Category: Food Crisis

45 million people suffer hunger worldwide

The number of people on the edge of famine has almost doubled since the start of the pandemic, the UN World Food Programme said. The United Nations World Food Programme(WFP) has warned that three million more are now “teetering on the edge of famine” in 43 countries worldwide. By underlining the acute hunger spiking around […] Read More

Food Crisis in North Korea as people are starving to death while winter is looming

The warnings are stark and coming from inside and outside of North Korea. Defectors based in South Korea have told us that their families in the North are going hungry. There is a concern as winter approaches that the most vulnerable will starve. “Problems such as more orphan children on the streets and death by starvation […] Read More

Food apocalypse is near! Food production collapse! Soaring wheat prices from the U.S. to Russia are raising bread costs

Wheat prices are surging from the U.S. to Russia, hitting a record in Europe and raising bread costs all over the world. And there may not be much relief soon. The crop – grown on more land than any other – was hit by droughts, frost and heavy rain this year in key exporters. That’s curbed […] Read More

Global food prices are about to go even higher as the oil and gas crunch continues

The potential for a knock-on effect of rising fuel prices to be felt by other industries is becoming more likely, as oil and gas prices continue to rise to an all-time high, companies are finding it hard to maintain their costs and may have to shift this burden to the consumer any day now.  Petrol […] Read More

North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un Demands ‘Urgent Action’ on Climate Change

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un called for “urgent action” on climate change at a meeting of his Politburo on Thursday, blaming “disastrous weather” brought on by climate change for North Korea’s food shortages. According to North Korea’s state-run Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), Kim’s address to the Politburo put land management, food shortages, and the “global health […] Read More

U.N. footage from northern Ethiopia shows humanitarian crisis

NAIROBI, Sept 6 (The Remnants) – Footage of war-hit northern Ethiopia published by the U.N. World Food Programme (WFP) on Monday reflected the severe humanitarian crisis there, after the United Nations warned that a de facto blockade on aid is bringing millions to the brink of famine. War broke out 10 months ago between Ethiopia’s […] Read More