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Thousands of People displaced as floods hit Bangladesh Rohingya camps

July 30 (Reuters) – Heavy monsoon rains triggered landslides and flash floods in refugees camps displacing thousands of Rohingya Muslims in southeastern Bangladesh this week, U.N. and other officials said on Friday, with further heavy rainfall expected. At least six Rohingya, including three children, died in landslides and flooding while 15 Bangladeshis were killed and more […] Read More

At Least 2 Dead After Apocalyptic Storm Causes Biblical Flooding in Palermo, Italy

Flash floods engulfed Palermo after the most violent rainstorm in 200 years hit the Sicilian capital on July 15, 2020. At least two deaths reported while rescue teams searched overnight and into Thursday morning for people feared to have drowned after the apocalyptic flooding on Wednesday night. The mayor said it was the most violent rainstorm […] Read More

Torrents Of Water And Hail Flood Desert Of Saudi Arabia After Intense Hailstorm And Heavy Rain (Videos)

The Riyadh Province in Saudi Arabia was hit by extreme weather on April 5, 2020. After the storm, torrents of water engulfed the desert, causing little rivers to flow. The following videos feature the hail floods and the newly formed rivers: In Al Duwadimi: And in Afif: Isaiah 41: “I will make rivers flow on barren […] Read More

Biblical Floods Kill At Least 12 in Iran and Leave Thousands Homeless As Pandemic Worsens

Flash floods in several provinces of Iran have killed at least 12 people and injured 17 others. Swollen rivers caused by heavy spring rainfall have inundated residential areas in the cities and villages of provinces of Hormozgan, Fars, Bushehr, Qom, Gilan, Kerman, and Sistan and Baluchestan, already overwhelmed by the Corona outbreak. While C19 continues to […] Read More

Vicious Storm Triggers Biblical Floods Across Iraq and Saudi Arabia (Videos)

Once again, heavy rain has brought biblical flooding to Iraq and Saudi Arabia in the last few days. Thundery rain dropped 127mm (5 inches) of rain onto the streets of Mosul, or one-third of the year’s expected rainfall in less than 24 hours. Same in Saudi Arabia. In the town of Rabia, on the border with […] Read More

Massive floods hit capital Dili, destroying nearly 200 homes and affecting over 25 000 people, East Timor

Several hours of very heavy rains caused widespread flooding in capital Dili, East Timor (Timor-Leste) on March 13, 2020. Authorities are reporting at least 25 000 people or 4 000 households are affected. Even though the floods have now receded, affected communities are still in need of essential relief items such as food and drinking water. Heavy downpours began striking the capital […] Read More

Intense Heavy Rain Cause Destructive Flooding and Mudslides, Solomon Islands

Days of heavy rain caused severe flooding across parts of the Solomon Islands, particularly across Guadalcanal and Malaita islands. A large landslide hit Lambi on March 12, 2020, destroying at least 10 houses. Authorities said 2 people have been killed, while 6 others remain under the rubble. Severe damage has been reported, particularly to roads and bridges, […] Read More

Apocalyptic flooding engulfs Egypt, Israel and Middle East in March 2020 (Videos)

Storms and floods of biblical proportions have engulfed Egypt, Israel and the Middle East for the second day in a row on Friday. The rare and unusually powerful surface cyclone and frontal system hit the Middle East on Thursday afternoon, delivering torrential rain, destructive winds, and sandstorms and killing at least 21. Thunderstorms packing heavy […] Read More

Paris Floods Again

The water level in the Seine River is rising after massive rainfall. If the situation continues, it could break its bank in Paris. While France is facing massive problems due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus, the Seine River is rising again in Paris. It reached up to 4.0 meters (13 feet) in recent […] Read More

Road Literally Explodes as Deadly Floods Sweep Across Rio de janeiro

Heavy floods are currently wreaking havoc in the Metropolitan Region of Rio, Brazil. The deadly flooding has killed at least 4 and literally exploded a street as shown in the video below: An insane deluge As reported by local scientists, some areas recorded more than 180mm of rain within 36 hours (late 29 February to […] Read More

Exploding canals, collapsing malls: Watch Brazil’s deadly flooding

RIO DE JANEIRO — The rains won’t relent. For days, they’ve pulverized southeast Brazil, causing widespread flooding, torrents of mudslides, dozens of deaths and thousands of people to become homeless. Now they’re back again — with more on the way. The death toll rose to 62 on Wednesday after another round of battering rains and […] Read More