Explosive Storm Bombogenesis Engulfs Iceland

North Atlantic is developing explosive storms, almost on a daily basis.

Yet another very intense cyclone developed on January 9, 2020 and the beast is rapidly intensifying into an extra-tropical cyclone Bombogenesis.

The polar stratospheric vortex is very intense these days and leads to numerous deep low-pressure areas/cyclones in the North Atlantic. Yesterday, a very large cyclone started developing with hurricane-force winds and spreading towards Iceland. And as shown in these pictures, the system is huge and strengthening.

bombogenesis iceland

The cyclone has continuing strengthening and deepening its central pressure with around 8-10 mbar / 3-hour rate.

Rapid intensification is underway. The system will become a violent extra-tropical cyclone while nearing western Iceland on January 10, 2020.

Severe winds and surface pressure over the North Atlantic are forecast until the late Friday night, while extra-tropical cyclone’s center will be moving north, just to the west of Iceland.

The very deep cyclone’s center (below 940 mbar) will be moving just to the west of Iceland, resulting in downpours over southeast Iceland and heavy snowfall and blizzard over the Highlands.

A period of very intense south-southeasterly winds developed around midday as the cyclone came closer to SW Iceland. In the evening, cyclonic winds are due across the Westflords region.

Already on January 8, 2020, a very deep low pressure system engulfed the Faroe Islands: