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North Korea, Iran and China forming alliance as Kim set to launch ‘bigger and badder’ nuclear missile within 24 hours

NORTH KOREA, Iran and China are forming an alliance as Kim Jong-un is set to launch a ‘bigger and badder’ nuclear missile within 24 hours, an expert has said. This comes as the United States remains “distracted” by the war in Ukraine. Harry Kazianis, an analyst at the Centre for National Interest and an expert […] Read More

North Korea planning ‘monster’ missile launch by April

SEOUL: North Korea has been using satellite subterfuge to test parts of a so-called “monster” missile, analysts say, as it gears up for a sanctions-shattering launch ahead of a key domestic anniversary. Pyongyang has conducted a record nine weapons tests so far this year, in what experts see as an effort to work through a […] Read More

Food Crisis in North Korea as people are starving to death while winter is looming

The warnings are stark and coming from inside and outside of North Korea. Defectors based in South Korea have told us that their families in the North are going hungry. There is a concern as winter approaches that the most vulnerable will starve. “Problems such as more orphan children on the streets and death by starvation […] Read More

N.Korea fires ballistic missile, disrupts Japanese election campaign start

SEOUL, Oct 19 (The Remnants) – North Korea fired at least one ballistic missile off its east coast on Tuesday, pulling Japan’s new prime minister off the campaign trail and overshadowing the opening of a major arms fair in Seoul. The launch, reported by officials in South Korea and Japan, came after U.S. and South Korean envoys met in […] Read More

N.Korea’s food situation appears perilous, experts say

SEOUL, Oct 8 (The Remnants) – North Korea’s food situation remains perilous according to analysts and a United Nations expert who raised doubts this week about its harvest, and there are signs that it is receiving large shipments of humanitarian aid from China. North Korea has long suffered from food insecurity, with observers saying that […] Read More

North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un Demands ‘Urgent Action’ on Climate Change

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un called for “urgent action” on climate change at a meeting of his Politburo on Thursday, blaming “disastrous weather” brought on by climate change for North Korea’s food shortages. According to North Korea’s state-run Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), Kim’s address to the Politburo put land management, food shortages, and the “global health […] Read More

Kim Jong-un ready for ‘dialogue or confrontation’ with the US

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has said his country needs to prepare for both “dialogue and confrontation” with the US, and “especially to get fully prepared for confrontation”. This marks the first time Mr Kim has directly commented on President Joe Biden’s administration. North Korea had earlier snubbed efforts by the new US government to establish diplomatic […] Read More

North Korea: About 200 Soldiers Die From Coronavirus and Another 4,000 Quarantined While Officials Continue to Claim Covid-19 Disease Did Not Flow Into the Country Yet

Almost 200 North Korean soldiers have reportedly died from the coronavirus, while thousands more are in quarantine. The government won’t acknowledge they even exist. North Korea has become one of the most troubling blind spots in the international response to the spread of the coronavirus. There is no information about how the country has been affected […] Read More

Christian Woman in North Korea Risk Everything to Be Baptized

How bold is your faith? What risks would you take to express your commitment to Christ? Would you keep your light under a bushel or would you boldly demonstrate your faith no matter the consequences? A story coming out of North Korea is going to surely challenge any believer that hears her story! A North […] Read More

North Korean Official was Shoot Dead after being ‘seen at public baths’ amidst Corona Virus Outbreak

OPINION (THEREMNANTS) – Many have wondered how bad things could really get with this coronavirus outbreak. A new report coming out of North Korean definitely gives us a chilling preview of what we could see around the World, depending on the severity of this outbreak in the coming months. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un quickly placed […] Read More

North Korea threatens U.S. on what Christmas Gift will they Send

Tensions between Washington and Pyongyang continue to grow as North Korean state media warn that a simmering conflict between the two nations could turn into a full-blown war at any given moment. Even an accident could now lead to an all-out armed conflict, Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) warned, adding that if Washington resorts to […] Read More