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New paroxysmal eruption of Etna volcano in Italy sends ash plume to 9,000 m altitude

After little more than 3 weeks of rest, the Etna volcano has again produced a violent lava fountaining episode, known as paroxysm, from its SE crater this morning, September 21, 2021. At 4.20 a.m. local time, volcanic tremor suddenly began to rise sharply. At 8.15 a.m., ash emissions were seen from the New SE crater, and […] Read More

Wildfires burn across Italy, Spain, Greece and Turkey in heatwave bringing temperatures above 40C

At least five people have been wounded and holidaymakers evacuated after wildfires devastated a pine wood near a beach in Pescara, Italy, as one of the worst heatwaves in decades swept across south-east Europe. A five-year-old girl was taken to hospital but her condition is not believed to be life-threatening, according to reports. About 800 people […] Read More

At Least 2 Dead After Apocalyptic Storm Causes Biblical Flooding in Palermo, Italy

Flash floods engulfed Palermo after the most violent rainstorm in 200 years hit the Sicilian capital on July 15, 2020. At least two deaths reported while rescue teams searched overnight and into Thursday morning for people feared to have drowned after the apocalyptic flooding on Wednesday night. The mayor said it was the most violent rainstorm […] Read More

U.S. Now Has The Most Coronavirus Deaths, Surpassing Italy!

this is out of control! Read More

The Italian Air Force Flies a Statue of the Virgin Mary over Italy to STOP Coronavirus

A statue of the Virgin Mary is being flown over the cities of Italy in order to combat the coronovirus. A priest is seen holding up the Holy Eucharist while being flown in a military plane by the Italian Air Force. This is how Rome is trying to protect their homeland. The Italian Air Force […] Read More

Italy’s death toll feeds fear of what lies ahead in Europe and the U.S.

Global anxiety over the coronavirus centered on Europe on Saturday, where Italy is bearing the brunt of the pandemic’s unceasing spread. Italian officials announced that 793 people had succumbed to the virus in a single day. The staggering number brought the nation’s total dead to more than 4,800, the most for a single country. As death tolls mount […] Read More

Why did coronavirus hit hard in Italy and Spain? Some blame a lack of social distancing — and a lot of social kissing.

BARCELONA, Spain — When Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez of Spain, a country now in lockdown with over 17,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19, took the dais in Parliament in Madrid on Wednesday to announce a $220 billion package to help his country’s tourism-powered economy, warning that “the worst is yet to come,” Micol Maria de Vincenti […] Read More

Huge Column Of Military Trucks Is Taking The Coffins Of Those Who Died From Corona in Bergamo, Italy, To Other Cities

Bergamo, Italy: The military is taking the coffins of those who died from Corona to other cities. Because the city’s cremation system is overwhelmed even if running 24/24 and 7/7. This is just terrifying! This impressive column of military vehicles crossed the heart of Bergamo yesterday. Una impressionante colonna di mezzi militari ha attraversato questa […] Read More

Volcano erupts following 4.2 earthquake in Italy amid coronavirus lockdown

As if the people of Italy doesn’t have enough to contend with now, Italy’s Stromboli Volcano has erupted spewing lava and ash, amid a 4.2 magnitude earthquake that also rocked Calabria in the midst of the country continuing its coronavirus lockdown. According to reports, Footage of the volcano eruption emerged on Twitter shortly after midnight there. The Videos […] Read More

Italy Death Apocalypse Continues With 475 Dead On Tuesday: Crematoriums Run 24/24, Coffins Fill Up Hospital Morgues, Cemetery Morgue and Cemetery Church, Funerals Without Family Members

After 368 dead on Sunday and 349 dead on Monday, now 475 have died from Covid-19 Tuesday. The Coronavirus deaths are so high in Italy that officials don’t know how to deal with coffins, some places have a waiting list for burials and funerals are happening with no family members there. After 368 dead on Sunday and 349 […] Read More

‘Shut It Down’: Colorado Woman In Italy Issues Stark Warning On Coronavirus in USA

From her home in Garda, Italy, Shannon Unks, a CU graduate and former Colorado resident, has a harsh warning for Colorado residents: “Don’t do anything- don’t go to the cinemas, stay home, shut it down.” As of Friday afternoon, there were one death and 77 cases of coronavirus in Colorado. Via Skype, Unks told CBS4 […] Read More

Italy Records 368 Deaths in 24 Hours Or 15 Italians Dying Every Hour

This is not an epidemic anymore… It’s a slaughter! Italy records 368 deaths in 24 hours: 15 Italians now dying every hour The Italian government reported 368 new deaths from the coronavirus on Sunday, the largest 24-hour increase since the country confirmed its first case. Moreover, the numbercases of COVID-19 in Italy has surged higher again: […] Read More

Amid The Lockdown In Italy, Citizens Sing Together From Houses Along Empty Streets To Warm Their Hearts and Souls (Videos)

Imagine the whole world singing like this from their houses. No hate, no nothing. Just unified for once. The Italian nationwide lockdown to control the spread of the Covid-19 disease brings Italy to a halt. But today, in a beautiful act of solidarity, residents of Siena and other cities decided to sing and fill their […] Read More

Italy to close terminal of Rome’s main airport

Rome’s Ciampino airport, which hosts popular budget airlines, is set to close, as well as the main terminal in the city’s central airport, Italian authorities have announced. The move comes as coronavirus devastates air traffic. Ciampino, known for hosting discount airlines such as Ryanair, will close its doors on March 14. A terminal at Fiumicino […] Read More

Italy Coronavirus: This Guy Was Trapped at Home With His Dead Sister During 36 Hours Without Help Before He Published this Horrifying Video

He called officials and doctors for help but no one came to assist. His sister lies dead in the bed behind him. According to the video uploader, the short film was shot in Napoli. That’s in the south of Italy and shows the Covid-19 has already invaded this part of the country. His sister, killed […] Read More

Europe told to act now as coronavirus locks down north Italy and markets plunge

Italy’s prime minister promised “massive shock therapy” to beat the coronavirus on Monday and urged Europe to act decisively after markets plunged and his country sealed off much of its wealthy industrial north. France echoed Giuseppe Conte’s call for action, saying Europe must come up with a “strong, massive and coordinated response” and euro zone […] Read More

Red Wine Flows Out of Water Taps in Italy (video)

Imagine, you want to drink water, you open your tap, and an effervescent red liquid comes out of it! Well forget water! An Italian village had a sparkling red wine on tap for a sweet minute after a valve failure at the nearby Settecani winery on March 5, 2020. Imagine the baffled residents as fizzy […] Read More

In Desperation Italy Declares Martial Law Sealing off Northern Regions To Stop Coronavirus Outbreak

ITALY is set to place northern regions, including Lombardy, into lockdown and seal it off in a desperate bid to contain the accelerating coronavirus outbreak in the country, which has infected nearly 6,000 people. The Italian Government will adopt tough new measures to try to limit the spread of the deadly disease, which includes telling […] Read More