Counties in Arizona and Texas Bring in Refrigerated Trucks as Morgues Are Overwhelmed by Corona Deaths

With skyrocketing coronavirus hospitalizations in several states…

Hard-hit counties in Arizona and Texas are preparing for the worst by bringing in refrigerated trucks as morgues fill up.

The US coronavirus outbreak hit nearly 3.5 million total infections Thursday morning and more than 137,000 reported deaths.

Thirty-nine states reported an increase in the number of new cases from the week before.

California, Florida, Arizona and Texas have become the states to watch as surging coronavirus cases lead to a shortage of hospital beds.

Arizona and Texas portable coolers

In Arizona’s Maricopa County, which has the most Covid-19 cases in the state, the medical examiner’s office has ordered four portable coolers with additional ones expected in the coming days, said Fields Moseley, the county spokesman.

The medical examiner’s office morgue had a total of 156 deceased people – with a surge capacity of just over 200, Moseley said Wednesday.

It is unclear how many of the deaths are related to the coronavirus – the county has said fatalities go up in the summer due to the heat.

Two counties in Texas – Cameron and Hidalgo – are sharing a large refrigerated trailer to store bodies of coronavirus patients because of a lack of space at the morgues.

San Antonio officials have also said they’re requesting refrigerated trucks. “I’m pleading with everybody in our neck of the woods, help us do your part, people’s lives are at stake – not just the people getting sick, but doctors, nurses working to the bone, EMS personnel, transporting people,” Cameron County Judge Eddie Treviño Jr. told KVEO.