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Mysterious Spiral of Light Terrifies Residents of Norway and Japan (Video and Pictures)

What is this mysterious glowing blue vortex swirling in the sky of Norway and Japan? A blue spinning spiral suddenly appeared in the sky over Norway and Japan, baffling skywatchers and scientists. Back in December 2009, a bizarre swirling vortex appeared in the skies of Finnmark, Norway, leaving thousands of residents baffled. Witnesses from Trøndelag […] Read More

Norway’s postal service runs ad suggesting Virgin Mary conceived Christ with mailman

NORWAY, December 17, 2019 — A new commercial for the Christmas season produced by the Norwegian Postal Service, Posten Norge, suggests that Christ’s conception in the Virgin Mary’s womb was not miraculous, and that He was really the mailman’s son.   The ad which the Postal Service said is meant to “create awareness about Posten in […] Read More