Coronavirus In Colorado: ER Doctor Says Hospital Supplies Being Rationed, ‘We Are Not Prepared’

A Denver-based emergency room physician has recently come out warning of hospitals already rationing vital medical equipment for health care workers. The physicians warned that items like face masks, surgical gowns, and gloves, she said, are already part of a “significant shortage” that threatened the health of doctors and nurses and would eventually impact hospital patients.

“We are anticipating a massive surge of patients over the next few weeks,” said Jenab. “And we are not prepared.”  The physician was referring to Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE, for health care workers. “We are being asked to ration what we have. We are being asked to use masks repeatedly over and over through the day which decreases their effectiveness.”

Dr. Jane Jenab rotates through various hospitals and says when it comes to this type of protective gear, “We’re running through them quickly due to the risk of contagion at this time.” Another nurse at a major Colorado hospital told CBS4 that she was being given one single mask for the entire day. Typically she would use and discard 10 such masks prior to the COVID-19 outbreak.