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U.N. footage from northern Ethiopia shows humanitarian crisis

NAIROBI, Sept 6 (The Remnants) – Footage of war-hit northern Ethiopia published by the U.N. World Food Programme (WFP) on Monday reflected the severe humanitarian crisis there, after the United Nations warned that a de facto blockade on aid is bringing millions to the brink of famine. War broke out 10 months ago between Ethiopia’s […] Read More

UN Chief says there is Famine Crisis in Ethiopia’s Tigray

UN humanitarian chief Mark Lowcock has said there is famine in northern Ethiopia after the release of a UN-backed analysis of the situation. “There is famine now,” he said, adding: “This is going to get a lot worse.” The analysis found that 350,000 people were living in “severe crisis” in the war-torn Tigray region, as […] Read More

A New ‘Disease X’ Causing Fever and Bleeding of the Eye His Ethiopia

Have you ever heard of Disease X? No? It’s normal because it doesn’t exist yet. But scientists believe they have found it in Ethiopia after people start dropping like flies with bleeding eyes. After a biblical locust plague, Ethiopia is now facing a still unknown and horrifying deadly illness, informally dubbed bleeding eye fever, that could be […] Read More