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7.6 earthquake that struck Mexico triggered a “desert tsunami” 1500 miles away in Death Valley National Park

A 7.6-magnitude earthquake 1,500 miles away triggered a “desert tsunami” in Death Valley National Park, rangers said. The earthquake struck Mexico near the Colima-Michoacan border on Monday, Sept. 19, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. Less than a half-hour later, Death Valley started shaking. “Twenty-two minutes later, water started sloshing 1,500 miles away in Devils […] Read More

Series of earthquakes have rattled the Globe over the past 7 days, leaving some to ask if it is a “sign of the end times”

“And there will be great earthquakes in various places, and famines and pestilences; and there will be fearful sights and great signs from heaven” – Luke 21:1 The study of geology just got exciting as tremors were recorded all over the globe for the past week. Beginning with the deadly earthquake in Fukushima last Wednesday, the Azores […] Read More

Taiwan hit by magnitude 6.7 earthquake

TAIPEI, March 23 (Reuters) – Buildings shook in Taipei early on Wednesday morning as two earthquakes in quick succession, the strongest with a magnitude of 6.6, struck southeastern Taiwan, but there were no immediate reports of damage. The deepest had a depth of 30.6 km (19 miles) and the other one was 19.3 km deep. […] Read More

7.3-magnitude earthquake hits off the coast of Fukushima, triggers tsunami advisory

Tokyo: A powerful 7.3-magnitude quake jolted eastern Japan on Wednesday night, rattling the capital Tokyo and prompting a tsunami advisory for parts of the northeast coast. The quake, which cut power to more than two million households, was centred off the coast of the Fukushima region at a depth of 60 kilometres (37 miles), the Japan […] Read More

Huge earthquake could strike Bay Area at any moment, scientists warn

Geologists warn of danger from Hayward Fault under one of most densely populated parts of US. A 3.9 magnitude earthquake shook the North Bay Area in California early on Thursday morning, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS). The quake struck at 3.40am about 12 miles northeast of Healdsburg, in the Geysers area of Sonoma County, approximately 70 miles north of San […] Read More

Back-to-back earthquakes kill 2, injure 50+ and damage hundreds of buildings in Haiti (videos and pictures)

On the morning of January 24, 2022, two earthquakes of M5.4 and M5.6, respectively, hit the department of Nippes, Haiti. According to the General Directorate of Civil Protection (DGPC), two people died while 52 others were injured. The housing and education sectors have been the most affected. In the Sud and Nippes departments, all schools […] Read More


Nowtheendbegins– Following the earthquake on Sunday, Acre Mayor Shimon Lankri said, “The earthquakes are here and even if we ignore them, the statistics prove that they will come as a surprise in the coming years. Testimonies from local residents to the EMSC related that they felt strong shaking during the first quake on Saturday. A […] Read More

Powerful 7.3 earthquake strikes Indonesia sparking tsunami warning

A 7.3-magnitude earthquake struck off Indonesia’s Flores Island on Tuesday, the United States Geological Survey said. The country’s meteorological agency briefly warned that tsunami waves are possible before lifting the threat. The earthquake hit at a depth of 18.5 kilometers under the sea, and was located 112 km north of Maumere town, which has a population of 85,000, […] Read More

Something is going on along the Nankai Trough in Japan! Earthquake swarms are moving along the subduction zone, from Mount Fuji to Kii Channel to Tokara Island

Four days, almost 200 earthquakes and the ground is still shaking. That’s been life lately for residents of the Tokara Islands, a small chain that falls within Kagoshima Prefecture. But officials and experts say the quakes are not necessarily a cause for alarm. The Meteorological Agency said it doesn’t know what exactly is causing the […] Read More

Powerful Magnitude 7.5 earthquake strikes Peru

(The Remnants)A magnitude 7.5 earthquake struck Peru early Sunday morning, according to the United States Geological Study (USGS) and Peru’s National Seismology Center. The earthquake’s epicenter was reported in the Amazonas region but was also felt in the capital of Lima and other neighboring towns. It had a recorded depth of 112 km.No major damage or tsunami […] Read More

