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Stones falling from the sky! Chunks of meteorite found in Mississippi after large fireball explodes in loud boom over Mississippi, Louisiana and Arkansas (videos and pictures)

A daytime fireball that occurred over Natchez, Mississippi this past Wednesday morning April 27th, 2022 resulted in a meteorite recovery three days later. Reports of booms and bright lights in the sky hit social media Wednesday morning and started flowing into the American Meteor Society’s online fireball tracking tool. Using the time and location for the […] Read More

Meteorite crashes through a roof and lands just next to a sleeping woman in British Columbia, Canada

This B.C. woman is just too lucky! She woke up to a hole in her roof and a space rock on her pillow. Yes, a meteorite simply missed her head! On Oct. 4, many were treated to the sight of a fireball lighting up the night sky, with images of a meteor sailing above Lake […] Read More

Earth Changes Summary – Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

The winter remained harsh in the northern hemisphere throughout February with even more cold and snowfall records broken. 70 villages in southeastern Turkey were buried under 20 feet of snow after a powerful blizzard. Residents were left without power and water as they also struggled to dig their way out. Furthermore, two avalanches killed 41 […] Read More