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(WATCH) Entire towns in Canada left decimated following Hurricane Fiona’s record-breaking and historic path across Atlantic coast.

Canada’s Atlantic coast has been left reeling after a devastating and record-breaking hurricane struck. Hurricane Fiona made landfall yesterday, sparking almost immediate power cuts and flooding along the coastline. Footage from Newfoundland town Port aux Basques captured the moment entire houses were swept out to the water, as officials grapple with the damage. The mayor of the port […] Read More

(WATCH) Is something major going to happen on September 24th?

What in the world are they planning to do on September 24th, 2022?  As you will see below, a member of the German legislature is openly warning that September 24th will be a day when everyone will remember “exactly where he or she was”.  Needless to say, those days don’t come along very often.  For […] Read More

Argentina’s Mystery ‘Pneumonia’ of Unknown Origin: Known Viruses Ruled Out

Cases of a mysterious pneumonia of unknown origin that has killed three people have been reported in Argentina. Experts are rapidly researching what could be causing it and have so far ruled out known viruses such as COVID-19. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), nine cases of the mysterious disease have been reported so far. […] Read More

An Absolutely Gigantic Sunspot That Is Pointed Directly At Earth Right Now Could Potentially Produce Another “Carrington Event”

How would you feel if someone pointed a loaded gun at you?  Well, that is essentially what our entire planet is facing at this moment.  An absolutely enormous sunspot is currently pointing directly at Earth, and it has just developed a delta-class magnetic field.  We are being warned that this sunspot has the potential to […] Read More

Is Someone Trying To Tell Us Something? We Are Being Hit By Unprecedented Drought And Unprecedented Flooding At The Same Time

We have never seen anything like this before.  There are some parts of the globe that are being absolutely devastated by endless drought, and there are other parts of the globe that are being absolutely devastated by relentless flooding.  So if you happen to live some place where weather patterns are still behaving normally, you […] Read More

The largest polio threat in years sparks alarms from New York to California

Delays in getting children vaccinated during the COVID-19 pandemic and antivaccination sentiment in general may be fueling the most serious threat of polio in the U.S. in years, raising alarms from New York to California. In the last few weeks, health officials in New York identified the first person in nearly a decade in the […] Read More

Babylon Bee CEO tells megachurch the ‘truth is under attack’ in America

Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon warned a northern Virginia megachurch that modern American society is attacking truth and comedy in ways that threaten the freedom of speech.  The head of the popular Christian satire site gave a Monday lecture at Cornerstone Chapel in Leesburg. He listed ways society is attacking comedy and biblical truth through censorship.  “We’re […] Read More

Wildfires rage in France, thousands evacuated from homes

Wildfires tore through the Gironde region of southwestern France on Wednesday, destroying homes and forcing the evacuation of 10,000 residents, some of whom had clambered onto rooftops as the flames got closer. Black-and-orange skies, darkened by the smoke billowing from forests and lit up by the flames, were seen across the area as the fires […] Read More

‘Full-Halo’ Solar Storm from Tsunami on Sun Surface Headed for Earth

A massive, “full-halo” solar storm is headed towards Earth, and is due to hit our atmosphere on July 23. According to, a solar tsunami eruption on July 21 flung a cloud of solar plasma and other solar particles in our direction, and when they hit the Earth, they will cause geomagnetic storms. This type of solar […] Read More

Why Are So Many Extremely Bizarre “Mystery Creatures” Starting To Appear All Over The Planet?

Have you noticed that there have been a lot of stories about “unexplained creatures” in the news lately?  Normally I don’t pay much attention to stories like that, but today my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to do some digging.  What I found was that stories about mystery creatures have been […] Read More

New Mexico wildfire has grown to the largest in state history

A massive wildfire that has been burning for weeks is now the largest in New Mexico history. According to Inciweb, the Hermits Peak Fire – which merged with the Calf Canyon Fire earlier this month – has burned more than 465 square miles, an area nearly the size of Los Angeles. This surpasses the 464 square […] Read More

(WATCH) Sky over China turns blood red sparking apocalyptic fears of end days

Videos on the internet show the sky over the port city of Zhoushan, China turning a deep red on Saturday. The audio recorded panicked residents shouting in alarm. The phenomenon’s cause was not immediately known, leading to much speculation ranging from natural causes to the mystical. The Zhoushan Meteorological Bureau blamed the foggy weather and lights […] Read More

A ‘Fictosexual’ man has married a “hologram bride”, but struggles to bond with her

She’s not real — but his feelings are. A “fictosexual” man who wed a fictional, computer-synthesized pop singer four years ago said he’s now unable to communicate with his wife, but is still in love with her. Akihiko Kondo, 38, was dating Hatsune Miku — depicted in pop culture as a 16-year-old with turquoise hair […] Read More

Here are 5 new “Pestilences” that have suddenly appeared around the Globe

Mysterious new outbreaks of disease are erupting all over the planet.  Should we be alarmed?  Over the past few years, we have all seen how rapidly an outbreak can spread.  A few confirmed cases in one part of the world can become a true global pandemic in just a matter of weeks.  And once a […] Read More

Mystery hepatitis cases among children continue to rise, Spreading around the Globe, More needing liver transplants, parents urged to watch for signs

Two more British children have needed a liver transplant after being sickened with a mysterious form of hepatitis, health chiefs revealed today.  Ten youngsters have now undergone the critical procedure, with 114 now known to have been struck down by the peculiar illness. UK Health Security Agency bosses today called on parents to ‘be alert’ […] Read More

The largest solar flare in years has just been ejected from the sun

THE STRONGEST solar flare detected in years erupted from the Sun on Wednesday. The violent volley of particles is said to have caused blackouts in Australia, the Western Pacific and eastern Asia. It’s one of 19 flares to have emerged from an unusually active sunspot in recent days, according to astronomer Dr Tony Phillips. Writing on his website, […] Read More

Severe April nor’easter drops up to 14 inches of snow, knocks power out for over 240,000 customers in New York and Pennsylvania (videos and pictures)

A spring nor’easter has already dropped at least a foot of snow on parts of New York and Pennsylvania, leading to power outages and the closure of businesses and schools. More than 240,000 customers were without power in the Northeast Tuesday morning. New York had the most outages at more than 160,000, while Pennsylvania had […] Read More

Deadly bird flu has now spread to more than 30 states and killing bald eagles

A highly contagious bird flu has driven up egg and poultry prices, but it does not pose a health threat to people. A highly contagious bird flu has spread across more than 30 states, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. This week alone, the strain, known as H5N1, likely killed hundreds of birds at a lake […] Read More

Unexplained increase in severe liver infection among children has now spread around the world sparking international investigation

Cases of severe liver infection are on the rise among children throughout the world, the World Health Organization announced Friday. No deaths have been reported among the identified cases, but the WHO and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are investigating. The WHO said it was notified on April 5 of 10 severe acute hepatitis cases […] Read More

Four men have been arrested for ‘gang raping’ a bengal monitor lizard

Four men have been arrested after one of the accused’s phones was discovered to contain a video of them gang-raping a Bengal monitor lizard at the Sahydari Tiger Reserve in Maharashthra, India. CCTV footage from the Maharashtra Forest Department showed the four men lurking around the forest and trespassing into the Sahyadri Tiger Reserve, which was […] Read More

Bizarre creatures have washed ashore Australian beaches after ‘shocking’ record rainfall

Shocked beach-goers have spotted large weedy sea dragons far away from home and splurged across beaches in Australia – the fish have been found lifeless at the city’s northern beaches. Dozens of bizarre and vibrant creatures have washed up on Australian beaches following weeks of record rainfall. Experts have been left stunned by the dead marine fish as […] Read More

Huge hail destroys hundreds of cars in Florida (video)

Florida’s Highlands County was hit by a powerful hail storm on Monday evening. Power lines were ripped down and vehicles were destroyed by hail the size of golf balls and in some cases, even baseballs. So…much…HAIL! Severe storms dumped torrential rain and golf ball size hail for many in Highlands county earlier this evening. #FLwx […] Read More

Europe is going back to winter! Snow and ice trigger chaos in Spain, UK, Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland

We are going back to WINTER! We have a name to blame for this: Storm Ciril, an Atlantic front which has brought a flow of arctic air, currently sweeping much of Europe… I wonder how many people won’t be able to pay their gas and electricity bills this month… Hopefully frost damage will not be […] Read More

The next pandemic could be insect-borne disease, WHO warns risk of a new arbovirus outbreak is ‘increasing’

World Health Organization has sounded the alarm on the next potential pandemic – which could be spread by insects. On Thursday, the WHO launched the Global Arbovirus Initiative in an effort to implement an “integrated strategic plan to tackle emerging and re-emerging arboviruses with epidemic and pandemic potential focusing on monitoring risk, pandemic prevention, preparedness, […] Read More

Giant sinkholes found forming on the seafloor in northern Canada

Deploying autonomous robots to scour the seafloor can bring a lot of surprises. For one team of scientists conducting research in Canada, their robot fleet discovered “sinkhole-like depressions” the size of an entire city block of six-story buildings — an alarming discovery that could have serious implications for the global climate. A team of international […] Read More

Mysterious beams of light have been spotted in the skies around the world

KPRC 2′s weather team gathered information on the most probable cause for the glowing streak of light. Mysterious orange light spotted in the sky over Houston area Residents in and around the Houston area have sent in pictures to KPRC 2 of an interesting orange light seen in the sky Wednesday night. Viewer photos show […] Read More

(WATCH) Mysterious creature with reptilian skull and claws washes ashore in Australia

Aussie Alex Tan said he had never seen anything like the bizarre hairless creature with a flabby body, long rat-like tail and claws and joked that it must be ‘extraterrestrial’ The bizarre-looking remains of a mystery creature have washed up on a beach on Australia’s Sunshine Coast, leaving Queensland resident Alex Tan completely baffled. The four-legged creature […] Read More

