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Plague of Giant Rats Attacks New York City Diners After Corona Famine

New York City is starting to tentatively emerge from the ravages of the coronavirus pandemic… But a revival in outdoor restaurant dining is facing a new hazard – a plague of rats. Diners are facing a surge in rat activity following a lockdown period where the rodents were cut off from key food sources as […] Read More

No One Alive Has Experienced An Economic Plunge This Sudden

The government generally adopts the view that a contraction is not a recession unless economic activity has declined over two quarters. But we’re in a recession and everyone knows it. And what we’re experiencing is so much more than that: a black swan, a financial war, a plague. Maybe things feel normal where you are. Maybe things do […] Read More

Paula White cites Old Testament plague to urge believers to call on God: Coronavirus can be stopped

President Donald Trump’s spiritual adviser, Paula White-Cain, called on Christians to continue praying for an end to the coronavirus pandemic Sunday and referenced the plague God sent on the Israelites for a failed rebellion against His chosen leader, Moses, and his brother, Aaron. Trump proclaimed last Sunday the “National Day of Prayer for all Americans Affected […] Read More

‘Plague’ of Locusts to strike Egypt region

Are we witnessing a repeat of Biblical history? Just as the Biblical plagues passed over the Children of Israel in Egypt under the reign of Pharaoh, authorities are reporting that a huge swarm of locusts headed towards the Middle East will pass over Israel. According to a report from, Locust Watch, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the […] Read More