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For The First Time in 200 Years of Recorded Weather History, Moscow’s Wintertime Average Temperature Is Above the Freezing Point

There is always a first time. But this weather anomaly has a bitter taste! Here the Tweet: 🌡️Un mythe s’effondre : la température moyenne de l’#hiver à #Moscou🇷🇺 est positive pour la 1re fois de l’histoire ! T°moy hivernale (DJF) de +0.2°C, soit une anomalie de +6.3°C /moy 1981-2010 (-6.1°C), pulvérisant de 3°C le précédent […] Read More

Homes along Lake Erie are covered in ice following two days of gale-force winds

Instead of a winter wonderland, residents living along the shore of Lake Erie in New York woke up this weekend to a winter nightmare when they found their homes completely encased in thick ice.Ed Mis has lived in his home in Hamburg, New York, for the past eight years, and while the neighborhood has seen […] Read More

UK weather warning: Ice blast to cause travel HELL after Storm Jorge unleashes big freeze

BRITONS will face icy chaos on the roads this morning after Storm Jorge unleashed a big freeze across the UK this weekend. Spring may have arrived this weekend, but most of the UK will still be recovering from Storm Jorge’s destruction as they wake up for work on Monday morning. The Met Office has issued yellow warnings for ice […] Read More

Extreme weather disasters could trigger the next recession

In case you haven’t noticed lately, we are witnessing unprecedented weather disasters around the world including the United States. Tornadoes, Historic flooding, Earthquakes, Fires, and the list goes on. When these disasters take place our first initial response is the safety of people and their well being. after all, material things can be replaced but […] Read More

There is so Much Snow in Iran Right Now That Farmers Have to Free Their Sheep Buried in Meters of Snow

Some parts of Iran have received up to six meters of snow in the last few days. The unprecedented amounts of snow buried people, houses, cars and even herds of sheep in the northern parts of the country. As already introduced lately, the province of Gilan in Iran was engulfed by an unprecedented snowstorm that buried towns, […] Read More