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Pro-life group Demands for Fauci’s Resignation over NIAID funding of ‘barbaric’ experiments on aborted babies

A pro-life group held a rally outside the National Institutes of Health Thursday, calling for the firing of Dr. Anthony Fauci over the organization’s role in funding experiments that use aborted babies.  Students for Life of America held a #FireFauci rally outside the National Institutes of Health headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland, calling for the firing of Dr. […] Read More

Fauci: States with severe coronavirus outbreaks “should seriously look at shutting down”

Anthony Fauci on Wednesday told a Wall Street Journal podcast that states experiencing a significant uptick in new coronavirus cases “should seriously look at shutting down.” The big picture: The comments come as states like Florida, Texas and Arizona have become new hotspots for the virus, with soaring rates of infections and rising deaths. While those states have taken steps to […] Read More

Fauci warns coronavirus surge ‘way beyond worst spikes we’ve seen’

 Are we about to see another National lockdown coming soon? Dr. Anthony Fauci is sounding the alarm after the number of new U.S. coronavirus infections diagnosed in a single day has reportedly broken a record surging past 50,000 for the first time, setting a new record for the total cases reported in just 24 hours […] Read More