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Wildfires burn across Italy, Spain, Greece and Turkey in heatwave bringing temperatures above 40C

At least five people have been wounded and holidaymakers evacuated after wildfires devastated a pine wood near a beach in Pescara, Italy, as one of the worst heatwaves in decades swept across south-east Europe. A five-year-old girl was taken to hospital but her condition is not believed to be life-threatening, according to reports. About 800 people […] Read More

Devastating Drought destroy US Farmlands

In comparison to last week, a robust Southwestern monsoon circulation delivered drought-easing rainfall, sparking localized flash flooding across large sections of the Four Corners States, as well as the southern Great Basin. However, critically dry conditions persisted across northern California and the Northwest, where, in the driest areas, wildfires dotted the landscape, with containment of […] Read More

There’s no food or water anymore! Over a million animals killed amid China’s flooding emergency – Fears of African swine fever outbreak

As of 26 July, heavy rain and floods in Henan Province, China had affected 12.9 million people in 150 counties (cities, districts) and 1,558 towns. As many as 24,474 houses have been severely damaged or destroyed and more that 1.31 million people have been evacuated to safer areas. A total of 69 people have lost […] Read More

Two Lakes in Argentina turn pink but the outlook not rosy, environmentalists say

BUENOS AIRES, July 30 – Two lakes in a far-flung coastal region of Patagonia, in Argentina, have turned fluorescent pink, as of yet unexplained phenomena that local environmentalists fear could be harmful and caused by industrial contamination. The lakes, located near an industrial park on the outskirts of the Argentine city of Trelew, sprawl across […] Read More

Thousands of People displaced as floods hit Bangladesh Rohingya camps

July 30 (Reuters) – Heavy monsoon rains triggered landslides and flash floods in refugees camps displacing thousands of Rohingya Muslims in southeastern Bangladesh this week, U.N. and other officials said on Friday, with further heavy rainfall expected. At least six Rohingya, including three children, died in landslides and flooding while 15 Bangladeshis were killed and more […] Read More

Villages Evacuated in Turkey due to Massive Wildfire

MANAVGAT, Turkey, July 30 – The death toll from wildfires on Turkey’s southern coast has risen to four and firefighters were battling blazes for a third day on Friday after the evacuation of dozens of villages and some hotels. More than 70 wildfires have broken out this week in provinces on Turkey’s Aegean and Mediterranean […] Read More

Hundreds of Good Samaritan Volunteered in Helping the Victims of the Flood in Germany

Over 350 volunteers affiliated with the international evangelical humanitarian organization Samaritan’s Purse have partnered with a church to bring emotional, spiritual and physical support to the victims of the flooding that killed over 200 people across Europe this month.  Over 177 people died in Germany as a result of the historic natural disaster. In the rural Western […] Read More

8.2 Largest Earthquake since 50 Years strikes Alaska

The monster 8.2 Alaska earthquake that struck in the early hours of Thursday morning was officially the largest quake since 1965 to strike the US and caused a tsunami warning and local evacuations along the southwest Gulf of Alaska coast late Wednesday according to a new report from Anchorage Daily News.  After tsunami waves of less […] Read More

South African crowds looted stores, hospital operations disrupted

JOHANNESBURG, July 14 (Reuters) – Crowds looted shops and offices in South Africa on Wednesday, defying government calls to end a week of violence that has killed more than 70 people and wrecked hundreds of businesses. The unrest, the worst in South Africa for years, also disrupted hospitals struggling to cope with a third wave […] Read More

In pictures: Strawberry Moon rises

On the night of the 24 June, the final supermoon of the year was captured by photographers around the world. At this time, Earth’s natural satellite appears bigger and brighter in the night sky. Each month, the full Moon has a different name. The Strawberry Moon is said to have been so named because it […] Read More

‘Living hell’: deaths reported as Czech Republic tornado devastates villages

South Moravia governor voices shock at level of destruction as footage shows houses destroyed A tornado and hailstones the size of tennis balls has hit the Czech Republic’s south-east, rescuers said, razing houses and causing an as yet unknown number of fatalities. Video footage from the region on social networks showed destroyed buildings and cars, […] Read More

Massive deaths of zombie birds in Kentucky, Indiana, Maryland, Ohio, Virginia, Washington, D.C. and West Virginia concern scientists

On Friday, the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources wrote on Facebook that it had received reports of birds with “eye swelling and crusty discharge, as well as neurological signs.” Now, Kentucky officials are encouraging people to report observations of sick or dead birds that may be experiencing an unidentified illness. Mysterious bird deaths […] Read More