Farmers panic as gigantic locust swarms of biblical proportions devour everything in parts of South Africa (videos and pictures)

According to Agri SA, this is one of the biggest locust swarms in years and, with the assistance of donors and the Department of Agriculture, farmers are trying everything to save their land and food. Farmers in the Northern Cape, Western Cape and Eastern Cape Karoo are struggling to control the locust swarms that have […] Read More

Mysterious high-frequency waves detected swirling on the sun and are moving at speeds that ‘defy explanation’

High-frequency waves swirling on the sun have left scientists confused, as the unexpected bursts of energy are moving at speeds that defy explanation.  A team from New York University’s Abu Dhabi Center for Space Science analyzed 25 years of space and ground-based observations of energy waves from our host star. They discovered a new set […] Read More

Series of earthquakes have rattled the Globe over the past 7 days, leaving some to ask if it is a “sign of the end times”

“And there will be great earthquakes in various places, and famines and pestilences; and there will be fearful sights and great signs from heaven” – Luke 21:1 The study of geology just got exciting as tremors were recorded all over the globe for the past week. Beginning with the deadly earthquake in Fukushima last Wednesday, the Azores […] Read More

Shocking bird mass die-off in Antarctica: From 100,000 Antarctic petrels to ZERO BIRDS in two years

In 1984, there were more than 400,000 Antarctic petrels in the bird mountain. By 2020, the population had shrunk to less than 100,000. This year there were none. Joanna Sulich stands in the middle of the steep cliffs on Svarthamaren in Antarctica. There should now be thousands of Antarctic patrols around her. It is breeding […] Read More

Turkish mountain village buried in 6 feet of snow forcing people to dig tunnels to get out of their homes and feed their animals (videos)

A village in the eastern province of Muş has been completely blanketed in snow due to continuous precipitation, with villagers opening small tunnels to reach the surface and visit their neighbors or look after their stables. “I have not seen such snowfall for the last 30 years. It swallowed the entire village,” Sabri Yöndem, a 79-year-old […] Read More

Scientists reveal asteroid was discovered only two hours before impacting earth’s atmosphere

AN ASTEROID was discovered for the first time just two hours before it struck Earth’s atmosphere, scientists have announced. On March 11, Hungarian astronomer Krisztián Sárneczky from the Konkoly Observatory near Budapest uncovered a small asteroid heading towards our planet. Designated 2022 EB5, the small rocky object impacted Earth just north of Iceland. Measuring at […] Read More

Rain of BIBLICAL proportions hits Australia with flooding and storms

Seven major rivers in New South Wales alone are set to flood over the coming days as torrential rain batters Australia’s east coast – with Sydney forecast to cop a month’s worth of rain in the next 24 hours. Severe warnings are in place for large parts of New South Wales and Queensland as a huge front passes over the regions, […] Read More

Sun ‘has been erupting non-stop this month’ – and scientists warn ‘GIANT flares are incoming’,

THE SUN has been pretty busy the past few weeks. On Tuesday, our star fired off two enormous explosions from its farside in what has already been a heavy month of solar activity. A magnificent coronal mass ejection (CME) was recorded by Nasa’s STEREO-A spacecraft in the early hours of February 15. CMEs are giant […] Read More

5G death toll increases! Hundreds of birds fall dead from the sky in Wales and Mexico (videos)

The following disturbing video shows hundreds of migratory birds crashing onto the ground in Cuauhtémoc, Chihuahua, Mexico. Officials counted at least 100 dead migratory birds (Yellow-headed Blackbird; Xanthocephalus) after the mysterious event recorded last Monday around 5:00am. These animals migrate from northern Canada to northern Mexico where they spend the winter. Meanwhile, on the other […] Read More

A major total solar eclipse is coming in 2024 and it was exactly 7 years from the last eclipse

On Monday, April 8, 2024, the United States is lucky enough to be in the shadow of the Moon again. This is less than 7 years after the wonderful eclipse we witnessed on Aug. 21, 2017. The 2017 total solar eclipse introduced millions of people to a spectacular astronomical event; watching the Sun be obscured […] Read More

Mutant rising: German scientists plan to clone & then breed genetically-modified pigs this year to serve as heart donors for humans

German scientists plan to clone and then breed this year genetically modified pigs to serve as heart donors for humans, based on a simpler version of a US-engineered animal used last month in the world’s first pig-to-human transplant. Eckhard Wolf, a scientist at Ludwig-Maximilians University (LMU) in Munich, said his team aimed to have the […] Read More

A New eruption at Anak Krakatoa in Indonesia (videos and pictures)

A new eruption started at the Anak Krakatoa, or Krakatau, volcano on Rakata Island in Indonesia on 3 February 2022, as seen in this image captured by the Copernicus Sentinel-2 mission. The eruption prompted the Anak Krakatau Volcano Observatory to raise the aviation colour code to orange. The eruption started at around 16:15 local time, […] Read More