Back-to-Back earthquakes measuring 6.4 and 6.3 strike Iran

At least one person has died after two moderate earthquakes struck the southern Iranian province of Hormozgan.   Iran’s Seismological Centre said the quakes struck Qeshm island in the Strait of Hormuz this afternoon. The epicentre of the quakes was 36 miles south-west of Bandar Abbas port, and about 640 miles south of the capital Tehran.   […] Read More

California gets prepared for the Big One! Great California ShakeOut earthquake drill going on right now as new study finds strong jolt would knock out cell service, communications

The next big one, it’s not a matter of if. We all know it’s a matter of when! People in government offices, businesses and schools throughout Southern California will stop everything for a minute Thursday to “drop, cover and hold on” during a statewide earthquake preparedness drill, now in its 13th year. The Great California […] Read More

Bali earthquake kills 3 in Indonesia – People run outdoors in panic – Collapsed homes and deadly landslides

Three people were killed and another seven were injured when a moderately strong earthquake and an aftershock hit Indonesia’s resort island of Bali early Saturday. The quake hit just before dawn, causing people to run outdoors in a panic. It struck just as the island is beginning to reopen to tourism as the pandemic wanes. […] Read More

Magnitude 6.9 earthquake strikes off coast of Alaska

A magnitude 6.9 earthquake struck off the coast of Southwest Alaska early Monday in what the Alaska Earthquake Center called an aftershock of an 8.2 quake in late July. Monday’s earthquake was felt throughout the Alaska Peninsula and Kodiak Island, according to the center. It occurred about 70 miles east of Chignik, a community of about 90 people […] Read More

Devastating Earthquake hits Pakistan kills at least 20, injures hundreds

QUETTA, Pakistan, Oct 7 (The Remnants) – At least 20 people were killed and about 300 injured on Thursday when a 5.7 magnitude earthquake struck southern Pakistan in the early hours as many of the victims were asleep, the Disaster Management Authority said. Rescue workers said most of those killed were women and children. The […] Read More

Another 116 earthquakes hit southern part of La Palma in 48 hours – That’s more that 230 in 4 days! Subsidence detected! Get prepared for the tsunami! Sulfur dioxide cloud reaches Venezuela

The seismic activity continues in the south of La Palma. In the last 24 hours, more than 116 earthquakes have been recorded by IGN. The current swarm has started 4 days ago, when another 115 rattled the same area within 24 hours. Seismic activity 4-5 October 75 earthquakes have been located in the southern part of […] Read More

Earthquake after Earthquake as M6.0 earthquake hits Crete in Greece and Magnitude 5.7 jolted Philippines

ATHENS, Sept 27 (The Remnants) – An earthquake with a magnitude of 5.8 shook Greece’s largest island, Crete, on Monday morning, killing one person and injuring several, authorities said. The tremor sent people fleeing out of homes, schools and public buildings across the island. Damage was reported to many old buildings close to the epicentre, […] Read More

Magnitude 6.0 earthquake strikes near Melbourne

SYDNEY/MELBOURNE, Sept 22 (The Remnants) – A magnitude 6.0 earthquake struck near Melbourne on Wednesday, Geoscience Australia said, one of the country’s biggest quakes on record, causing damage to buildings in the country’s second largest city and sending tremors throughout neighbouring states. The quake’s epicentre was near the rural town of Mansfield in the state […] Read More

Shallow M6.0 earthquake (USGS M5.4) kills 3 in Sichuan Province, China – Dozens injured – 10,000 evacuated – Collapsed buildings – Power cuts – Widespread disaster

Three people were killed and dozens injured when a shallow M6.0 earthquake (M5.4 for USGS) struck southwestern China on Thursday, triggering the second-highest level of emergency response by rescuers in Sichuan province. The quake struck Luxian county before dawn on Thursday around 120 kilometres southwest of the sprawling megacity of Chongqing, which along with its surrounding […] Read More

Mexico Supreme Court ruled criminalizing abortion is unconstitutional, Hours later 7.4 earthquake strikes

Activists supporting the decriminalization of abortion in Mexico march in Guadalajara, Mexico, on September 28, 2019. The Remnants – Mexico’s Supreme Court has unanimously ruled that penalizing abortion is unconstitutional, in a decision expected to set precedent for the legal status of abortion nationwide. “Today is a historic day for the rights of all Mexican […] Read More

