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Yellow Snow and Birds Falling From the Sky in Russia

Terrifying photos shows yellow snow and birds falling from the sky! Look at these strange pictures captured in the city of Segezha, Russia. According to residents, the city was plunged for several hours in a thick fetid fog that even killed many birds. Streets, cars and passerby were covered with some yellow rubbish snow. It […] Read More

Strange Creatures Found in the Deep Sea

The breathtaking collection of fantastic beasts comes courtesy of Roman Fedortsov, who began documenting his weird catches earlier back in 2016. Including among the vast menagerie of creatures featured in his feed are a ghastly fish which looks like it sports human teeth and another denizen of the deep that boasts enormous bug eyes. Всем […] Read More
A bird struck a Navy ‘doomsday’ plane. It caused millions in damage.

A bird struck a Navy ‘doomsday’ plane. It caused millions in damage.

The Navy’s “doomsday” plane wasn’t supposed to be on the ground in Maryland for long. Instead, the E-6B Mercury — a flying communications and command post designed to play a critical role during a nuclear war — should have briefly touched down before taking off again. But as the hulking aircraft was attempting to perform […] Read More