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When Internet Goes Down: Hundreds of websites worldwide go DOWN – with UK government, Spotify, Netflix and Amazon all affected

Hundreds of websites worldwide crashed this morning following a massive internet outage – with the UK government, Amazon and Spotify among those experiencing issues.  Millions of users across the globe reported problems trying to access web pages, with Netflix, Twitch and news websites including the BBC, Guardian, CNN and the New York Times hit by the […] Read More

Dozens of Civilian Killed in Myanmar as Army Open Fire on Protesters

More than 90 deaths, including children, were confirmed by the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP) monitoring group. “They are killing us like birds or chickens, even in our homes,” resident Thu Ya Zaw told Reuters news agency in the central town of Myingyan. “We will keep protesting regardless.” The lethal crackdown came as protesters […] Read More

US election prophecy: God told him Trump will win, then an asteroid will hit Earth

Televangelist Pat Robertson said on Tuesday that God told him President Trump will win, and more than five years later an asteroid will hit Earth and “maybe” bring “the end.” “First of all, I want to say without question, Trump is going to win the election,” Robertson, the founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network told […] Read More

Full moon glows Blood Red as it rises into California’s inferno

There was no eclipse on September 30, 2020. But still, as the full moon rose on that day, California’s wildfire-smoke-infused skies caused it to glow a vibrant red over Mount Shasta. And that’s really an eerie sight to see in California… Yes, wildfires in the state have given the moon a blood-red cast. The smoke […] Read More


Twin tropical systems began hitting the northern Coast of Mexico on Monday and are expected to continue into mid-week. Hurricane Marco was downgraded to a tropical depression as it made landfall near the mouth of the Mississippi River. Though concerns about flooding and heavy rain remain, initial fears of predicted tornadoes have been averted.  Tropical […] Read More

Dog Soup? Discover Caged Puppies Ahead of their Slaughters to be Turned Into Traditional South Korean Broth

South Korea’s dog-eating season began Sunday and will continue in to August. Traditional boshintang soup contains farmed dogs and stray pooches. Now look at these poor caged dogs before their slaughter. South Korea’s dog-eating season began Sunday and will continue in to August An animal rights charity has shared shocking pictures of caged puppies destined […] Read More

Record Temperatures, Long Lines And Increasing Scarcity Will Greatly Test The Patience Of Americans This Summer

This is going to be a long, hot summer that none of us is likely to forget any time soon.  Coming into this year, we knew that societal tensions would be running high because 2020 is an election year.  Many are convinced that this is the most important election in modern American history, and I […] Read More

More Than 350 Elephants Have Mysteriously Died in Botswana Within the Last Two Months in New Unprecedented Mass Die-Off

More than 350 elephants have died in northern Botswana in a mysterious mass die-off described by scientists as a “conservation disaster”. A cluster of elephant deaths was first reported in the Okavango Delta in early May, with 169 individuals dead by the end of the month. By mid June, the number had more than doubled, with 70% of the […] Read More

A Solar Cycle Mirroring Bible’s Creation Is About to Cool the Earth

THE SCIENCE OF THE 11-YEAR SOLAR CYCLE BreakingIsraelNews – The solar cycle, or solar magnetic activity cycle, is a nearly periodic 11-year change in the sun’s activity measured in terms of variations in the number of observed sunspots on the solar surface. Accompanying the 11-year quasi-periodicity in sunspots, the large-scale dipolar (north-south) magnetic field component […] Read More

Feel Bad? Now Look at This Fisherman Sailing Through a River of Dead Fish (Video)

A mystery is currently baffling residents and officials in Paraguay. Look! This fisherman is literally sailing on a river (Montelindo River) of dead fish. Latest Video What a shock! Look at the thousands of dead fish floating on the surface of Montelindo River, Paraguay, just eight kilometers away from the mouth of the Paraguay river. […] Read More

New University Model Projects 350,000 Deaths By End Of June If All States Fully Reopen

 A new model from Wharton School at the University Of Pennsylvania is now coming out with a new projection for the coronavirus death toll. According to a report from CBS, we could see a death toll as high as 350,000 by the end of June if states begin to reopen too quickly. The new model reportedly […] Read More

Netanyahu Considers Passover Lamb Sacrifice on Temple Mount for First time in 2,000 Years

The Sanhedrin tasked Shimshon Elboim, head of the Temple Mount Organizations, with submitting a letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu to perform the ritual korban Pesach (Passover sacrifice) in its proper place, the Temple Mount, and in its Biblically mandated time, Wednesday afternoon, the eve of the Passover feast. “God forbid we should allow the coronavirus to […] Read More

Magnitude 5.0 Earthquake Hits Nevada Near Lake Tahoe Reawakening Memories Of Ancient Gigantic Tsunamis

A M5.0 earthquake hit 6km N of Johnson Lane, Nevada near Lake Tahoe. Tremors have been felt up to Sacramento, reawakening fears of a quake-induced ancient tsunami that happened in the recent prehistoric past at Lake Tahoe. The M5.0 earthquake, later downgraded to M4.5, hit Friday, March 20, 2020, 6:33 p.m, just east of Lake […] Read More

From Atop Temple Mount: Hamas Calls on Muslims Worldwide to Assassinate Trump

“When a man schemes against another and kills him treacherously, you shall take him from My very mizbayach to be put to death.” Exodus 21:14 (The Israel Bible™) Hamas has exerted its presence on the Temple Mount, bearing an implied threat against the President of the United States. Though many Americans dismiss Hamas as a fringe […] Read More