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New report reveals Hillsong founder Brian Houston was drunk inside a woman’s hotel room for 40 minutes during conference in 2019

Hillsong Church founder Brian Houston violated the church’s code of conduct by entering the hotel room of an unidentified woman for 40 minutes while under the influence of alcohol and prescription drugs during the church’s annual conference in 2019, officials revealed Friday. In a statement outlining investigations into two complaints against Houston’s behavior in the last […] Read More

Payback Time: False Messiah Quiboloy claims that s*x with him was a “privilege” and “God’s will

Claiming that sex with him was a “privilege” and “God’s will,” controversial megachurch pastor and founder of the Philippines-based Kingdom of Jesus Christ Church, Apollo Quiboloy, and two of his top administrators have been charged with trafficking young women and girls in the U.S. who were coerced into having sex with him under threats of “eternal […] Read More