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Experts Say it Has Never Snowed That Much in The Andes – Despite Amazing 13 Feet of Snow in Just 2 Weeks Ski Stations Remain Closed Due to Corona in Argentina and Chile

The Andes continue accumulating snow, up to 4 meters (more than 13 feet) right now and it continues to fall. The Andes are receiving perhaps record-breaking snowfall just when ski centers are closed due to Covid-19. There are few clues as to whether they will finally be able to open. It has already snowed 13 feet […] Read More

There is so Much Snow in Iran Right Now That Farmers Have to Free Their Sheep Buried in Meters of Snow

Some parts of Iran have received up to six meters of snow in the last few days. The unprecedented amounts of snow buried people, houses, cars and even herds of sheep in the northern parts of the country. As already introduced lately, the province of Gilan in Iran was engulfed by an unprecedented snowstorm that buried towns, […] Read More