Creek Turns Bright Pink in Melbourne, Australia

Investigations continue to determine what turned Edgars Creek bright pink in Melbourne’s north this week.

Meanwhile, the pollutant that contaminated the creek in Coburg North – or whether it is toxic or not – has not yet been identified.

A spokesman for the authority on Sunday said the river was returning to normal after heavy rains overnight.

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But we’re still keen to hear from locals if they have any new information,” he said.

Tara DeGraft-Hayford saw the pollution on Saturday morning while walking her dog.

I thought it was a plastic sheet and as I got closer, I noticed it was coming from the drain and the water was actually pink,” she told The Age.

It looked quite thick and so bright, almost like some kind of soap – but not. It was weird.

The mysterious pink river was spotted by Tara DeGraft-Hayford. Picture by Tara DeGraft-Hayford via The Age

She said the pollution had no smell, but it looked “not right and definitely not safe whatever it was.

Something had been placed in the creek, seemingly to catch the pollution and stop it washing downstream. But Ms DeGraft-Hayford said the contaminant was still seeping past.

Somebody is trying to limit the pink pollution in Edgars Creek. Picture: Tara DeGraft-Hayford

The EPA was notified about the discolouration on Saturday, a spokesman said.

However, a photo posted on Facebook shows bright pink water was running into Edgars Creek, just down from Norfolk Court, as early as Wednesday this week.

Officers are expected to return to the site to trace the source through the drains.

EPA officers are investigating the cause of the strange discolouration,” the EPA wrote on Facebook.

An alert put out by the authority warned residents to “avoid contact until further notice.”

The Coburg North area is filled with industrial warehouses. Edgars Creek runs 17 kilometres from Wollert through Epping, Thomastown and Reservoir before joining the Merri Creek at Coburg North and is populated with native bird species.

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