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Scorpion invasion in Egypt after extreme hail and thunderstorms – Over 500 people treated

More than 500 people got bitten by scorpions in Egypt’s southern province of Aswan. Officials report that strong hail storms and heavy rain forced scorpions out of their burrows and into the streets and people’s houses. “503 residents in Aswan got antidotes for scorpion bites … there were no deaths from the bites,” Khaled Abdel […] Read More

‘Plague’ of Locusts to strike Egypt region

Are we witnessing a repeat of Biblical history? Just as the Biblical plagues passed over the Children of Israel in Egypt under the reign of Pharaoh, authorities are reporting that a huge swarm of locusts headed towards the Middle East will pass over Israel. According to a report from, Locust Watch, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the […] Read More

Apocalyptic flooding engulfs Egypt, Israel and Middle East in March 2020 (Videos)

Storms and floods of biblical proportions have engulfed Egypt, Israel and the Middle East for the second day in a row on Friday. The rare and unusually powerful surface cyclone and frontal system hit the Middle East on Thursday afternoon, delivering torrential rain, destructive winds, and sandstorms and killing at least 21. Thunderstorms packing heavy […] Read More

Egypt Declare State of Emergency as Rare Cyclone is Hammering Middle East

A powerful storm developing over Egypt on Thursday, March 12, 2020, is expected to move northeast posing threats to other Middle Eastern countries, including Jordan, Israel and Saudi Arabia. This is a very rare severe weather system, capable of producing very heavy rain and strong winds. Due to a severe risk of flooding, the Egyptian authorities have declared a […] Read More

Apocalyptic Locust Plague Heading Towards Saudi Arabia and Egypt Repeating Biblical Event

The massive plague of locusts that has left a trail of destruction across Africa has made its way across the Red Sea coast and has set their sights on Egypt and Saudi Arabia.  as the swarm were reportedly spotted close to Eastern Equatoria on the South Sudanese border with Kenya and Ethiopia, suggesting they are heading northbound […] Read More

Strange Sounds Heard in Libya and Egypt Announce Apocalypse, War and Devastation (Videos)

Residents of Egypt and Libya heard mysterious loud noises on Thursday, December 19, 2019. No one seems to know where they’re coming from. There is some kind of mystery around very loud and terrifying noises recently captured off the coasts of Egypt’s Marsa Matrouh and Damietta, as well as a number of Libyan cities including […] Read More