Texas winter storm: Over 70,000 Texans are without power as arctic cold front hits state

As an arctic cold front sweeps across the state, many Texans are concerned about whether the power will stay on. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) says there is enough power to meet the demand, but still, thousands of customers across Texas are without power. As of 1:30 p.m. Thursday, over 70,000 customers were […] Read More

6,000 urged to evacuate as North Carolina fertilizer plant fire threatens an ammonium nitrate explosion

A fire that erupted Monday night at the Winston Weaver fertilizer plant in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, still poses a threat to the community Wednesday — and an evacuation radius remains in place, authorities said. The fire is still burning at the plant and the one-mile evacuation radius that has affected thousands of people is ongoing, […] Read More

Truckers’ Freedom Convoy now in Ottawa in pictures and videos

Here first few pictures of the Freedom Convoy now in Ottawa, the capital of Canada. Ottawa…— izabella krzcinska (@krzcinska) January 29, 2022 Wellington Street in front of Canadian Parliament They also closed bridges: JUST IN – #Ottawa partially closes the bridge connecting Ontario to Quebec from 8pm tonight due to the "planned protest" by […] Read More

Ancient ice reveals mysterious and extreme solar storm near solar minimum

Through analyzes of ice cores from Greenland and Antarctica, a research team led by Lund University in Sweden has found evidence of an extreme solar storm that occurred about 9,200 years ago. What puzzles the researchers is that the storm took place during one of the sun’s more quiet phases – during which it is […] Read More

A mysterious object unlike anything ever seen before has been discovered in deep space producing “powerful signals”

A MYSTERIOUS object unlike anything that astronomers have seen before has been discovered in our “galactic backyard”. In research published Wednesday, scientists described the strange, spinning mass, which is said to release an enormous burst of energy every 20 minutes. That radiation, which crosses the line of sight of telescopes on Earth for 60 seconds […] Read More

Hundreds of deep sea fish wash up dead on Puerto Vallarta Beach in Mexico (videos and pictures) – A consequence of Tonga eruption or a sign of worse to come?

Hundreds of dead fish washed up dead on Palmares Beach in the city of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on January 18, 2022. Fishermen indicated that it is not common to see these species near the beach, since these fish normally live in the deep ocean (40m-600m or 130ft-1930ft). About 200 largehead hairtail (Trichiurus lepturus) have been counted. […] Read More

No information is scary! Scientists struggle to monitor Tonga volcano after massive eruption; 2 islands wiped out; Second eruption cover-up; No internet and telephone communications; Comparison to 1991 Pinatubo eruption

Scientists are struggling to monitor an active volcano that erupted off the South Pacific island of Tonga at the weekend, after the explosion destroyed its sea-level crater and drowned its mass, obscuring it from satellites. The eruption of Hunga-Tonga-Hunga-Ha’apai volcano, which sits on the seismically active Pacific Ring of Fire, sent tsunami waves across the Pacific […] Read More

Pipeline spills 300,000 gallons of diesel near New Orleans, killing thousands of fish, birds and other animals

A severely corroded pipeline ruptured and spilled more than 300,000 gallons (1.1 million liters) of diesel fuel just outside New Orleans after the operator delayed needed repairs, according to federal records. Most of the fuel drained into two artificial ponds called “borrow pits” and thousands of fish, birds and other animals were killed, state and […] Read More

US surgeons just transplanted a pig heart into human patient for the first time

In a medical first, doctors transplanted a pig heart into a patient in a last-ditch effort to save his life and a Maryland hospital said Monday that he’s doing well three days after the highly experimental surgery. While it’s too soon to know if the operation really will work, it marks a step in the […] Read More

Meat, Eggs and Potatoes are all coming up short as stores report ‘bare shelves’ amid Omicron cases

SEVERAL American supermarkets are reporting incidents of “bare shelves” as fears grow over an imminent meat and egg shortage amid a surge in Omicron cases. Food chains have been one of the first to be disrupted by the new super strain as workers fall ill and productivity drops. The effect of Omicorn has already seen […] Read More

Rare hailstorm pummels Egypt as Jews are reading the Torah portion regarding the plague of hail in Exodus

The hail was very heavy—fire flashing in the midst of the hail—such as had not fallen on the land of Egypt since it had become a nation. Exodus 9:24 (The Israel BibleTM) On the first day of the New Year, the Egyptian Red Sea resort in Hurghada was hit by a hailstorm that left destruction in its […] Read More

Health chiefs detect UK’s first HUMAN case of deadly bird flu strain in South West England amid fears thousands more animals will have to be culled as ‘biggest ever’ outbreak sweeps country

The first human case of a deadly strain of bird flu in the UK has been detected in a person living in the South West of England as the country faces its largest ever outbreak in animals, health officials have said.    Britain’s ‘patient zero’ caught the H5N1 virus after ‘very close and regular’ contact with a […] Read More

