Europe is going back to winter! Snow and ice trigger chaos in Spain, UK, Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland

We are going back to WINTER! We have a name to blame for this: Storm Ciril, an Atlantic front which has brought a flow of arctic air, currently sweeping much of Europe…

I wonder how many people won’t be able to pay their gas and electricity bills this month…

Hopefully frost damage will not be widespread!

Scotland and UK

A blast of icy Arctic air has seen snow blanket parts of Britain, with flurries reported as far south as London, prompting warnings of travel disruption.

Icy conditions across Scotland are causing travel chaos for parts of the country after heavier than expected snowfall.

After overnight temperatures dropped as low as -6°C in Scotland, much of the UK remained in sub-zero conditions on Thursday morning.

The mercury forecast to sit at 0°C in St Alban’s, -3°C in Derry and and -2°C in Glasgow.

A yellow weather warning remained in place throughout much of the east coast and north on Thursday morning.

A lorry crashed off the A9 near Aviemore at around 5.20am. The condition of the driver is unknown.


According to the German Weather Serivce (DWD), both high and lower-altitude regions saw heavy snow, with parts of the motorway in North Rhine-Westphalia needing to be de-iced.

On Friday afternoon, more snowfall was expected in central and southern Germany, particularly in the regions surrounding the Alps. In the northern half of the country, temperatures in the low single-digits and windstorms were forecast.

Slippery roads are also possible again due to the snow and ice. A spokesperson for the German Weather Service told DPA that people in the coldest areas should drive with caution.

In Baden-Württemberg, fresh snow fell in the Black Forest and the Swabian Alps on Friday morning and is set to continue into the weekend.

According to DWD, up to 10 centimetres of snow may fall over the course of the day, particularly in the northeast of Baden-Württemberg at higher elevations.

People in Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia can also expect a wintry Friday, with snowfall at times.

The first day of the weekend looks set to bring even more snow to the south, with up to 10 inches of snowfall at higher altitudes. The cold spell is likely to retreat during the night, however, with the winter wonderland becoming a little more springlike over the course of Sunday.

For those desperate for a return to clear blue skies and balmy temperatures, meteorologists have some bad news.