‘They are hungry’: Haiti quake survivors fear for children’s future

CAMP-PERRIN, Haiti, Aug 23 (The Remnants) – Many survivors of an earthquake that killed more than 2,200 people in southern Haiti are worried about providing for their children, with more than half a million minors feared to be at risk from the fallout. The Aug. 14 quake hammered infrastructure, destroying or damaging some 130,000 homes, […] Read More

Magnitude 7.1 earthquake strikes off Davao Oriental, Philippines

(The Remnants) A seldom-used airport in Davao Oriental had minor cracks on the runway, but there was no damage to the passenger terminal building. A powerful magnitude 7.1 earthquake struck off the Philippines on Thursday, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) said, as initial warnings about the risk of tsunamis were lifted and with no immediate […] Read More

Magnitude 6.0 earthquake strikes off Tokyo coast sparking panic at Olympics

A sports reporter from Australia was live on TV in Tokyo when the earthquake happened and he just kept going with his report. TOKYO, Japan — The Tokyo Olympics have faced a global pandemic, a typhoon and now an earthquake. A magnitude 6.0 earthquake struck off the coast of Japan early Wednesday morning, with tremors felt by […] Read More

8.2 Largest Earthquake since 50 Years strikes Alaska

The monster 8.2 Alaska earthquake that struck in the early hours of Thursday morning was officially the largest quake since 1965 to strike the US and caused a tsunami warning and local evacuations along the southwest Gulf of Alaska coast late Wednesday according to a new report from Anchorage Daily News.  After tsunami waves of less […] Read More

7.5 Magnitude Earthquake Rock Alaska Triggering Tsunami Warning

JUNEAU, Alaska — Wailing sirens prompted residents to seek higher ground in communities along Alaska’s southern coast after a reported 7.5 magnitude earthquake that shook buildings triggered a tsunami warning Monday. The quake was centered near Sand Point, a city of about 900 people off the Alaska Peninsula, where wave levels hit 2 feet, according to the […] Read More

Woman sees New Madrid Fault Blow in stunning vision leaving country split in half

So many people have been shown the great earthquake that is eventually going to rip North America in half along the New Madrid fault. A few days ago, a wonderful woman named Donna Hazlett sent me a vision that God gave to her last year.  In this vision, she was shown a highway that will […] Read More

A Major Earthquake Along the San Andreas Fault Looms Along its Southern Segment in Coachella Valley and Scientists try to Put Together Different Pieces of the Puzzle

A major earthquake along the San Andreas Fault looms, as portended by the 2019 Ridgecrest quakes in the Southern California desert. Now, seismologists are rushing to parse together different pieces of the puzzle that is the next big rupture in the San Andreas Fault. The San Andreas Fault runs more than 800 miles (1,200 kilometers) north to […] Read More

Magnitude 7.8 earthquake strikes off coast of Alaska

An earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 struck off southern Alaska’s coast late Tuesday, shaking the Alaska Peninsula and briefly sparking tsunami concerns before officials said no destructive waves were coming. The earthquake was centered in the Pacific Ocean about 60 miles southeast of Perryville on the sparsely populated Alaska Peninsula, striking around 10:12 p.m. local time […] Read More

Powerful Seismic Swarm near Juneau, Alaska is Glacier related

What is causing seismicity near Juneau in Southeast Alaska? The swarm of earthquakes near Mt. Ogden and Wright Glacier, about 40 miles east of Juneau, picked up starting on July 10, 2020… And are probably related to glaciers. Juneau residents may have felt some of these quakes. And they are probably wondering, why the hell is their […] Read More

Bang, Bang, Bang! M7.0, M6.0 and M6.1 Earthquakes Hit the Ring of Fire in Papua New Guinea, Chile and India Within 12 Hours

The Ring of Fire is heating up! 3 strong quakes hit within 12 hours this major area in the basin of the Pacific Ocean where many earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur. M7.0 earthquake in Papua New Guinea A magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck just off Papua New Guinea in the southwestern Pacific on Friday. According to […] Read More

Are You Ready? The Ridgecrest Earthquakes That Struck Southern California Last July Have Increased the Risk of a ‘Big One’ Along the San Andreas Fault

