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Archeologists discover 65 GIANT and MYSTERIOUS megalithic jars at 4 previously unknown sites in Assam, India (videos and pictures)

Dozens of megalithic jars have been unearthed in Assam, India, at four previously unknown sites, according to a study published in the journal Asian Archaeology. The stone jars range from 1 to 3 meters (about 3.2 to 9.8 feet) tall, according to study coauthor Nicholas Skopal, doctoral candidate at Australia National University in Canberra. Some […] Read More

US surgeons just transplanted a pig heart into human patient for the first time

In a medical first, doctors transplanted a pig heart into a patient in a last-ditch effort to save his life and a Maryland hospital said Monday that he’s doing well three days after the highly experimental surgery. While it’s too soon to know if the operation really will work, it marks a step in the […] Read More

Surgeons remove what is being called a “human tail” from newborn in Brazil

A Brazilian baby boy was born with a real human tail that was successfully removed without complications at Albert Sabin Children’s Hospital in the city of Fortaleza, according to the Journal of Pediatric Surgery Case Reports. The case report described his mother as previously healthy who did not drink alcohol or use illicit drugs, but smoked 10 cigarettes […] Read More

Who were the Nephilim in the Bible? Were they fallen angels?

 The Bible mentions what many believe is a race of giants in the Book of Genesis that many say were a race of fallen angels that were hybrids of half-human and half-angles. Express, recently did a piece on this in where they talked about before the Great Deluge or “Flood of Noah”, the Book of Genesis […] Read More