Donald Trump’s spiritual adviser Paula White mocked after leading prayer service ‘to win election’

 Donald trump’s leading spiritual advisor Paula White is receiving a brutal flood of mockery online after streaming what is being called a bizarre prayer service that was live-streamed, at a last-minute time of intercession and prayer to help Donald Trump secure re-election.

n the prayer service, White tells viewers on Wednesday that the “angelic reinforcement” has been summoned from Africa and South America to aid in the election. A video clip from her sermon reveals her leading the prayer as others walk behind and around the pulpit. Paula White who heads the evangelical advisory board of Donald Trump’s administration is heard in the video saying: “Strike and strike and strike.

“I hear a sound of abundance of rain. I hear a sound of victory. The Lord says it is done. For I hear, victory, victory, victory!” She is then heard calling for “angelic reinforcement” and attempting to battle the “demonic confederacies” that are attempting to steal the election from Trump. “We command that it’s being exposed right now in the name of Jesus,” she adds. “The angels… dispatched from Africa.

Viewers were quick to Twitter to share their reactions. One minister wrote: “I’m blown away how Paula White and Franklin Graham are seriously attempting to pray to a liberator for the success of an oppressor.” Another commented: “Not giving you victory, I despise televangelist con artists.” Others mocked Paula by claiming she trying to rap during the prayer.