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Erdogan Advises the Greeks to ‘Open the Gates’ for the Migrants to go to Europe

Greece should follow Turkey’s suit and simply “open the gates” for migrants amassed at the Turkish-Greek border, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, insisting that thousands of people would simply go to other EU countries. Erdogan shared his wisdom on how to free Athens from the refugee “burden” while speaking in Istanbul on Sunday. Hey Greece! I appeal […] Read More

Greek Costguards Show No Mercy and Attacks Refugee from Syria in the Sea

Disturbing video has emerged of Greek coastguards beating a dinghy full of migrants and opening fire into the water off the coast of Bodrum after Turkey warned it would stop preventing migrants from crossing the Greek border. In the footage, which was distributed by Turkish authorities, one of the guards can be seen pushing the […] Read More

Israel, Cyprus and Greece are Signing an agreement to Build a Pipeline that Will bring Israeli Gas Across the Mediterranean Sea to Europe

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz traveled to Athens, Greece, on Thursday, where they are to sign a three-way gas agreement with Cyprus and Greece that sets the stage for the exportation of natural gas to Europe. Under the prospective agreement, Israel and Cyprus will jointly export gas from their offshore […] Read More