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Apocalyptic mega-drought is hammering the US; In North Dakota, it’s worse than the Dust Bowl

Joey and Scott Bailey are sitting in their kitchen trying to figure out how they’ll get through these next few months. “Just your grass hay that we would spend $30 a bale on, people are spending $150 a bale, and they’re driving 250 miles to get it,” Scott says. The Baileys own a ranch on […] Read More

Water crisis is so bad in Mexico City that it is one of 11 cities predicted to reach Day Zero – the day the water runs dry

Mexico City’s water is quite literally disappearing. I have no doubt that in 2022 there will be a crisis, the reservoirs are completely depleted. What is happening in Mexico City? The ancient Aztecs originally engineered the origins of Mexico City on top of Lake Texcoco and left the surrounding natural freshwater lakes intact for use. […] Read More

The Colorado River irrigates farms, powers electric grids, provides drinking water to 40 million people… And IS DRYING UP!

For farmers in the deserts of central Arizona, success and failure is defined by who has water and who does not. At the moment, Dan Thelander is still among the haves. Inside a municipal building in Pinal County, Thelander rolls a map out across the board room table. On the patchwork of brown desert and […] Read More

Drought forces North American ranchers to sell off their future

WINNIPEG, Manitoba/CHICAGO, Sept 3 (Reuters) – When Canadian rancher Dianne Riding strides across her brown pasture, sidestepping cracks and popping grasshoppers, she has less company than usual. Record-setting heat and sparse rain left Riding with too little grass or hay to feed her cattle near Lake Francis, Manitoba. She sold 51 head at auction in […] Read More

US declares first-ever Colorado River water shortage – Arizona and Nevada affected

For the first time ever, the US federal government has declared a water shortage on the Colorado River. That’s because Lake Mead, the nation’s largest reservoir, is lower than it’s ever been. It provides water to 25 million people across Arizona, Nevada, California, and Mexico, but as of Monday it’s at just 1,067 feet above […] Read More

Starving Cows as Massive Drought hits Arizona

The cotton’s gone. The alfalfa barely exists. “Can you even call this a farm?” asked Nancy Caywood, standing on a rural stretch of land her Texas grandfather settled nearly a century ago, drawn by cheap prices and feats of engineering that brought water from afar to irrigate central Arizona’s arid soil. On the family’s 247 […] Read More

Devastating Drought destroy US Farmlands

In comparison to last week, a robust Southwestern monsoon circulation delivered drought-easing rainfall, sparking localized flash flooding across large sections of the Four Corners States, as well as the southern Great Basin. However, critically dry conditions persisted across northern California and the Northwest, where, in the driest areas, wildfires dotted the landscape, with containment of […] Read More

Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya face devastating drought as the next rainy season in East Africa is forecast to fail, jeopardizing food security for millions of people

Every five or so years, it rips me apart to watch the same tragedy: a La Niña weather cycle brings devastating drought and hunger to East Africa, threatening the lives and livelihoods of millions of people in Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya. Using climate models and Earth observations, we can now predict these droughts. And once […] Read More