Draconian measures implemented, funerals may be streamed online, Russia exterminating stray animals

Draconian measures are now beginning to take place around the world in an effort to stop the spreading of the deadly coronavirus. In Italy, orders have been implemented for schools to be closed nationwide, and Saudi Arabia has banned citizens from performing the Muslim pilgrimage in Mecca, while Iran has reportedly canceled Friday prayers for a second week as nations scramble to control the coronavirus outbreak.  Countries are taking drastic and increasingly visible measures to curb the new coronavirus that first emerged in China and was spreading quickly through Europe, the Mideast, and the Americas. It’s inevitable that America will soon follow the same measures if this disease is not contained soon.

In fact, The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) just released a warning advising Americans and those abroad to prepare to “have a break from regular life”. During a Tuesday briefing, the CDC’s director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases Nancy Messonnier warned that self-imposed quarantines could last weeks. “Staying home when you are sick is really important,” she added. “Don’t let the illness spread beyond you. Stay away as much as you can from other people.” She even went on further to say that “you might see some local communities taking specific actions to mitigate the disease,” referring to public places such as schools or other large gatherings that could end up closing to help contain the outbreak.

Meanwhile, in Russia, a report is indicating that health officials are rounding up stray cats and dogs and exterminating them as part of its extreme measures to fight the coronavirus. Russia’s head of the Rospotrepnadzor consumer health watchdog, stated: “We are currently carrying out a large-scale complex of measures for the total deratisation of the city, catching wild animals, strays.”

Sky News revealed a shocking report recently when they stated that, should a pandemic be declared due to the coronavirus outbreak, funeral services could be done over the internet instead of the traditional method to prevent further spreading of the disease.  According to the report, The National Association of Funeral Directors recently released a statement saying that they have been in discussions with the government and local authorities. “dialogue with the government and local authorities to seek early guidance on steps funeral directors may need to take in the event of a pandemic.”

In Singapore, if you are caught lying to the government about where you’ve been it could result in 6 months of jail or a fine of up to $10,000. This comes as a recent report stated that Anyone who catches COVID-19 in Singapore can expect to answer a lot of questions about where they’ve been, and who they’ve met along the way. Singapore is cracking down on how the Southeast Asian city-state of 6 million taking its disease contact tracing.  “Contact tracing teams have been working round the clock” for more than 13 hours a day, tracing back the steps of anyone who’s contracted the novel coronavirus, a Singapore Ministry of Health spokesperson told Business Insider.