Little Ice Age: Coast Guard begins ice-breaking operations in the western Great Lakes while frozen ship delivers cars encased in ice to Russia

We are in winter, I know. But the current unprecedented frigid weather events are just out of normal! Tahoe has recently set a new December snowfall record with nearly 18 feet of powder – the most in 142 years! Hundreds are currently stranded on I-95 in Virginia for more than 15 hours, and they’re running out of […] Read More

Photographer Takes Once-In-Lifetime Shot Of The Moon Dressed As Saturn

A photographer in Guatemala received a great chance to capture an incredible photograph of the moon disguised as Saturn. This majestic photograph was shot from the perspective of the Acatenango volcano base camp. Thanks to the photographer Francisco Sojuel’s six hour long hike we are able to witness a once in a life-time scenery by […] Read More

A Serpent like Dragon Mexican folk-art sculptures on display around Rockefeller Center

And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.Revelation 12:9 Rockefeller Center last week kicked off a nearly two-week celebration of Mexican culture and Día de Los Muertos, or Day […] Read More


HERE SOME APOCALYPTIC VIDEOS AND PICTURES OF THE EIGHTEEN TORNADOES THAT KILLED AT LEAST 70 IN KENTUCKY’S DEADLIEST STORM IN 130 YEARS AS TWISTERS LEVELED ENTIRE TOWNS! Not really the kinds of records you want to see broken. The Mayfield, KY tornado has lofted debris over 30,000 feet into the air. That's among the most […] Read More

Storm Barra: Extremely dangerous DOUBLE BOMB CYCLONE explodes over Ireland and UK triggering widespread power outages, giant waves and 80mph winds

What started as a small disturbance in the Atlantic Ocean has explosively developed as a ‘weather bomb’ into Storm Barra, bringing strong winds, heavy rain and snow to Northern Ireland, with a yellow weather warning in place until 09:00 GMT on Wednesday. A stormy afternoon to come Strong winds 💨Heavy rain 🌧️Snow in the north […] Read More

Violent eruption of Mount Semeru in Indonesia! Locals flee 40,000ft cloud of ash that plunged parts of the island of Java into darkness

Indonesia – Mount Semeru volcano erupts as locals filmed fleeing 40,000ft cloud of ashPlumes of volcanic ash and smoke plunged parts of the island of Java into darkness on Saturday afternoon. A volcanic eruption in Indonesia has sent smoke and ash flying 40,000ft in the air and has triggered panic on the island of Java. […] Read More

Most aggressive windstorm in living memory slams Turkey killing 6 and injuring dozens in Istanbul – Apocalyptic videos and pictures

At least six people were killed and 52 were injured after extreme wind storms swept through Turkey on Monday and continued to wreak havoc on parts of the country on Tuesday. Four of the fatalities were in Turkey’s commercial hub of Istanbul, home to 16 million people, and three of the injured are in serious […] Read More

A warning for the California coast? MONSTROUS deep-sea Angler Fish found near San Diego could be SIGN of NEXT BIG ONE!

Is this a new warning for the California coast? A rare Pacific footballfish, a deep-sea anglerfish usually found at ocean depths of more than 2,000 feet, was found on beach in San Diego, California. Jay Beiler, who captured these images encountered the fish on Torrey Pines State Beach. “At first I thought it was a — […] Read More

What Do They Know? Insiders Are Dumping Stocks At A Pace Never Seen Before In All Of U.S. History

Why are CEOs and corporate insiders selling their stocks at a far faster rate than we have ever seen before?  Do they know something that the rest of us do not?  If stock prices are going to continue soaring into the stratosphere like many in the mainstream media are suggesting, these insiders that are dumping […] Read More

5G TESTS: Flock of 200 starlings drops DEAD from the sky in Galician city after plasma discharge

A flock of about 150 starlings died around 9am this Friday, November 26. The flock of birds was reportedly in mid-flight, then suddenly all crashed onto Calle Alcalde Quintanilla Martinez street, in the Caranza neighborhood, of the A Coruña municipality of Ferrol. This incredible incident saw the birds drop on top of vehicles in the […] Read More

Massive fire on Pilot Mountain, NC doubles in size since Monday with 1,050 acres burnt in 3 days – Windy and dry weather forecast

It’s day four of battle with a monster wildfire on Pilot Mountain, and the dry weather isn’t making the fight any easier for firefighters. Fire officials say the Grindstone Fire on Pilot Mountain has doubled in size since Monday. It’s now spread across just over 1,050 acres. Firefighters have the fire 20% contained. Dry and […] Read More

Storm Arwen: 3 dead, 100mph winds and widespread power outages trigger chaos in UK

Three people have died after being hit by falling trees as Storm Arwen brought winds of almost 100mph to parts of the UK overnight. A headteacher in Northern Ireland died after a tree fell on his car, another man was hit by a falling tree in Cumbria, and a third died after his car was […] Read More