Apocalyptic’ heat wave hits U.S. Southwest again

The most far-reaching heat wave of the summer is now underway across the western states. More than 150 record high temperatures will be challenged through the middle of next week from San Antonio to Sacramento to Seattle. An extreme heat wave that has already shattered temperature records across the U.S. Southwest threatened on Friday to […] Read More

Massive Drought hits California Reservoir Prompting Hydro Plant to Shutdown

Water in a key California reservoir will fall so low this summer that its hydroelectric power plant will be forced to shut down for the first time, officials said Thursday, straining the state’s already-taxed electric grid. An unrelenting drought and record heat, both worsened by the changing climate, have pushed the water supply at Northern California’s Lake Oroville […] Read More

Chemical Explosion erupted in Illinois

A public health official is asking residents within a 3-mile radius of a chemical fire that broke out Monday to wear a mask when outside to avoid respiratory irritation.The fire at the Chemtool Inc. plant in Rockton, Illinois, broke out Monday morning and prompted the city fire department to order a mandatory evacuation for all […] Read More

Over 400,000 without power in Puerto Rico after Massive Fire and Cyberattack

There were at least 400,000 people without power in Puerto Rico on Thursday night as the company that took over the island’s power transmissions has been faced with fire and cyberattack. Luma, the company that took over Puerto Rico’s Electric Power Authority on June 1, has seen more than one million customers this month without […] Read More

Satan’s Horn Appear in America’s Sky

The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and glorious day of the Lord. – Acts 2:20 NIV On Thursday, as the Hebrew month of Tammuz begins, a rare sunrise solar eclipse will take place which in the northeastern United States will appear as “devil […] Read More

Fears grow as “Rome is now Europe’s sinkhole capital”

Rome has been declared the European capital of sinkholes thanks to a network of ancient Roman and medieval tunnels that have caused the city’s streets to be consumed by giant chasms. There are fears growing in Rome about the speed that the underground tunnels and quarries are causing collapses, as there are average of 100 sinkholes […] Read More

UN World Food Program Warns Of “Famines Of Biblical Proportions In 2021” As Some Americans Wait 12 Hours For Food

The UN World Food Program was the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2020, and the head of that agency is warning of the potential for absolutely devastating famines around the globe in 2021.  The COVID-19 lockdowns that were instituted all over the world this year created tremendous hardship in many wealthy countries, but […] Read More

Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya face devastating drought as the next rainy season in East Africa is forecast to fail, jeopardizing food security for millions of people

Every five or so years, it rips me apart to watch the same tragedy: a La Niña weather cycle brings devastating drought and hunger to East Africa, threatening the lives and livelihoods of millions of people in Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya. Using climate models and Earth observations, we can now predict these droughts. And once […] Read More

Police charges firefighters on video: Something is going really bad in our society!

Beginning of this year, French firefighters were protesting for better working conditions and a rise in risk pay. They also protested for a better job recognition and of the risks they are confronted with everyday. Finally they were blocking roads in response to an increasing number of human attacks and sabotages against them. Not sure […] Read More


And the light of the moon shall become like the light of the sun, and the light of the sun shall become sevenfold, like the light of the seven days, when Hashem binds up His people’s wounds and heals the injuries it has suffered.Isaiah 30:26 Israel365News – As children dress up and wander the streets […] Read More

A dangerous African lake with explosive power is about to erupt in the seismic active East African Rift Valley

In central Africa is a deep lake that has a dangerous propensity to explode – but tapping it as a source of energy could help avert disaster. Lake Kivu is one of Africa’s strangest bodies of water. An unusual set of properties make it an intriguing subject for scientists, as well as a potential source […] Read More

Apocalyptic fires Ravaging across Israel, Syria, Lebanon and Turkey

Forest fires in Syria and neighbouring Lebanon have killed two people and burned swathes of land since Thursday, state media and officials said. Syrian state television on Saturday morning broadcast scenes from the affected areas, where firefighters were working to extinguish the blazes. It said hundreds of hectares had burned in the countryside of Syria’s […] Read More

Decomposing corpses and coffins wash from cemeteries during France-Italy apocalyptic flooding

The task of searching for victims of the French and Italian floods in Alpine villages and on nearby coasts has grown more gruesome as authorities have said corpses from cemeteries have been swept down the mountain by violent rains. A spokeswoman for France’s Alpes-Maritimes regional administration, badly hit by the storm along with the Italian regions […] Read More

Apocalyptic Storm Alex uprooted thousands of tress and washed away in Beautiful beaches along the Côte d’Azur (videos)

Heavy rains have caused flash floods in south-eastern France and north-western Italy, killing at least seven people on both sides of the border. Storm Alex has destroyed dozens of houses and washed away roads in a mountainous border region near Nice. Coastal areas on the French Riviera were devastated, with long stretches of beaches littered […] Read More

