FL Marine Veteran Carries 75lb Wooden Cross to Spread God’s Message

A US Marine veteran living in Florida traveled 12 miles on Monday while carrying a large wooden cross in honor of Veterans Day. 

According to WPEC-TV in West Palm Beach, Tobiah Steinmetz donned his dress uniform and walked across Palm Beach County with a 10-foot tall cross that weighed 75 pounds.  

“It looks like I’m carrying the cross, but the cross is carrying me,” he said.

The 34-year-old said his purpose was to turn people, mainly veterans, to God.

“There are a lot of the vets coming home with PTSD, or physical disabilities, and we can lay our burdens at the cross. There’s healing at the cross,” Steinmetz added.

He served with the Marine Corps for five years in multiple countries, including Iraq.

“I got saved in 2009, just out of nowhere. I felt God put on my heart to carry the cross across America.”

Despite the heat, Steinmetz journeyed from West Palm Beach to Riviera Beach.

“In uniform, it adds to the heat. But I feel God is always keeping me cool,” Steinmetz said. “When I’m getting thirsty, someone would bless me with a drink.”

This is not the first time he has traveled with a large cross.

Steinmetz told CBN News that the mission started in 2010 when he walked for 87 days, carrying a wooden cross from California to South Carolina. 

“I knew in my heart to do it,” he said.

Since then, he has walked several times a year with a large wooden cross which he built himself. 

Steinmetz said there were times during his walk when he tried to talk himself out of doing it. 

“In those times, I wouldn’t see a lot of people, but God spoke to me.”

Also, a local resident told Steinmetz that seeing him brightened his entire day.  

Steinmetz said he is working on plans to carry a cross with others for Veterans Day next year.

In 2010, he founded CrossWalk Ministry, a non-profit organization that encourages Christians to find their calling through Christ.