This time last year, a series of powerful earthquakes struck Southern California, culminating in a magnitude 7.1 temblor and a set of aftershocks. And according to a new study, those tremors may have inched the state closer to a much larger, deadlier catastrophe: A Big One along the San Andreas Fault. Buildings caught fire. Gas lines ruptured, and […] Read More

Chance of San Andreas Mega-Quake Has Been Increased By Ridgecrest Quakes

A new study suggests that last year’s Ridgecrest earthquakes increased the chance of a large earthquake on California’s San Andreas fault. The study, published in the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America on Monday, says there is now a 2.3% chance of an earthquake of magnitude 7.5 or greater in the next 12 months […] Read More

Mysterious Iceland Earthquake Swarm Hits Over 13,000 Quakes in 3 Weeks – That’s the Biggest Seismic Unrest in More than 40 Years Showing the Forces That Split the Island in Two

An ongoing earthquake swarm in Iceland has now reached over 13,000 quakes since it began on June 19. This is the biggest swarm to hit the Tjörnes Fracture zone in the north of the country in almost half a century, and experts are unsure what is causing it. The IMO said in its statement: “The […] Read More

The Sixth Sense of Animals as an Early Warning System For Earthquakes?

Even today, nobody can reliably predict when and where an earthquake will occur. However, eyewitnesses have repeatedly reported that animals behave unusually before an earthquake. In an international cooperation project, researchers have investigated whether cows, sheep, and dogs can actually detect early signs of earthquakes. To do so, they attached sensors to the animals in […] Read More

M4.6 Earthquake Hits South Flank of Kīlauea Volcano – Widely Felt on Big Island and Some Reports from Maui, Lānaʻi, Oʻahu and Kauaʻi

At 11:20pm on Thursday, July 2nd (2020-07-03 09:20:01 UTC), a M4.6 earthquake shook the south flank of Kīlauea at a depth of about 4.2 miles. The estimated epicenter is within Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park beneath Pulama Pali, initially placed near the hairpin turn in the Chain of Craters Road. Felt reports have now come in […] Read More

A Strange Swarm of More Than 22,000 Earthquakes Has Rattled South California for the Last Four Years and Scientists Finally Know Why

Early in 2016, without any fanfare, a swarm of earthquakes silently revved up in Southern California. 4 years after, scientists recorded more than 22,000… And now they seem to have discovered what’s behind the strange seismic event. The quakes didn’t occur every day, and most were too small for humans to feel, but month after […] Read More

Strong Magnitude 5.5 Earthquake Strikes Ridgecrest, CA – Felt Across Southern California

A magnitude 5.5 earthquake has struck near Ridgecrest, California and was felt across Southern California, according to KTLA 5. The quake struck about 6:32 p.m. about 14 miles east of Ridgecrest. This region has experienced thousands of earthquakes since two large quakes struck the region on July 4th of last year. Latest Video The quake reportedly had […] Read More

Strong Magnitude 5.7 Earthquake Strikes Off Coast Of Indonesia’s Bali Island

Latest Video A strong magnitude of 6.0 earthquake that was later downgraded by the USGS to a magnitude 5.7 has struck off the coast of Indonesia’s Bali Island in the central part of Indonesia on Wednesday night. According to the report, there was no tsunami warning issued or reports of injuries or damage. Follow us on: Facebook. You […] Read More

Powerful 6.8 magnitude earthquake rocks northern Chile

Northern Chile has reportedly been shaken by a magnitude 6.8 earthquake according to the Santiago Times. The earthquake struck early on Wednesday morning, 62 km South-southwest of San Pedro de Atacama, Chile at a depth of 145 km (90 miles). Latest Video At this time there are no immediate reports of casualties or damage from the quake. […] Read More

M6.5 Earthquake Hits Nevada on May 15, 2020 – Numerous Strong Aftershocks Felt in the Area

A preliminary magnitude 6.5 earthquake was recorded in southern Nevada on Friday morning, May 15, 2020. The main earthquake and its powerful series of aftershock were reported by over 14,500 people on the USGS website. The quake had a first reported magnitude of 6.4, than M5.8 and finally has been upgraded to M6.5. Latest Video […] Read More