Full moon glows Blood Red as it rises into California’s inferno

There was no eclipse on September 30, 2020. But still, as the full moon rose on that day, California’s wildfire-smoke-infused skies caused it to glow a vibrant red over Mount Shasta. And that’s really an eerie sight to see in California… Yes, wildfires in the state have given the moon a blood-red cast. The smoke […] Read More

Superbolide changes night into day over Brazil (video)

A superbolide was recorded flying over the states of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina, Brazil on October 1, 2020. The official video by BRAMON is just spectacular: Trajectory Preliminary analyses show that the very bright fireball began to shine at about 89.5 km over the rural area to the east of Caxias do […] Read More

Ecological disaster with hordes of dead sea creatures, toxic smell, surfer burns and yellow waters plague the Pacific coast of Kamchatka

Excessive amounts of phenol and oil products were detected in sea waters near the Khalaktyrsky Beach, a touristic hotspot in Kamchatka, where hordes of sea creatures have been washing ashore since a few days. Surfers raised alarm about three weeks ago after once pristine waters caused major problems with eyesight, fevers, throat aches and and […] Read More

Massive chunks of ash fall from the sky across Santa Rosa, California as ‘wildfire’ attacks the area

Massive ash fell yesterday across Santa Rosa, California as a result of the ongoing raging wildfire that’s growing and threatening the area! The GlassFire has burned more than 42,000 acres with nearly 70,000 residents being forced to evacuate. Currently 0% contained. The pictures were captured by Morgan Balaei. MASSIVE Ash fell yesterday across Santa Rosa, […] Read More

Californian growers terrified about wildfires destroying their pot plants

Smoking weed is the newest worry for California firefighters as the state’s biggest wildfire races toward the nation’s biggest marijuana-producing region. The wildfire is headed for Post Mountain and Trinity Pines, two small communities northwest of Sacramento that lie in the heart of cannabis country, the Associated Press reported. And many of the locals — up […] Read More

We are plunging now into a deep mini ice age and there is no way out

We are plunging now into a deep mini ice age,” says British astrophysicist Piers Corbyn, “and there is no way out. For the next 20 years it’s going to get colder and colder, on average, says Corbyn who holds a B.Sc. in Physics and an M.Sc. in Astrophysics. The jet stream will be wilder: there will be more […] Read More

Strong Eruption of Sangay Volcano in Ecuador Burying 55,000 Hectares of Banana Plantation

The strong eruption of Ecuador’s Sangay volcano on September 20, 2020, has covered tens of thousands of hectares of banana production under a carpet of ash. And the explosion ejected so much ash that it turned the day into night across the province of Chimborazo in Ecuador. According to exporter association Acorbanec, around 55,000ha of […] Read More

California Wildfire Burning Right now and almost 1000 killed with its Smoke

Five of the six largest wildfires in California state history have been sparked in the past two months — and they’re all still raging. The state’s most aggressive fire, August Complex, has so far scorched nearly 860,000 acres of NorCal’s Tehama County — nearly doubling the now second-largest Mendocino Complex in 2018. Rounding out the all-time top six are […] Read More

Mysterious Giant Crack Opens up in the Mexican desert (video and pictures)

A giant crack measuring more than 2 kilometers long opened in the desertic ground of Jiménez, Mexico. The deep fissure has been discovered on September 15, 2020 by local residents. The 2-km-long crack starts as a small fissure on the side of a remote road (road to Las Adargas, approximately 13 km from the highway). […] Read More

Dozens of Crows Falling Down the Sky in Russia

Residents of Balakovo, Saratov region, witnessed the terrifying moment when dozens of black birds suddenly fell dead on the road over a radius of more than 50 meters. The footage shows dozens of dead crows lying on the roadway and sidewalks. The cause of the death of the birds has not yet been determined. According […] Read More

Breathtaking Monster tidal waves crash on road and sweep away cars in China (Video)

Huge tidal waves crashed onto a road next to the Qiantang River in eastern China, knocking over several vehicles. The video, filmed in the city of Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province on September 20, shows huge waves brought by a tidal bore splashing onto a road next to a river and pushing back numerous vehicles. No […] Read More

After Corona now Brucella outbreak in China: Thousands infected by bacteria after leak in biopharmaceutical plant

Another outbreak in China has sparked a wave of concern among authorities after thousands of people in the northern part of the country tested positive for a bacterial infection. The infection spread among people working in a state-owned biopharmaceutical plant in Lanzhou city, which produces animal vaccines after a leak occurred last year. Here’s what […] Read More

Summer of Great Destruction to US, Left Trail Out of Ruin

It was a summer of violent weather in the U.S., with massive wildfires, searing heat, floods and hurricanes leaving trails of destruction. The disasters have hit in nearly every region of the country. They’re further evidence that the Earth’s climate is changing, bringing hotter temperatures, stronger storms and more widespread devastation.  Here are some of […] Read More

