said. “I applaud her for calling it what it is and for working to preserve, as she put it, ‘our American values of faith, family, freedom.’”