Rare Earthquake Swarm Rocks Lō’ihi Seamount South of Kilauea Volcano Off Hawaii’s Big Island

Beginning about 3:00 a.m. HST on May 11, 2020 and continuing through the morning of May 12, HVO detected more than 100 earthquakes beneath Lōʻihi, including 79 magnitude-2 (M2) and 19 magnitude-3 (M3) and above. Does it indicate that a submarine eruption has occurred or is brewing and are there significant hazards of concern to […] Read More

Popular Beach Liquefies and Disappears During M6.5 Idaho Earthquake

With the melting of winter snowpack and ice at lakes in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area, several observers noted something was different at the Stanley Lake inlet. Initial reports noted that this former boat launch, beach, and popular fishing area was flooded with deep water and had seemingly disappeared. Yep, according to new investigations, geologists […] Read More

DEVELOPING: Second earthquake in less than 24 hours rattles North Carolina

Two earthquakes have rattled Western North Carolina in the past 24 hours, according to the Charlotte Observer.  Three quakes have rattled the same region in the past week. The recent earthquake struck about a mile from Valley Hill at approximately 10:11 p.m. on Monday, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. Valley Hill is located roughly 2 […] Read More

Warning of Giant Tsunami to Hit Japan… And Fukushima Will Be Submerged Again

The Japanese government says a tsunami of up to 30 meters (100 feet) could hit the country’s northeast in the case of a massive earthquake. A government report predicts that if a magnitude 9 level earthquake occurs in the Kuril or Japan trenches off the coast of Hokkaido to the Tohoku region, it could be […] Read More

‘The floor was moving’: 6.5 earthquake strikes in Idaho, largest in the state since 1983

McCALL, Idaho — A 6.5 magnitude earthquake struck near Boise, Idaho, on Tuesday night, jolting people across four states. No injuries or damage were immediately reported. The temblor was centered 73 miles northeast of Meridian, a city on the outskirts of Boise, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. It’s the most powerful earthquake to strike the Gem […] Read More

New Active Earthquake Faults Discovered Near Mount Hood Could Trigger M7.2 Quake And Devastate Everything As Far As Portland, Oregon

Mount Hood is a potentially active stratovolcano in the Cascade Volcanic Arc of northern Oregon. Researchers have newly discovered active fault lines on Mount Hood that could potentially trigger a 7.2 magnitude earthquake, devastating communities and infrastructure as far west as Portland. As shown in the maps and video below, the newly discovered fault networks […] Read More

Huge 7.5 Earthquake strikes Off Coast of Russia – Tsunami watch issued for Hawaii

A Huge magnitude 7.8 earthquake has reportedly struck off the coast of Russia. A tsunami watch has been issued for Hawaii and other locations. The quake was felt across the region on Tsunami Watch issued for Hawaii after a 7.8M earthquake near the Kuril Islands, east of Russia.— Ricky Matthews (@wxrjm) March 25, 2020 Wednesday afternoon local time, with a […] Read More

Magnitude 4.8 earthquake strikes the coast of Northern California

A magnitude 4.8 earthquake reportedly struck off the coast of Northern California on Sunday morning in the Pacific Ocean off Humboldt County rattling the Northern California coastline, according to the USGS. Many residents from as far away as Chico and Crescent City reported feeling the earthquake with most reports coming from Eureka and Arcata. There were no reports of […] Read More

Disaster amid pandemic: Croatia deploys army to clean debris, advocates ‘distancing’ after strongest quake in 140yrs

Croatia sent troops to clear rubble in Zagreb after the capital was struck by a series of powerful tremors. The authorities told people to observe social distancing due to the pandemic after initially calling on others to help. Army personnel began working to remove rubble from the city streets hours after Zagreb was rocked by […] Read More

Magnitude 5.7 earthquake strikes Utah, Largest quake in 28 Years

A 5.7 magnitude earthquake shook the Salt Lake City area Wednesday morning, cutting power to tens of thousands and suspending work at Utah’s public health lab amid the coronavirus pandemic, officials said. Flights to Salt Lake International Airport were diverted, departures were postponed and terminals and concourses were evacuated so engineers could inspect the facilities, […] Read More