Hundreds of Sea turtles found dead in 6 months on same coast where 137 sea lions died in Mexico

Therefore the land will mourn; And everyone who dwells there will waste away With the beasts of the field And the birds of the air; Even the fish of the sea will be taken away.Hosea 4:3 NKJV Environmental groups say a total of 351 loggerhead sea turtles have been found dead so far this year […] Read More

Big swarms of winged insects invade Siberian city (Videos)

A truly apocalyptic vista has emerged from the Russian city of Krasnoyarsk, after a massive horde of winged insects invaded its streets, forming gargantuan clouds in the air and swarming on the pavements. В Красноярске нашествие мух. Все пиздецы в 2020 году напоминают мне десять казней египетских. Вы все ждали конец света в 2012? Ошиблись […] Read More

Apocalyptic Glowing Hell Like Situation in San Francisco California as Wildfire Continue to Ravage Acres of Land

The skies appeared orange not only in San Francisco but as far north in the state as Eureka. Skies were also reddened across the area near the city of Chico, where the Camp fire tore through in 2018, decimating the town of Paradise. Part of Paradise was under an evacuation warning Wednesday as the fast-moving Bear fire burned […] Read More

Thick clouds of mosquitoes Fueled by Hurricane Laura Killing cattle and horses in Louisiana

Can a swarm of mosquitoes kill you by sucking your blood? The frightening answer to that childhood question is yes, as some farmers in Louisiana are finding out second-hand through their animals. Huge clouds of mosquitoes have been swarming livestock to death in Louisiana this month, after the recent Hurricane Laura super-charged their numbers with its heavy rainfall in […] Read More

Sky turns blood red at noon while apocalyptic fires engulf Oregon (videos)

An outbreak of wildfires has spread across Oregon and thousands have been ordered to evacuate. And the wild-land fires burning in Western Oregon are so apocalyptic that skies are turning blood red and the area is dark from the smoke, in the morning, at noon and during the whole day. Isn’t it totally crazy? Yes, […] Read More

Did Pastor Dana Coverstone See A Glimpse Of What America Will Look Like Post-Election Period?

We just got even more confirmation that we are on the verge of one of the darkest chapters in American history.  The glimpses into our future that Pastor Dana Coverstone was just shown are extremely sobering, and I would very much encourage everyone to share his latest video with as many people as possible.  One of the […] Read More

Directed lightning attacks kill 27 cattle in Sri Lanka and 34 in India

At least 27 head of cattle had died when lightning hit a livestock farm in Mawadiodai in Vakarai, Sri Lanka, during the early hours of yesterday. The owner of the farm said heavy rain and lightning was experienced in the area from midnight. He said he had several milch cows among the cattle that died […] Read More

Apocalyptic flooding affects over 6.8 million people in China’s Hunan Province and damages 628,000 hectares of farmland

A total of 6.86 million people were affected by rain-triggered floods this year in central China’s Hunan Province, local authorities said on Friday. Downpours in the province have led to the deaths of 24 people, according to the provincial flood control and drought relief headquarters. Roughly 21,300 houses collapsed or were severely damaged, and about 628,000 […] Read More

California’s wildfires are creating giant lightning-filled volcanic eruption clouds in California

California is burning like hell right now. And the fires are more visually menacing than usual, thanks to the rare pyrocumulus clouds the flames are creating. The fires are burning so hot that they’re making their own pyrocumulus cloud systems, each up to five miles high. These clouds are also making firefighting efforts more difficult.  And more frightening, these […] Read More

New simulation videos show what would happen to Washington’s coast if a Cascadia tsunami hits

It has been 320 years since the last major earthquake hit the Cascadia subduction zone. The Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) wants to help communities along Washington’s coast prepare for the next one. On Jan. 26, 1700, an earthquake with an estimated magnitude of 9.0 struck the fault, causing the coastline to drop several […] Read More

Major eruption of Fuego volcano sends plume of ash 4,700 meters (15,400 feet) in the air in Guatemala

The Fuego volcano in Guatemala has undergone a major explosion on September 1, 2020, sending a cloud of ash up to 4,700 meters into the sky, after volcanologists have observed an increase in its activity in recent days. Volcan de Fuego, Spanish for “Volcano of Fire,” is an active volcano in Guatemala, Central America. The […] Read More


Twin tropical systems began hitting the northern Coast of Mexico on Monday and are expected to continue into mid-week. Hurricane Marco was downgraded to a tropical depression as it made landfall near the mouth of the Mississippi River. Though concerns about flooding and heavy rain remain, initial fears of predicted tornadoes have been averted.  Tropical […] Read More

