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China’s four-phase military plot to invade Taiwan including air strikes on US troops exposed

CHINA has unveiled a ‘four-phase military campaign’ to invade and take over Taiwan, as the threat of all-out conflict “grows every day”. China has developed a ‘four-phase’ military plan to invade and take over Taiwan. Indian broadcaster WION showed a copy of the Chinese “invasion playbook” which details the breakdown of a potential military confrontation. Chinese military […] Read More

China outraged over reports of U.S. military presence in Taiwan, Threatens to launch air strike to “Eliminate U.S. invaders”

‘See whether the PLA will launch a targeted air strike to eliminate those U.S. invaders!’ the chief of the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda outlet threatened on Thursday. Leaders in China almost immediately expressed outrage Thursday at a new report indicating the U.S. has secretly stationed forces on Taiwan in an attempt to bolster the island […] Read More

Taiwan seeking international support after Chinese agression

TAIPEI, Oct 7 (The Remnants) – Taiwan will ensure regional peace and stability and seeks to work with other like-minded democracies, President Tsai Ing-wen told senior French and Australian dignitaries on Thursday, days after a dramatic spike in tensions with China. The trips by four French senators and former Australian prime minister Tony Abbott come […] Read More

Prophecy Alert: China has sent 77 warplanes into Taiwan defense zone over the past 48 hours

China sends fleet of 77 planes over Taiwan in 2 days in record show of force Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense reported on Friday that China entered its air space with 38 aircrafts, while 39 flew into their skies yesterday. A J-16 fighter jet performing in the sky during the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Air […] Read More