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Congress set to hold the first open hearing about UFOs in 50 Years

A House subcommittee will hold a hearing next week about UFOs, the first open congressional hearing about UFOs in more than 50 years.  “Congress hasn’t held a public hearing on unidentified aerial phenomena (UFO’s) in over 50 years,” Andre Carson, a Democrat from Indiana, tweeted Tuesday morning. “That will change next week when I lead […] Read More

So easy to kill the masses! Just use drones disguised in whale, silver dolphins & UFOs

You just need a distraction like a drone disguised in whales, silver dolphins & UFOs, a bomb or some poison… And you kill a full Madison Square Garden… Look at the crowd at Madison Square Garden on April 22, 2022… The spectators went crazy when the whale and dolphin drones started hovering and ‘swimming’ over […] Read More

Ominous cloud seen over Alaska sparks conspiracies.

A large worm-like cloud materialized this week over Alaska’s Lazy Mountain, igniting conspiracy theories and prompting an investigation — and explanation — from Alaska State Troopers. It happened around 7 a.m. Thursday, April 7, and photos show the streak of smoke resembled everything from a falling meteor to a burning aircraft. Social media explanations included […] Read More

(WATCH) Bizarre UFO caught on video in Hadera, Israel

A very strange video from Israel shows what appears to be a bizarrely shaped glowing object hovering in the sky as astonished witnesses watch the weird aerial anomaly off in the distance. The peculiar scene is said to have been filmed in the city of Hadera at the end of March and popped up online late last […] Read More

(WATCH) Two military helicopters caught on video in Connecticut escorting what some say is “UFO”

DURHAM, Conn. – Are we alone in the universe? Do aliens exist? And if they do, would they need to be escorted by helicopters? These are some of the questions crossing the minds of those who have watched the latest in a series of videos claiming to show a UFO. Is this real? What is real? Or […] Read More

Red Orbs and UFOs Sightings From Virginia To Nevada

The First clip comes from The Sangre who told me that this was captured from Richmond, Virginia and was filmed by a friend of my uncle’s… Latest Video The Second clip was captured over the Southwest of Las Vegas, Nevada. Thanks to The Sangre & jocewin for sharing the footage of these sightings… Follow us […] Read More