Terrifying moment massive sinkhole swallows 21 cars in China (video)

A gigantic sinkhole opened up next to a road in Yibin, Sichuan on August 19, 2020. A amazing total of 21 cars fell into a giant sinkhole that opened up near a shopping mall. A huge sinkhole opened up next to a road in Yibin, Sichuan, on August 19, 2020, swallowing 21 cars that were […] Read More

Sinabung volcano erupts again just hours after twin M6.8 and M6.9 quakes hit off the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia – M6.6 earthquake the day before in Malaysia

A pair of powerful earthquakes has rocked the Indonesian coast on August 19, 2020. The M6.8 and M6.9 quakes shook the island of Sumatra maybe triggering the latest eruption of Sinabung volcano just hours later. The two quakes struck off Sumatra’s western coast on Wednesday morning, with an estimated depth of 22km (13 miles) and […] Read More

Apocalyptic and Unprecedented Monsoon Floods Across South Asia Kill 630, Affect 17.5 Million People And Destroy At Least 300,000 Hectares Of Crop

I know it’s monsoon season! But 2020 is insane, unprecedent… apocalyptic! Since the onset of monsoon, almost 17.5 million people have been affected, millions displaced and more than 630 killed by major floods in India, Bangladesh and Nepal. Monsoon floods are robbing millions of people of their homes and livelihoods, with mounting risk of more […] Read More

Magnitude 7.8 earthquake strikes off coast of Alaska

An earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 struck off southern Alaska’s coast late Tuesday, shaking the Alaska Peninsula and briefly sparking tsunami concerns before officials said no destructive waves were coming. The earthquake was centered in the Pacific Ocean about 60 miles southeast of Perryville on the sparsely populated Alaska Peninsula, striking around 10:12 p.m. local time […] Read More

Lightning Kills 3 Nomads and Hundreds of Animals in India

Lightning kills hundreds of animals in India. Three nomads were killed with dozens of their after a lightning bolt hit in the village of Gumsar Dhoke in Poonch district of Jammu on July 21, 2020. The same event also killed hundreds of goat and sheep. Officials say the deadly strike hit around 11:30 P.M., killing […] Read More

A List Of 50 Things You Should Get Right Now To Prepare For The Chaotic Events Of The Next 12 Months

People have been asking me to do an article like this for quite some time.  In all the years that I have been writing, I have never seen so many of my readers so alarmed about our immediate future.  Over and over again, I have been getting emails from people asking for advice about how […] Read More

Japan Opens Whale Hunting Season

New images show workers slicing up a slaughtered 34ft long Baird’s Beaked Whale for sale in Wada Port, Chiba. It comes a year after the country resumed whaling. Pictures have emerged of a freshly-caught whale being skinned, gutted and chopped up  in Japan, a year after the country resumed whaling. Fishermen killed the 34ft long Baird’s […] Read More

End Times Birth Pains – What’s Coming Next?

With all the restrictions and societal changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, I found myself longing for the “carefree” days of 2019 when everything was “normal.” Perhaps you’ve felt the same way. Of course, 2019 was far from perfect. It had its own problems and stresses, but only in comparison to 2020 do we […] Read More

Biblical Locust Plague May Jump From Argentina Into Giant Farming Nation Brazil, Threatening Winter Crops – Insects Already in Colombia and Heading North to Guatemala, El Salvador and Belize – Mexico and the U.S. Next?

Weather conditions may be forming to send a cloud of locusts in northern Argentina over the border to Brazil, threatening winter crops. That would add even more pressure on the already collapsing global food network. Weather conditions may be forming to send a cloud of locusts in northern Argentina over the border to Brazil, threatening winter […] Read More

Wave of Sludge Flowing From Arizona’s Bighorn Fire Burn Scar Floods a Dry River in the Desert

A video posted by Pima County Thursday shows the Bighorn Fire affecting the community in a way you might not expect. Debris flows like this one from the Bighorn Fire in Arizona can be deadly. In another amazing video, the ASTER instrument aboard NASA’s Terra satellite captured burn scars from the Bighorn Fire that started […] Read More

‘Once-in-500-year’ storm strikes Northland in New Zealand

Unusual interaction between two low-pressure zones caused intense storms over New Zealand’s Northland on July 17, 2020. The worst affected was Whangarei, where emergency services responded to more than 220 calls. “This is just diabolical for our people. We’ve gone from drought to dealing with a 1 in 500-year event. Unbelievable,” Whangārei Mayor Sheryl Mai said. […] Read More

Major Eruption of Stromboli Volcano in Italy in Videos

A major explosion occurred on July 19, 2020, 03:00:45 a.m., at Stromboli Volcano in Italy. The large explosion was recorded by cameras of the geophysical team of the University of Florence, Italy… And they are just powerful: The Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia reports that the monitoring networks have recorded a major explosion at […] Read More

