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Bloodbath on Wall Street as Stock Market suffers worst losses in 14 years, Bezos Loses $13 Billion in Hours

US stocks fell Friday, as each of the three major indexes capped off losing months. The tech-heavy Nasdaq closed out its worst-performing month since 2008, shedding more than 3% for the day as investors fled the e-commerce giant after downbeat earnings.  “Some investors may be hoping for May flowers after these April showers, but historical […] Read More

Investors just pulled a massive $17.5 billion out of global equities and they’re just getting started

Are the bears just getting started? That’s a question posed by strategists at Bank of America, who noted Friday that investors pulled $17.5 billion out of global equities over the past week, making for the biggest weekly outflow so far this year. They cautioned that those outflows could well deepen. Since Nov. 2021, Nasdaq peak […] Read More

The U.S. Economy Just Took A Turn In A Very Ugly Direction

That sure didn’t last long.  Over the past two years, the U.S. government borrowed and spent trillions of dollars that we did not have, and the Federal Reserve unwisely pumped trillions of fresh dollars into our financial system.  Of course all of that money was going to be a short-term help for the economy, but […] Read More

Mainstream Economists Are Struggling To Hide The Incoming Economic Collapse

For many years now there has been a contingent of alternative economists working diligently within the liberty movement to combat disinformation being spread by the mainstream media regarding America’s true economic condition.  Our efforts have focused primarily on the continued devaluation of the dollar and the forced dependence on globalism that has outsourced and eliminated […] Read More

For the first time in history, Coin shortage prompts bank to pay you for spare change

 For the first time in history, a local bank is offering to pay willing customers for their spare change. “It has never happened before, it’s something new, and it’s interesting…I really didn`t expect coin shortage to be something we have to deal with,” said Neil Buchanan of Community State Bank. This is happening from a literal coin shortage that […] Read More

DEVELOPING: Internet Takes A Global Hit As Cloudflare DNS Goes Down, Crashing Sites & Services

UPDATE,3:31 PM: The Internet is actually not under siege and you can still watch Netflix over the weekend, it turns out – though it certainly felt like the digital world had collapsed to PONG levels for a while today. There are still some dark spots out there, and some sites proving a little rickety, but one of the […] Read More

California closes indoor restaurants, movie theaters and all bars statewide as coronavirus cases rise

California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Monday ordered all counties in the state to close all bars and the indoor operations of businesses including restaurants, movie theaters and museums, as Covid-19 cases continue to climb.The businesses will be allowed to operate outdoors, if possible, except for bars, he said. In addition to the statewide order, Newsom said […] Read More

Job Losses, Bankruptcies And Store Closings Are All At Apocalyptic Levels As The U.S. Economic Collapse Rolls On

The last four months have been an unending nightmare for the U.S. economy.  Businesses are shutting down at a pace that we have never seen before in American history, the “retail apocalypse” has reached an entirely new level that none of the experts were anticipating prior to this pandemic, and we are in the midst […] Read More

Prophetic Dreams Of Economic Collapse And Great Persecution

You may have noticed that I don’t share prophetic dreams and visions from anonymous sources or from people that are not willing to share their full names publicly.  One of the reasons I do this is because it is imperative that people be able to evaluate the source of the prophetic dreams and visions.  Another […] Read More

Will This Coronavirus Outbreak Cause A New Financial Crisis And A Horrifying Economic Collapse?

The term “black swan event” is increasingly being used to describe this coronavirus outbreak, and many are concerned that what we are headed for will be much worse than what we experienced in 2008 and 2009.  Already, we have witnessed a staggering drop in global demand, Wall Street has had to deal with the wildest week […] Read More