Declining oxygen levels in lakes and oceans kill off marine life and soon the source of income of the 3 billion people who depend on fisheries for living

In a year that has seen the disastrous effects of climate change unfold with frightening speed — from drought and famine to heat domes, wildfires and deadly flash flooding — another potential catastrophe has come into view: depleted oxygen levels in the world’s oceans and lakes that threaten marine life. Last summer, more than 100 miles […] Read More

A carbon dioxide leak at the Ascó nuclear power plant (Tarragona) causes one death and three injuries

A worker at the Ascó nuclear power plant ( Tarragona) died and three other employees were injured this Wednesday by a carbon dioxide (Co2) leak that occurred at the facilities. The accident occurred when workers were performing maintenance on the fire system. Among the three injured by gas inhalation, one of them has a serious prognosis, […] Read More

Extreme Drought as Iconic Great Salt Lake in Utah is completely drying out leaving livelihoods of millions of people and animals in suspense

The Salt Lake Tribune newspaper on Monday began using a new map of Utah that features a fresh depiction of the Great Salt Lake in response to the drastic shrinking the iconic body of water has undergone over the last 30 years. The change to the map came with the assistance of graphics artists at […] Read More

Powerful thunderstorms bury Saudi Arabia desert in thick layer of hail (pictures and videos)

On November 21, a powerful hail storm swept through the northern parts of Saudi Arabia, burying cities built in the desert in a thick layer of ice. According to meteorologists, the air temperature dropped to +7°C within minutes. In the vicinity of the city of Qurayat, located in the province of Al-Jawf, 30 km from […] Read More

If The Chaos In Our Streets Is This Bad Now, How Bad Will It Get In 2022 And Beyond?

TheMostImportantNews – If crime and violence are wildly out of control when things are still relatively good, how nightmarish will things become when conditions get really bad in this country?  Just think about it.  Right now, anyone that wants a job can get one.  Millions of Americans have either died of have become seriously incapacitated […] Read More

Lunar eclipse moon gets DISTORTED in apocalyptic shapes just before plunging into the ocean – And other amazing eclipse pictures

A partial lunar eclipse occurred on 19 November 2021. This was the longest partial lunar eclipse since 1440, and the longest until 2669. The fullest extent of lunar eclipse was visible over North and South America after midnight on Friday, with the event beginning in the latest hours of Thursday night over parts of Alaska […] Read More

‘Post-Apocalyptic’ food crisis is here… But how farmers around the world are battling this worst-case scenario

For Australian cattle farmer Jody Brown, the most chilling evidence of drought is the silence. Trees stand still, the warbling of birds gone. Lizards and emus have long departed, while kangaroo mothers, unable to sustain offspring, kick baby joeys from their pouches, leaving them to perish in the devastating heat. “You just feel like you’re […] Read More

All Of A Sudden, Things Are Starting To Get Really Weird As We Approach The End Of 2021

I hope that you are sitting down, because I am going to share some things with you in this article that are deeply alarming.  I am going to try to cover everything as quickly as I can, but I want to warn you in advance that this is not going to be a short piece.  […] Read More

The public is being warned! Will they try smallpox next? Vials labeled ‘Smallpox’ found at vaccine research facility in Pennsylvania

Several vials labeled “smallpox” have been found at a vaccine research facility in Pennsylvania, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Tuesday. “There is no indication that anyone has been exposed to the small number of frozen vials,” the CDC said in a statement emailed to CNN. “The frozen vials labeled ‘Smallpox’ were […] Read More

Giant hailstones as big as cricket balls crash onto Lydenburg, South Africa while streets of Puebla Mexico covered by thick layer of hail

Look at the size and quantity of those hail bombs that hit Lydenburg, South Africa and covered the streets of Puebla, Mexico, yesterday! The South African Weather Service (SAWS) issued a warning for severe thunderstorms with strong, damaging winds and hail in places along the escarpment and Lowveld areas of Mpumalanga and Limpopo regarding this […] Read More

Flooding nightmare as extreme Category 5 atmospheric river storm brings record-breaking rain and winds to the Pacific Northwest – Several hundred people evacuated – Power outages – Giant landslides

While more than 90% of the West is currently in some sort of drought, the one area that doesn’t need more rain is getting all of it. The region known for gray skies and rainfall is getting more than its fair share this month. The Pacific Northwest has gotten more rain in the last two […] Read More

Multiple BIRD FLU outbreaks across Europe, Russia and Asia force culling of 1 million birds

Several outbreaks of severe bird flu in Europe and Asia have been reported in recent days to the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), in a sign the virus is spreading quickly again. The spread of highly pathogenic avian influenza, commonly called bird flu, has put the poultry industry on alert after previous outbreaks led […] Read More

