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Streets turns into raging rivers as vicious flash floods wreak havoc in central and eastern Spain

There’s water! There’s water everywhere! Heavy rainfall on Wednesday caused flooding in parts of central and eastern Spain. The provinces of Tarragona, Castellón and Toledo were particularly affected by the storms, while in Madrid the rising waters flooded homes and created significant traffic disruption. On Thursday, parts of mainland Spain as well as the Balearic […] Read More

Spanish Parking Lot converted into Huge Morgue as Covid-19 Deaths Surge (VIDEO)

An indoor parking lot in Barcelona has been converted into a makeshift extension of the morgue, as the city struggles to cope with the death toll from the novel coronavirus. Memora funeral home will be the largest field morgue in Spain, with the capacity for almost 2,000 coffins. Fernando Sanchez, the director of communications for […] Read More

Why did coronavirus hit hard in Italy and Spain? Some blame a lack of social distancing — and a lot of social kissing.

BARCELONA, Spain — When Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez of Spain, a country now in lockdown with over 17,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19, took the dais in Parliament in Madrid on Wednesday to announce a $220 billion package to help his country’s tourism-powered economy, warning that “the worst is yet to come,” Micol Maria de Vincenti […] Read More

A Spectacular Lenticular Clouds Seen in Granda Spain

These gigantic lenticular clouds formed over Granada at sunset on March 8, 2020. As if stacked alien spaceships were hovering over the Spanish city. Now enjoy the pictures: Read More

Hundreds of Dead Birds Drop Dead From the Sky on Highway in Spain (Video)

Hundreds of dead birds fell from the sky as reported by a driver on the C-31b highway in Catalonia. Environmentalists speak from a chemical leak in the atmosphere or mass poisoning as residents also reported a strong chemical smells in the air during the mass die-off. What about 5G? Once in a while, animals fall from the […] Read More

Huge Explosion Shook Chemical Plant in Spain, (VIDEOS)

A huge fire broke out at a chemical plant in Tarragona, Spain following an explosion at the site. One person is reported dead and another eight injured. The blast was reported at around 6:40pm local time on Tuesday in the Catalonian port city which attracts tourists with its numerous Roman-era ruins. People living several kilometers […] Read More