China to unveil nuclear stealth bomber capable of reaching Los Angeles

Rumors have been circulating since 2010 that China possessed a new long-range stealth bomber, called the Xian H-20, that could soon be joining China ’s air force. And now, according to a new report from the Daily Star, the Xian H-20 could make its first public appearance at this year’s Zhuhai Airshow in November, depending on whether or not the Covid-19 pandemic is contained.

It is rumored that H-20 bomber will be similar in size and layout as the B-21, but there are no confirmed images of the nuclear-capable aircraft. According to the report, The H-20 reportedly has four non-afterburning WS-10A Taihang turbofan engines sunk into the top of the wing surface with inlets that are in an S-shaped saw-toothed configuration to minimize radar visibility.

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With an operational range of 7500 miles, the Xian H-20 could potentially change the balance of military power in the Pacific. Concerns have surfaced, whether the debut of this offensive weapon like the H-20 from China will send the wrong signals and increase international tensions that already exist.

Meanwhile, A new report from NBC News is indicating that Four U.S. Navy ships have recently entered the Barents Sea, located off of Russia’s northwestern Arctic coast. This would mark the first time U.S. warships have entered this area since the 1980s. This report comes from the U.S. Navy’s 6th fleet. The Barents Sea is Russia’s naval backyard and Russia’s Northern Fleet, the heart of the Russian Navy is anchored in Severomorsk which is tucked in a bay off the Barents Sea.

NBC News went on to state that “The Navy said it notified the Russian Ministry of Defense on Friday of its intention to send ships into the Barents. Russia’s military said in a statement Monday that “Northern Fleet assets are monitoring the activities of the NATO strike group.” Military tensions between the U.S. and Russia remain high six years after Russia’s annexation of Crimea from neighboring Ukraine.

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