Back-to-Back earthquakes measuring 6.4 and 6.3 strike Iran

At least one person has died after two moderate earthquakes struck the southern Iranian province of Hormozgan.   Iran’s Seismological Centre said the quakes struck Qeshm island in the Strait of Hormuz this afternoon. The epicentre of the quakes was 36 miles south-west of Bandar Abbas port, and about 640 miles south of the capital Tehran.   […] Read More

Anomalous November storm triggers unprecedented mini-swarm of tornadoes damage parts of Long Island and Connecticut – Thousands without power

Multiple tornadoes struck several Northeast states on Saturday in an unprecedented November outbreak, snapping trees and leaving behind pockets of structural damage to homes and businesses. The mini-swarm of tornadoes occurred as an intense, tightly wound impulse swept across the region, drawing energy from near record-warm Atlantic Ocean waters. A strong cold front accompanying the […] Read More

Scorpion invasion in Egypt after extreme hail and thunderstorms – Over 500 people treated

More than 500 people got bitten by scorpions in Egypt’s southern province of Aswan. Officials report that strong hail storms and heavy rain forced scorpions out of their burrows and into the streets and people’s houses. “503 residents in Aswan got antidotes for scorpion bites … there were no deaths from the bites,” Khaled Abdel […] Read More

China threatens Australia with ‘heavy attack’ over Taiwan defense…Warns allied forces ‘better be prepared to sacrifice”

China has issued a chilling warning to Australians declaring a ‘heavy attack’ would quickly follow if our forces came to the defence of Taiwan. In explosive comments published in Chinese tabloid The Global Times on Saturday, editor-in-chief Hu Xijin was blunt in his analysis of Australia’s promise to come to Taiwan’s aid should US allied forces get involved in […] Read More

Huge tsunami-like tidal waves destroy homes, displace thousands and unearth bodies out of their graves in Ghana

Thousands of people in Ghana’s Volta Region were left homeless after huge tidal waves swept through their homes. Most of the victims mainly children and women in the Keta municipality had their homes destroyed by the storm surge. They have since Sunday been left stranded as the tsunami-like phenomenon destroyed schools and churches. “In Keta […] Read More

Apocalyptic Lightning as more than 1.3 million bolts strike Australia overnight – Vicious thunderstorms bring record rainfall and flooding

More than one million lightning strikes erupted across Australia in the past 24 hours as thunderstorms swept across the country. Weatherzone’s Total Lightning Network detected 1.37 million lightning pulses across central and eastern Australia during the 24 hours ending at 8am on Thursday. These consisted of both cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning strikes. Australia lightning apocalypse […] Read More

Surgeons remove what is being called a “human tail” from newborn in Brazil

A Brazilian baby boy was born with a real human tail that was successfully removed without complications at Albert Sabin Children’s Hospital in the city of Fortaleza, according to the Journal of Pediatric Surgery Case Reports. The case report described his mother as previously healthy who did not drink alcohol or use illicit drugs, but smoked 10 cigarettes […] Read More

Snowmageddon and extreme cold wave bury parts of China in meters of snow

Snowstorms have wreaked havoc in northeast China in recent days, with record snowfall in some parts snarling traffic, disrupting train services and raising concerns about power supply as temperatures plunged. Traffic in Liaoning province has been severely disrupted, with the majority of expressway toll stations shut as of Tuesday. Passenger stations were also closed, except […] Read More

Signs of Jesus’ Second Coming

Jesus is coming again. It’s in the Bible, John 14:2-3, NKJV.  “In My Father’s house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself; that where […] Read More

Rabbis warn Biden that longest blood moon of the century is divine warning from God to not “divide” Jerusalem

Before the great and terrible day of Hashem comes,* I will set portents in the sky and on earth: Blood and fire and pillars of smoke; The sun shall turn into darkness And the moon into blood.Joel 3:3 (The Israel BibleTM) View of a full lunar eclipse combined with a so-called supermoon, called a Blood […] Read More

China issues winter’s first snowstorm orange alert, cold snap sweeps country

BEIJING, Nov 9 (The Remnants) – China’s weather agency issued the winter’s first snowstorm orange alert, the second-highest level, on Sunday while nationwide cold wave alarms fuelled concerns over traffic disruptions and flu outbreaks amid rising COVID-19 cases. The National Meteorological Centre forecast blizzards in northeastern China, with some regions getting 45 millimetres (1.8 inches) […] Read More

Powerful storm produces anomalous high tides in Georgia and South Carolina; 10.45 feet (3.19 meters) in Savannah and 8.51 feet (2.59 meters) in Charleston

Officials say a strong storm off the Southeast coast combined with periodic higher tides caused coastal flooding that approached levels rarely seen outside of hurricanes along the South Carolina and Georgia coasts. Sunday morning’s high tide reached 10.45 feet (3.19 meters) at Fort Pulaski, just east of Savannah, Georgia. 4TH HIGHEST ON RECORDPreliminary reports of […] Read More

Get ready for the big freeze! Intensification of extreme cold weather across the US as ocean circulation slows down!

