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Meteorite crashes through a roof and lands just next to a sleeping woman in British Columbia, Canada

This B.C. woman is just too lucky! She woke up to a hole in her roof and a space rock on her pillow. Yes, a meteorite simply missed her head! On Oct. 4, many were treated to the sight of a fireball lighting up the night sky, with images of a meteor sailing above Lake […] Read More

Burning Space Rock Smashes the Ground in Uttar Pradesh, India (VIDEO)

A mysterious space rock has hit the ground in Ghaziabad, India on March 5, 2020. The meteorite went boom just before it struck the ground, causing panic among locals. The burning space rock kept smoldering even after being extinguished with water. Several residents reported seeing three objects falling from the sky. Scientists believe the mysterious […] Read More

Meteorite strikes factory compound in India leaving 20 foot crater

A meteorite crashed into a factory compound in Rajasthan’s Alwar village, India early Tuesday local time, February 11, 2020, leaving a 6 m (20 feet) deep crater in the compound. The event was captured on videos, showing the sky lit up as the meteor pummels into the ground. No building damage has been reported. The phenomenon occurred at […] Read More