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10 Signs We May Be Near the End of History Published

“Surreal” … doesn’t even begin to describe the scene. It was an evening I will never forget (though parts of it, I’d like to). It was about 8:30 p.m. on a Saturday night, and I and the group with me had spent nearly three hours in the police station. And this was not just any […] Read More

Is Coronavirus a Sign of the End Times? Billy Graham’s Daughter Answers

If you’re honest with yourself, this question has probably crossed your mind — even if you quickly dismissed it: Could this be a sign of the end times? We’re all camped out at home and this all feels a bit scary. So our minds wander. And when we’re worried, wandering minds can be a dangerous thing. […] Read More

Vladimir Putin’s fans & haters will have to wait to see his endgame – a long way to 2024

The new amendments to the Russian Constitution – allowing Vladimir Putin to run for president a fifth time – are seen by some as a strongman’s trick to stay in power. Others point out that Putin’s 2024 bid is yet to be announced. Over the years, Russians have come to know Putin as a leader […] Read More