Deadly super typhoon packing 170mph winds sparks urgent warning for two million in Japan to take immediate shelter

A “special warning” has been issued that an “unprecedented” super typhoon with 170mph winds is due to hit Japan, with two million people advised to take shelter immediately.

The powerful storm is set to hit Kyushu, the country’s third largest island, today.

Reports state that Typhoon Nanmadol has the potential to be the most destructive tropical storm to strike Japan in decades, so much so that the Japan Meteorological Agency has issued the warning for the public to stay indoors.

The US Navy’s Joint Typhoon Warning Centre has classified the typhoon as being in the top category of “violent”.

Currently, the speed of its gusts of wind have been recorded at up to 168mph, located around 124 miles north of Minami Daito island.

It’s expected to hit the seaside city of Kagoshima first, before moving north on Monday, where it will head towards Japan’s main island.

It has been estimated that the typhoon will bring up to 20 inches of rain.

Ryuta Kurora, the head of the Japan Meteorological Agency’s forecast unit said: “There are risks of unprecedented storms, high waves, storm surges, and record rainfall.

“Maximum caution is required. It’s a very dangerous typhoon.

“The wind will be so fierce that some houses might collapse.”

Winds have been recorded at up to 168mph (Image: Twitter/ Astro_FarmerBob)

Authorities have advised the public to find shelter or alternative buildings that can withstand the extreme weather.

“Please move into sturdy buildings before violent winds start to blow and stay away from windows even inside sturdy buildings,” Kurora said.

Millions have already been urged to evacuate the areas of Kagoshima, Kumamoto and Miyazaki in the southern part of the island.

Flights at regional airports have been cancelled, with some train services halted.

The storm is forecast to curve east and pass over Tokyo on Tuesday, before moving out to sea by Wednesday.