Former Muslim Woman Challenged and Accepted the Lord Jesus

A desperate and bold challenge showed her a love unlike any other.

Manal was once a devoted Muslim woman who grew up following all the rules in the Muslim faith. She had six brothers and sisters and all of them were taught to be faithful in their religion. They were told that they’d go to hell if they not good people and didn’t follow the rules and traditions. Terrified of the thought of going to hell, Manal followed everything that the Muslim faith required. However, deep inside she still felt empty.

At 16 years old, Manal got married to a Muslim man due to an arranged marriage. It was a horrific marriage. Her husband abused her violently, physically and emotionally. But divorce but not an option. Even her own family rejected her. She felt very alone.

Until one day she met a Christian woman on the city bus named Robin. She befriended her and shared Christ with her. Manal warned her new friend not to try to convert her. 

“I cannot convert you. Only God Himself can convert you,” Robin explained.

Although Manal pulled away from Robin, she saw the love of Christ in her. That’s when things started to change.

One night, three weeks after her son was born, her husband abused her again. She was so badly hurt that she ended up in the hospital and had to have surgery. She spent three months in rehab without even knowing where her baby was.

After a while in the hospital with no one to help her, she had no choice but to call her Christian friend. Without hesitation, Robin helped her. Robin was a poor missionary but did all she could to care for her friend. Manal was touched by the love and gentleness she was shown.

A desperate challenge

Even though she had a friend, Manal felt utterly hopeless. She decided to end her life, but God led Robin to come to her apartment to save her. She then started sharing to Manal who Jesus is and told her that she had been praying for her to be saved.

One morning, Manal decided to test this Christian God.

“Hey you the God of Robin! Jesus, You answer this Prayer. If you are a true God give me some money and I will believe in You!”

Unbelievably, five minutes later, she found an envelope with $500 in it and she started shaking and trembling. Immediately, she called Robin because she wanted to know more about Jesus.

Since then, her eyes were opened that the God of the Christians is really real. 

Watch how God miraculously encountered her in the full video below.