Magnitude 3.1 quake rattles Glens Falls in upstate New York

A rare M3.1 earthquake hit right next to South Glens Falls and rattled residents across central New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Long Island, NY on March 11, 2020. The shallow quake (8.2 miles depth) occurred at 6:43 a.m. and lasted four to five seconds. Woken up by shaking and loud booms […] Read More

Dangerous Inland Earthquake Destroys Homes and Schools near Jakarta, Indonesia

A shallow M5.0 hit 12km WSW of Cicurug, West Java, Indonesia on March 10, 2020. The inland quake destroyed homes and other infrastructures around 78km (48 miles) south of Jakarta. The following pictures and videos just reminds you that relatively small and shallow earthquakes can also trigger massive damage to buildings and infrastructure if they […] Read More

Earthquake Swarm hits Off Petrolia, California on the Cascadia Subduction Zone and Mendocino Fracture Zone

A series of 8 earthquakes hit the Cascadia Subduction Zone and the Mendocino Fracture zone on March 8, 2020. The biggest quake of the swarm was a M5.8 followed by a M4.9 three hours later. The very shallow (2.2km or 1.4 miles deep) M5.8 earthquake hit the Mendocino fracture zone on March 8 2020 at […] Read More

Magnitude 3.5 earthquake rattles Utah

We are receiving reports from the USGS of a 3.5 magnitude earthquake that has struck Escalante, Utah. We will provide more information as we receive it. A moderate earthquake in southwest Utah rattled part of Wayne County, but no damage or injuries were reported. The U.S. Geological Survey says the magnitude 3.5 temblor struck at 2:26 p.m. Tuesday about […] Read More

Seven earthquakes have rattled Oklahoma in past 24 hours

 Over the past 24 hours, at least seven earthquakes have rattled Oklahoma becoming the latest quakes to rattle the state this month according to geologists.  According to a local affiliate, the earthquakes struck the northern and central parts of the state from 8:54 a.m. on Thursday to 5:26 a.m. Friday, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The strongest of the quakes registered at […] Read More

Scientists Discover Hotspot Track Cross-Cutting the New Madrid Seismic Zone

There is a hotspot track cross-cutting the New Madrid Fault Lines! And it may explain the upstick in recent intraplate earthquakes across the eastern United States! There is a hotspot track cross-cutting the New Madrid Seismic Zone. The rectangular boxes show the locations of the seismic anomalies detected by USArray. The blue line shows the track of […] Read More

3.9 magnitude earthquake reported near West Yellowstone

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) detected a 3.9 magnitude earthquake about 23 miles west-northwest of West Yellowstone Saturday morning. According to USGS, the quake struck at a depth of nearly 4 miles just after 6 a.m. Saturday. There have been no reports of damage or injury so far. We will update this story with […] Read More

Three Earthquakes Rattle Dangerous New Madrid While Two Rare Tremors Hit Maine

Yesterday, two rare earthquakes were felt in Maine. A few hours later, 3 other quakes hit within the New Madrid Seismic Zone. The New Madrid Fault is one of the most dangerous earthquake zone in the U.S. and is best known for its massive jolts in 1811-1812. In comparison, there are no known geologically active fault […] Read More

Magnitude 5.7 hits Turkey-Iran Earthquake Kills at Least 8 and Injures 30

At least 8 dead have been killed following a M5.7 earthquake in Turkey’s Van province on Sunday, February 23, 2020. More than 30 others have been injured by the strong quake in Turkey as well as in neighboring Iran. Many more are believed to be still buried under collapsed buildings. The M5.7 earthquake struck the […] Read More

Deadly Gases Emanating at Eldvörp Caves, Iceland Prompts Official Warning, While Earthquake Swarm Rattles Mount Thorbjorn Volcano Also on Reykjanes Peninsula

The Icelandic Met Office (IMO) has issued on Friday a warning about cave excursions in the Eldvörp area on the Reykjanes Peninsula. Hazardous levels of CO2 and O2 were measured in a popular cave in the area on February 20, 2020. And a series of quake is currently rattling the Mount Thorbjorn volcano. A powerful […] Read More