Mystery as Hundreds of Sea Stars Wash Up Dead in Chile

The Bío Bío region of Chile is facing a large starfish mass die-off. The dead animals are washing up in hundreds along beaches in the commune of Coronel, scaring residents. The Sernapesca is now investigating the causes of the massive death of hundreds of star fish. Experts believe the die-off is due to a storm […] Read More

New Ocean Forms in Africa

In somewhere between five and ten million years, the tectonic plates that form Africa are likely to rip apart so much that it’ll eventually split the continent in two. Within Ethiopia’s Afar region, the Arabian, Nubian, and Somali tectonic plates are slowly pulling away from each other, gradually creating a vast rift — slowly forming a new ocean. “We […] Read More

Signs in the Sky: Two Rare Red Rainbows Appear Over Finland and China

Are these signs of the Endtimes? Is somebody trying to protect us from something terrible ahead? Are these warnings from an impending disaster? Two rare red rainbows suddenly appeared in the sky over China and Finland within 5 days. And that can’t be just a coincidence! It’s likely that you have seen a rainbow in […] Read More

Devastating Hailstorm Destroys Thousands Acres of Crops in Western Minnesota – Millions of Dollars Lost

Much of the weather talk lately has centered around tornadoes in Ottertail County. But a hail storm last weekend did significant building and crop damage from Kandiyohi County to Nicollet County during which acres upon acres were impacted and millions of dollars were lost. Wind speeds reached 50 miles an hour and at times the storm […] Read More

Bang, Bang, Bang! M7.0, M6.0 and M6.1 Earthquakes Hit the Ring of Fire in Papua New Guinea, Chile and India Within 12 Hours

The Ring of Fire is heating up! 3 strong quakes hit within 12 hours this major area in the basin of the Pacific Ocean where many earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur. M7.0 earthquake in Papua New Guinea A magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck just off Papua New Guinea in the southwestern Pacific on Friday. According to […] Read More

Shocking Sargassum Invasion in the Caribbean – As Far as the Eyes Can See!

When it rains, sargassum pours! And it is quite shocking! Every year the same… But every year more intense! Quite shocking! – #SargassumSeaweed, as far as the eyes can see, in the NE waters of #Antigua. I understand that there are similar scenes across other #EC Islands. When it rains, it pours – #COVID, #LIAT […] Read More

Alaska Airlines flight makes an emergency landing in Seattle after passenger threatens to ‘kill everybody on this plane unless you accept Jesus was a black man’

Video shows the man moving through the cabin of Flight 422 bound for Chicago O’ Hare yelling that he is going to ‘kill everybody’ and to just ‘accept it’He yells that he’ll ‘kill everybody on this plane unless you accept Jesus was a black man’Multiple times in the video from Saturday he shouts ‘die in […] Read More

China Faces ‘DISASTER’ Between Now and September With a Giant Plague of Locusts Already Invading the South

Chinese officials have warned that parts of the country could be ravaged by a locust plague between now and September after armies of the insects already ‘invaded’ the country. Swarms of yellow-spined bamboo locusts have destroyed about 26 square miles of fields in Pu’er after raiding the city from China’s border with Laos, the local government […] Read More

In Huntington Beach, a revival with church at the ocean’s edge

There’s a revival taking place on the sand at Huntington Beach. On Friday, at least 200 evangelical Christian faithful gathered near lifeguard tower 20 to hear the word and be motivated to spread it. They sang and raised their hands skyward in praise. Several walked into the cool waves of the Pacific to be baptized […] Read More

Vicious Storm Triggers Sea Foam Apocalypse in Cape Town and Rare Snow Across South Africa

South Africa has been powdered with snow and lashed by gale force winds over the weekend… And now Cape Town’s streets are clogged with vast plumes of sea foam. Apocalyptic videos! Amid storm surges and ocean swells, Capetonians were confronted by the vast carpet of sea foam that was washed ashore on Monday morning, as […] Read More

Record Temperatures, Long Lines And Increasing Scarcity Will Greatly Test The Patience Of Americans This Summer

This is going to be a long, hot summer that none of us is likely to forget any time soon.  Coming into this year, we knew that societal tensions would be running high because 2020 is an election year.  Many are convinced that this is the most important election in modern American history, and I […] Read More

Giant ‘Templar’ Crop Circle Appears Overnight in France

A giant crop circle that apparently appeared out of nowhere has drawn crowds of people to a farmer’s field in Northern France. The giant Templar sign actually appeared on July 5 in a field in Vimy, near Lens, and has created great excitement around the area- attracting thousands of people to come to visit it. […] Read More


Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, a well-known mystic rabbi whose predictions have frequently come true, gave a chilling lesson several weeks ago that is beginning to garner attention on social media. “The Creator of the World, Father in Heaven, Master of the Universe, is calling to Jews all over the world. God is saying to you, ‘Dear […] Read More

Mysterious Iceland Earthquake Swarm Hits Over 13,000 Quakes in 3 Weeks – That’s the Biggest Seismic Unrest in More than 40 Years Showing the Forces That Split the Island in Two

An ongoing earthquake swarm in Iceland has now reached over 13,000 quakes since it began on June 19. This is the biggest swarm to hit the Tjörnes Fracture zone in the north of the country in almost half a century, and experts are unsure what is causing it. The IMO said in its statement: “The […] Read More

Plague of Giant Rats Attacks New York City Diners After Corona Famine

New York City is starting to tentatively emerge from the ravages of the coronavirus pandemic… But a revival in outdoor restaurant dining is facing a new hazard – a plague of rats. Diners are facing a surge in rat activity following a lockdown period where the rodents were cut off from key food sources as […] Read More

Mysterious Red Sky and Strange Glowing Lights Over Villahermosa, Mexico – Signs of the Endtimes

Officials say these strange lights are red sprites! I doubt it! Sprites are very short luminous sky events. As such it is almost impossible that thousands of people were able to report them over Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico on July 11, 2020. So what were they? On Friday night, a strange phenomenon in the night sky […] Read More

Who were the Nephilim in the Bible? Were they fallen angels?

 The Bible mentions what many believe is a race of giants in the Book of Genesis that many say were a race of fallen angels that were hybrids of half-human and half-angles. Express, recently did a piece on this in where they talked about before the Great Deluge or “Flood of Noah”, the Book of Genesis […] Read More

‘Alien-Like’ Creature Resembling E.T. Discovered in Ancient Area of Pacific Seafloor

A marine creature that resembles the alien E.T. has been found growing in a prehistoric area of eastern Pacific seafloor rock. The “E.T. sponge” has been classified as a new species and genus by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The creature was found in “an extraordinary seascape” 7,875 feet down, where strange looking creatures […] Read More

Deadly Mysterious Pneumonia, Black Death Bubonic Plague, Dengue Fever, Corona Mutant: We Are Being Attacked by Deadly Viruses and We Just Don’t See the End

There is this new mysterious pneumonia more deadly than the coronavirus sweeping across Asia, the bubonic plague in China, Dengue Fever in Florida Keys, a new Corona mutation across the world and a weird new disease killing hundreds of elephants in Africa! That’s freaking scary… and I am sure there will be some other viral surpises […] Read More

A never-before-seen bacteria has killed over 60,000 fish in California

VICTORVILLE — As coronavirus infections and deaths continue to rise throughout the United States, state officials are fighting a battle against a separate outbreak that has killed up to 60,000 fish at the Mojave River Hatchery. The culprit, a bacteria known as Lactococcus garvieae, has never before been seen in the state until it was […] Read More

Earth’s Atmosphere Rings Like a Bell Confirming Theories Developed by Scientists Over the Last Two Centuries

A ringing bell vibrates simultaneously at a low-pitched fundamental tone and at many higher-pitched overtones, producing a pleasant musical sound. The Earth’s entire atmosphere vibrates in an analogous manner, in a striking confirmation of theories developed by physicists over the last two centuries. In the case of the atmosphere, the “music” comes not as a […] Read More

The Sixth Sense of Animals as an Early Warning System For Earthquakes?

Even today, nobody can reliably predict when and where an earthquake will occur. However, eyewitnesses have repeatedly reported that animals behave unusually before an earthquake. In an international cooperation project, researchers have investigated whether cows, sheep, and dogs can actually detect early signs of earthquakes. To do so, they attached sensors to the animals in […] Read More

Dutch ID Cards To Become Gender Free – Could More Of Europe Follow?

Dutch ID cards will be gender-free within five years, as the Government seeks to end the “unnecessary” registration of gender. And it is a move, the administration in the Netherlands is hoping could gain traction in Europe. In a letter to parliament, Education minister, Ingrid van Engelshoven explains the move aims to remove obstacles that prevent transgender […] Read More

Dr. Maurice Sklar Just Had A Prophetic Experience Confirming Pastor Dana Coverstone’s Dreams

For those that have been waiting for prophetic confirmation of what Pastor Dana Coverstone was shown, we just got it. Dr. Maurice Sklar is a highly decorated classical violinist, and his decades of ministry have earned him great respect throughout the Christian world. I was already going to be featuring several of the incredible prophetic experiences […] Read More

