Electromagnetic pulse attack: Is Russia about to nuke space to launch massive EMP attacks to destroy the US and its Western allies?

As already introduced in prior posts, Russia is preparing to disconnect from the internet by March 11.

In addition, the WEF removed the Cyber Polygon page (Cyber pandemic) from its website.

Finally, a Russian spy ship, know to destroy underwater internet cables, has now disappeared from radars.

All of this is pretty disturbing, to say the least!

What if his endgame of the Ukraine-Russia conflic is western collapse? What if Ukraine is just the bait so the West (NATO) is dragged into war and then Putin has the opportunity to use nukes, not like we’ve seen before, but as an EMP?

He’d only need a couple hundreds warheads detonated in the atmosphere to take down the electric grid in Europe and America and civilization as we know it would instantly change.


A US Army report is clear: Russia (and China) are both capable of EMP attacks…

“The United States and NATO allies regularly experience from Russia major cyber-attacks penetrating government agencies and critical infrastructures for electric power, telecommunications, transportation and other sectors vital to electronic civilization.

These events practice a new way of warfare, including EMP attacks, that could blackout North America and NATO Europe, and win World War III at the speed of light.

Any nuclear weapon detonated in outer space, 30 kilometers or higher, will generate a high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) damaging all kinds of electronics, blacking-out electric grids and collapsing other life-sustaining critical infrastructures.

“No blast, thermal, fallout or effects other than HEMP are experienced in the atmosphere and on the ground. Russian military doctrine, because HEMP attacks electronics, categorizes nuclear HEMP attack as a dimension of Information Warfare, Electronic Warfare and Cyber Warfare, which are modes of warfare operating within the electromagnetic spectrum.


Russia has “Super-EMP” weapons specialized for HEMP attack that potentially generate 100,000 volts/meter or higher, greatly exceeding the U.S. military hardening standard (50,000 volts/meter).

As a result of its HEMP nuclear tests, the Soviet Union, and today Russia, probably knows a lot more about HEMP effects than the United States.

““Super-EMP is a first-strike weapon,” according to Aleksey Vaschenko, who describes Russian nuclear weapons specially designed to make extraordinarily powerful HEMP fields as Russia’s means for defeating the United States.

Hypersonic vehicles are potentially a new avenue for surprise HEMP attack, flying at 50-100 kilometers altitude: the optimum height-of-burst for Super-EMP warheads.

“Russia has the technical capability to clandestinely orbit a nuclear-armed satellite or satellites to be maintained in orbit for years until needed to make a surprise HEMP attack.

“HEMP attack could achieve for Russia a key objective the USSR could not achieve during the Cold War—neutralizing U.S. ballistic missile submarines at sea.

Russia probably remains the world’s leader in Non-Nuclear EMP (NNEMP) weapons, also called Radio-Frequency Weapons (RFWs). Marriage of NNEMP to drones or cruise missiles, equipped with sensors to follow high-power electric lines and target control centers and transformers, introduces a major new threat to national power grids.

“As Russia categorizes HEMP attack as Information, Electronic or Cyber Warfare, Moscow’s already very loose strictures for nuclear employment may not even apply to HEMP.”


So in other words, why use nuclear bombs that leave behind dangerous levels of radioactivity, when Russia and other countries have already developed nukes that are not designed to cause physical damage.

Instead, these bombs are designed to be detonated high in the sky, where the generate a powerful electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that can disable power plants and electronic devices across many hundreds of miles.

It is known that EMPs from the sun can wipe out computers — and streetlights. Those are accidents of nature. But they can also be weaponized. Russia and China both have the technology to detonate at EMP from space. One reason for nuclear test ban treaties is to prevent destructive electromagnetic impulses from tests from wrecking havoc with global grids.

Meanwhile, it seems that some members of congress are beginning to advocate for a non-kinetic no-fly zone – something to the effect of using electromagnetic pulse, sonar, and cyber to keep Russian jets on the ground so they can never take off. Unclear how much support this will end up getting:

I mean, that would be a war declaration and would just push Putin to annihilate the West as we know it with the same freaking EMP technology, but just at another level…

There are no facts to support this theory, but reading about Russia is preparing to disconnect from the internet by March 11 is disturbing. Does that mean they can “download” the internet for them? Have some kind of basic services while the rest of the West is in a total blackout?

Please guys, I need you to refute this theory, I need you to tell me this is not possible because this and this and that. [MILEPRIGOVInfo]