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Russian State TV warns that World War 3 could be ‘unleashed soon’ and it would be ‘nuclear’

Russian propaganda claims Vladimir Putin will unleash his nuclear weapons early if NATO peacekeepers are put on the ground in Ukraine – which would spark World War 3. The Russian president’s tightly-controlled state TV went into overdrive to warn alliance leaders against deploying any troops even acting to maintain peace. The latest threats from the Kremlin came as footage showed […] Read More

Pyongyang launches TWO projectiles towards Sea of Japan, South Korean military says

North Korea has reportedly test-fired two projectiles that fell into the Sea of Japan, South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) reported early on Monday. The type of missile is so far unknown. The projectiles were reportedly fired from a missile launch site in North Korea’s eastern coastal town of Wonsan. In a brief statement following […] Read More

The threat of a nuclear war between the US and Russia is now at its greatest since 1983

When the Commander of NATO says he is a fan of flexible first strike at the same time that NATO is flexing its military muscle on Russia’s border, the risk of inadvertent nuclear war is real. US Air Force Gen. Tod D Wolters told the Senate this week he “is a fan of flexible first […] Read More