Five earthquakes rattle Tennessee-North Carolina border in 4-hour span

NORTH CAROLINA (WBTV) – Five earthquakes shook near the Great Smoky Mountain National Park in east Tennessee early Tuesday, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The first quake registered at 2:48 a.m. and the last was reported at 6:56 a.m., USGS data shows. They were all small, between magnitude 1.3 and 1.7. The earthquake swarm […] Read More

Turkey Earthquake: Rivers of Blood Flowing After Devastating Earthquake

Debate rages online about the possible cause of a bloody discharge bubbling up from cracks in the ground after the devastating January 24 earthquake. The 6.8 magnitude earthquake in Turkey last month created a bizarre and unsettling phenomenon. The Earth seemed to ‘bleed’ as it was torn apart by seismic forces – an event captured […] Read More

Magnitude 7.7 earthquake strikes off the coast of Jamaica

A magnitude 7.7 earthquake struck Tuesday about 80 miles from Jamaica, shaking people in the Caribbean and as far away as Miami. A tsunami of 0.4 feet was recorded in the Cayman Islands at George Town, but no tsunami was observed at Port Royal, Jamaica, or Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. There were several aftershocks, including […] Read More

6.8 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Turkey: 18 dead, 550+ Injured

A 6.8 earthquake in eastern Turkey has claimed at least 18 lives and caused multiple buildings to collapse, trapping many under rubble. The quake was centered in the province of Elazig and was felt as far away as Tel Aviv, Israel. The quake struck near the town of Sivrice but was felt in other neighboring […] Read More

Magnitude 5 Earthquake Shakes Iranian Nuclear Reactor

A 5.1 magnitude earthquake hit at 5 AM local time on Friday less than 30 miles from the 1,000-megawatt Bushehr nuclear power plant, Iran’s only operating nuclear power plant located on the southwest Gulf coast. There were no immediate reports of damage to the reactor. The US Geological Survey said the quake struck 27 miles […] Read More

Magnitude 4.9 quake hits waters off Davao Occidental

MANILA – A magnitude 4.9 earthquake was recorded in the waters off Davao Occidental at 5:12 p.m. Sunday, the state seismology bureau said.  The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology said the quake’s epicenter was 114 kilometers off Sarangani Island, Davao Occidental in the Celebes Sea.  The quake was felt at Intensity I in General […] Read More

Bang, Bang, Bang: M6.3, M6.0 and M6.0 hits Canada, Colombia and Argentina as Ring of Fire is Heating up

Three strong earthquakes hit countries lying along the Ring of fire in the last 24 hours. The first M6.0 jolt hit Argentina followed by a M6.0 in Colombia. Eight hours later, a M6.3 quake hit at the upper end of the Cascadia, a region that was hit by an unusual series of 5 quakes on […] Read More

Pray for Mindanao: Another Earthquake With Magnitude 6.9 Struck Davao del Sur

A magnitude 6.9 earthquake jolted Davao del Sur on Sunday afternoon, Phivolcs said. The tremor struck 6 kilometers northwest of Padada town in Davao del Sur, a week before Christmas. It was tectonic in origin and had a depth of 30 kilometers, according to Phivolcs. The tremor will cause damage and aftershocks, Phivolcs said. Another […] Read More

6.4-magnitude earthquake Shaken Albania, (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

A powerful earthquake has hit Albania in the middle of the night, forcing people to run into the streets. Over a hundred people have been injured and several buildings collapsed, while others appeared to crack. The 6.4-magnitude quake struck between the port town of Durres and the capital Tirana, at a depth of 10km (6.2 miles), […] Read More

After 100,000 Earthquakes in California, The Big One is Coming says Geologist

After a bit less than 6 months and more than 100,000 aftershocks after the Ridgecrest event… Southern California geologists are waiting in fear for the next Big One. In July 2019, within two days, a M6.4 and a M7.1 earthquakes hit the Surles Valley in Southern California. The resulting swarmageddon, or the series of aftershocks […] Read More

‘Earthquake is a test not God’s Punishment?’ – Kidapawan Bishop

KIDAPAWAN CITY PHILIPPINES— Tragedies are trials, not punishment from God. This is what Bishop Colin Bagaforo would like to tell quake-hit families in Mindanao, where at least 22 people died and dozens injured after 3 strong earthquakes. This is not punishment from God. It’s not anyone’s fault. We need to be positive and see that […] Read More