Slower ocean circulation as the result of climate change could intensify extreme cold weather in the U.S., according to new UArizona research. Throughout Earth’s oceans runs a conveyor belt of water. Its churning is powered by differences in the water’s temperature and saltiness, and weather patterns around the world are regulated by its activity. Now, […] Read More

Lake Fauibine once one of the largest lakes in West Africa has now turned into a desert with sand dunes

This was once one of the largest lakes in West Africa – Lake Fauibine. But since it has completely dried up, communities in northern Mali have had to defend their homes from encroaching sand dunes. And find new ways to scratch a living from the degraded soil. More than 200,000 people have had to abandon […] Read More

The sky is attacking Australia! Crazy hailstorms hit Melbourne!

Melbourne was hit by hail as a thunderstorm struck the capital of Victoria on Monday afternoon. By mid-afternoon, the clear, clear sky turned into dark clouds, heavy rains, and heavy showers of small hail, and parts of the city appeared to be covered with snow. Severe weather warnings have been issued for wind damage across […] Read More

Horrifying! Apocalyptic hailstorm kills 450 ostriches in South Africa while another unprecedented ice deluge dumps 3 feet of hail on town in Bolivia

It seems like every few years, people start speculating that the whole world is ending. These sort of apocalyptic predictions have only become more prevalent lately. But, looking around, it’s hard to deny that an increasing number of signs point toward the end times. Killer hail in South Africa This is horrifying! A devastated farmer […] Read More

Cataclysmic eruptions, bubonic plague and famines! 536 AD: The year the sky went dark

You wake up to a dark, dreary, glum-feeling, Monday-type of morning. For the 547th consecutive day. Just 18 months prior, you were a hard-working farmer gearing up for another bountiful crop season. But then the skies went dark. From early 536 to 537, they stayed dark. Across much of eastern Europe and throughout Asia, spring […] Read More

Millions of locusts swarm Trinidad, infesting homes, plaguing residents and devastating crops

The people of Princes Town have been living in a horror movie for the past two weeks. The Moruga locusts (Coscineuta virens) have swarmed by the millions, munching through fruit trees and ornamental plants, and threatening to destroy acres of crops in surrounding farmlands. Cars driving through the area are often covered by the insects, […] Read More

Global food prices are about to go even higher as the oil and gas crunch continues

The potential for a knock-on effect of rising fuel prices to be felt by other industries is becoming more likely, as oil and gas prices continue to rise to an all-time high, companies are finding it hard to maintain their costs and may have to shift this burden to the consumer any day now.  Petrol […] Read More

Volcanic pumice threatens to shut down nuclear power plants in Japan

Japan’s nuclear regulator says a massive amount of pumice stones drifting in waters in the country’s southwest could affect domestic nuclear power plants. Ishiwatari Akira, a member of the Nuclear Regulation Authority, told a regular meeting on Wednesday that the stones may affect the intake of water used for cooling nuclear reactors. The pumice stones are being washed […] Read More

Two rare fall nor’easters, tornadic thunderstorms, flooding rainfall to target millions across central, eastern US as Halloween looms

A bomb cyclone and an atmospheric river on the West coast; Extreme tornadic thunderstorms across the central US; And two Nor’Easters on the East. The US is experiencing (will experience in the next few days) some pretty nasty weather events from the West the the East to mark the final week of October. Be ready to […] Read More

8 feet of snow! Up to 48 feet waves! A Beast cyclone is about to hit the coast of the northwestern United States and western Canada

Can you imagine that? Weather forecasters are saying a bomb cyclone could bury the western coast of North America in up to 8 feet of snow and trigger waves of 48 feet in the Pacific Ocean! This bombogenesis will also be accompanied by a powerful atmospheric river already known for its heavy rains and dangerous […] Read More

DAYS OF NOAH: In a first, and successful procedure, surgeons have attached a pig kidney to a human

Surgeons in New York have successfully attached a kidney grown in a genetically altered pig to a human patient and found that the organ worked normally, a scientific breakthrough that one day may yield a vast new supply of organs for severely ill patients. Although many questions remain to be answered about the long-term consequences […] Read More

Giant hail hammers Mackay, Australia as wild weather sweeps across Queensland

Giant hailstones have fallen north of Mackay in Queensland, damaging vehicles and structures. The hail storm hit the Bloomsbury and Yalboroo areas on Tuesday afternoon, with locals reporting cricket ball sized stones and larger. Update: giant hailstones in excess of 16 centimetres have been observed in Yalboroo, north of Mackay in Central Queensland.— Bureau of Meteorology, […] Read More

Mount Aso explodes powerfully! Volcanic activity raises Japanese island, exposing sunken Second World War ships

An undersea volcano and related tectonic activity near the Ogasawara island chain in Japan has raised the island of Iwo Jima, exposing a fleet of partially sunken Second World War ships. Aerial footage from the Japanese All-Nippon News Network reported the strange phenomenon on Monday. The black beach on Iwo To, formerly known as Iwo […] Read More