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What? 40 botoxed and facelifted CAMELS disqualified from $66m beauty contest at King Abdulaziz camel festival in Saudi Arabia

Camels are so ugly animals… But in Saudi Arabia, they are a multi-billion industry and run multi-million-dollar-prized beauty contests. This year, Saudi authorities have carried out their biggest crackdown on camel beauty contestants, disqualifying more than 40 “enhanced” camels from the annual pageant, according to the state-run Saudi Press Agency. The camels disqualified in the competition, […] Read More

Powerful thunderstorms bury Saudi Arabia desert in thick layer of hail (pictures and videos)

On November 21, a powerful hail storm swept through the northern parts of Saudi Arabia, burying cities built in the desert in a thick layer of ice. According to meteorologists, the air temperature dropped to +7°C within minutes. In the vicinity of the city of Qurayat, located in the province of Al-Jawf, 30 km from […] Read More

Torrents Of Water And Hail Flood Desert Of Saudi Arabia After Intense Hailstorm And Heavy Rain (Videos)

The Riyadh Province in Saudi Arabia was hit by extreme weather on April 5, 2020. After the storm, torrents of water engulfed the desert, causing little rivers to flow. The following videos feature the hail floods and the newly formed rivers: In Al Duwadimi: And in Afif: Isaiah 41: “I will make rivers flow on barren […] Read More

Vicious Storm Triggers Biblical Floods Across Iraq and Saudi Arabia (Videos)

Once again, heavy rain has brought biblical flooding to Iraq and Saudi Arabia in the last few days. Thundery rain dropped 127mm (5 inches) of rain onto the streets of Mosul, or one-third of the year’s expected rainfall in less than 24 hours. Same in Saudi Arabia. In the town of Rabia, on the border with […] Read More

Russia says there is no oil price war with Saudi Arabia

No talks have been planned with Saudi Arabia and other oil producing countries in the region regarding falling crude prices, according to the Kremlin. However, negotiations will be held immediately if necessary, it added. Talking to reporters on Thursday, Russian Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said: “So far no contacts have been planned. At the same […] Read More

Saudi Arabia Uses Pesticide to Kill Locust But Unfortunately Camels also Died

Scenes of a dead camel. Hours ago, social media abuzz with allegations that these are “the achievements of the Ministry of Agriculture in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They sprayed palm trees with deadly pesticides to eradicate the locust … so I ate camels from the leaves … camels died and the locusts remained.” These […] Read More

Saudis ‘intercept missiles fired from Yemen’ as Pompeo tours kingdom with ‘Iranian threat’

Several ballistic missiles fired from the direction of Yemen were allegedly intercepted by Saudi Arabia’s air defenses, as the top American diplomat travels the country talking up an “Iranian threat” and the might of US weapons. The missiles are said to have been launched from the direction of Yemen’s capital, Sanaa, and reportedly targeted an […] Read More

Apocalyptic Locust Plague Heading Towards Saudi Arabia and Egypt Repeating Biblical Event

The massive plague of locusts that has left a trail of destruction across Africa has made its way across the Red Sea coast and has set their sights on Egypt and Saudi Arabia.  as the swarm were reportedly spotted close to Eastern Equatoria on the South Sudanese border with Kenya and Ethiopia, suggesting they are heading northbound […] Read More

A First: Menorah Lighting in Saudi Arabia [Watch]

Pro-Israel Saudi blogger Mohammad Saud participated in a candle lighting ceremony on the 8th night of Chanukah in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This is the first time such an event has ever taken place. הלילה הדלקתי בהתרגשות את נרות החנוכה בריאד, היה מרגש, חבר שלי גבי הגיע מצרפת לבקר אותי, והדלקנו יחד, איזה יופי חג החנוכה.Tonight […] Read More