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Biden administration has just declared monkeypox outbreak a “public health emergency”

The Biden administration on Thursday declared monkeypox a public health emergency, with cases on the rise across the US.The announcement came during a briefing with the Department of Health and Human Services.The administration has been criticized at times for its handling of the outbreak, and some have called on the government to declare a national emergency without […] Read More

Monkeypox outbreak declared a global emergency as contagion spreads to over 70 nations

The outbreak is an “extraordinary” situation that now qualifies as a global emergency after a surge in cases, the body said in a statement this afternoon, July 23. The World Health Organisation has declared monkeypox a global health emergency as the disease has spread to more than 70 countries. The outbreak is an “extraordinary” situation that now qualifies as […] Read More

We are now facing the real possibility of two Pandemics

We blew our chance to quickly contain monkeypox. Now the dangerous virus is spreading fast all over the world. Health experts agree: the outbreak could soon qualify as a pandemic, if it doesn’t already. And the situation is likely to get worse before it gets better. More infections, more deaths, more chances for the pox to mutate. “We […] Read More

Monkeypox outbreak explodes across Europe, Scientists baffled, Belgium enforces quarantine, Biden concerned

MONKEYPOX cases in Spain and Italy have been traced to an island festival attended by 80,000 revellers. Authorities are trying to halt an outbreak that has exploded across Europe and beyond, with 92 cases now confirmed and dozens more suspected. Cases of monkeypoxin the UK have doubled in just a week after a total of 20 cases were […] Read More

Monkeypox Was a Table-Top Simulation Only Last Year

Elite media outlets around the world are on red alert over the world’s first-ever global outbreak of Monkeypox in mid-May 2022—just one year after an international biosecurity conference in Munich held a simulation of a “global pandemic involving an unusual strain of Monkeypox” beginning in mid-May 2022. Monkeypox was first identified in 1958, but there’s never been […] Read More

How has Monkeypox suddenly spread all over the Globe at lightning speed?

What in the world is going on?  In the past, we were told that monkeypox was not a major concern because it was so difficult to spread it from person to person.  But now monkeypox seems to be spreading like wildfire.  On May 7th, the very first case in the western world in 2022 was […] Read More