Power, Money, and Corruption in the Vatican Bank

The U.S. Roman Catholic Church used a special and unprecedented exemption from federal rules to amass at least $1.4 billion in taxpayer-backed coronavirus aid, with many millions going to dioceses that have paid huge settlements or sought bankruptcy protection because of clergy sexual abuse cover-ups. From its inception in the early 300’s in Rome, the Roman Catholic […] Read More

Lake Turns Red in Paraguay

A small lake located between Loma Plata and Filadelfia, Paraguay, turned RED, surprisung local residents. According to experts, the color change is due to a natural phenomenon. Judge by yourself: A few weeks ago, the director of Wildlife of the Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development (Mades), Nora Neris, commissioned a technical team to […] Read More

Navy Ends Ban on Sailors, Marines Attending Indoor Religious Services

The US Navy has revised its policy that prohibited active service members from attending in-person religious services.   The change comes just days after First Liberty Institute, a non-profit religious liberty law firm, sent a letter on behalf of active duty officer Daniel Schultz and several other service members affected by the order, asking the Navy […] Read More

Experts Say it Has Never Snowed That Much in The Andes – Despite Amazing 13 Feet of Snow in Just 2 Weeks Ski Stations Remain Closed Due to Corona in Argentina and Chile

The Andes continue accumulating snow, up to 4 meters (more than 13 feet) right now and it continues to fall. The Andes are receiving perhaps record-breaking snowfall just when ski centers are closed due to Covid-19. There are few clues as to whether they will finally be able to open. It has already snowed 13 feet […] Read More

How to Discern Truth from Deception

Every day we make decisions. Depending on the circumstances, some will be minor decisions, while others can impact our entire life. When it comes to life-impacting decisions, it is especially important that we know how to discern truth. When I travel and speak, I most always ask, “Who in this room wants to live your life […] Read More

Rare Heatwave Event To Grip The US This Weekend

A rare heatwave event is shaping up for parts of the southwestern United States, placing many under an excessive heat warning going into this weekend. According to the report, Temperatures are forecast to see a stunning 120 degrees Fahrenheit in some areas, prompting officials to urge people to take precautions as temperatures this high could turn […] Read More

Astronomers Discover 4 Mysterious and Unidentified Circular Objects in Outer Space

There’s something unusual lurking out in the depths of space. Astronomers have discovered four faint objects that at radio wavelengths are highly circular and brighter along their edges. And they’re unlike any class of astronomical object ever seen before. 4 mysterious objects spotted in deep space are unlike anything ever seen: The Australian Square Kilometer […] Read More

Is America Heading For Civil War? Of Course It Is…

In last week’s article I discussed the issue of American “balkanization” and the rapid migration of conservatives and moderates from large population centers and states that are becoming militant in their progressive ideology. In my home state of Montana there has been a surge of people trying to escape the chaos and oppression of leftist […] Read More

Severe Thunderstorms to Slam Over 10 Million in Midwest, Plains to End the Week

After thunderstorms with damaging winds moved through portions of the Plains on Wednesday, meteorologists are monitoring some of the same areas for Thursday and Friday. However, even more real estate will be at risk. As a cold front slowly advances southward in the Plains and Midwest on Thursday, showers and thunderstorms will develop in the zone where […] Read More

Israel’s Oracle’ Delivers Big Message from God: “Messiah is Here!

“Tzion shall be saved in the judgment; Her repentant ones, in the retribution.”  (Isaiah 1:27 (The Israel Bible™) A new message, begging Jews who live in the diaspora to get to Israel, has been released from an unusual source. Daniel, a Jewish man living in Israel, is known by his first name alone. Daniel was […] Read More

BIRTH PANGS: Idaho Hasn’t Stopped Shaking Since March 31st

The state of Idaho has not stopped shaking from seismic activity since the March 31st earthquake that shook up Idaho’s Sawtooth mountain range, northeast of Boise that measured a 6.5 magnitude on the Richter scale. The quake was said to be the second-largest earthquake to strike Idaho, according to the Idaho Statesman. The strongest quake on record for […] Read More

10 Realistic Ways the War of Gog and Magog can Ignite Tomorrow

O mortal, turn your face toward Gog of the land of Magog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal. Prophesy against him  Ezekiel 38:2 (The Israel Bible™) The war of Gog and Magog, is a final battle prophesied in the Book of Ezekiel which consists of a type of ‘End of Days’ World War that […] Read More

Iran says world ‘must respond’ to Israel after blast at nuclear site

Government spokesman calls for ‘limits to these dangerous actions by the Zionist regime’; Mideast official says explosion at Natanz was meant as a ‘wake-up call’ to Tehran Iran on Tuesday called for action against Israel, following a recent blast at the Natanz nuclear facility that has been blamed on the Jewish state. “This method Israel […] Read More