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Christian pastor killed over outreach to Muslims: ‘Today Allah has judged you’

A radical Muslim has confessed to police in Uganda that he killed a 70-year-old pastor earlier this month because of Allah’s word to kill all infidels who mislead Muslims by sharing the Gospel. The accused, identified as Imam Uthman Olingha, told police he killed Bishop Francis Obo, senior pastor of Mpingire Pentecostal Revival Church Ministries International […] Read More

Muslims Way of Worship Changes All Across the World Due to CoronaVirus

Saudi bans Umrah pilgrimage, Iran cancels Friday prayers and Singapore Muslims are urged to bring own mats to mosques. People around the world are avoiding crowded places, cutting back on inessential travel and taking precautionary measures such as working from home to avoid catching the new coronavirus. Several countries have also urged their citizens to change the way […] Read More

From Atop Temple Mount: Hamas Calls on Muslims Worldwide to Assassinate Trump

“When a man schemes against another and kills him treacherously, you shall take him from My very mizbayach to be put to death.” Exodus 21:14 (The Israel Bible™) Hamas has exerted its presence on the Temple Mount, bearing an implied threat against the President of the United States. Though many Americans dismiss Hamas as a fringe […] Read More

Jokowi to Build ‘Tunnel of Friendship’ for Muslims and Catholics in Jakarta

Jakarta. President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo on Friday approved a proposal to build an underground tunnel connecting the Istiqlal Mosque, one of the country’s landmarks in Central Jakarta, with its neighbor, the St. Mary of the Assumption Cathedral.  The mosque and the cathedral, built side-by-side in the country’s center of government, have long been heralded as symbols of tolerance in the […] Read More

Former Muslim Woman Challenged and Accepted the Lord Jesus

A desperate and bold challenge showed her a love unlike any other. Manal was once a devoted Muslim woman who grew up following all the rules in the Muslim faith. She had six brothers and sisters and all of them were taught to be faithful in their religion. They were told that they’d go to […] Read More