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US now openly admits its goal in Syria is to make it ‘difficult’ for Moscow and Damascus to defeat terrorists

The State Department’s special envoy for Syria has just admitted that the US aims to defend jihadist militants in Idlib against ‘Russian aggression,’ proving once again that the swamp in Foggy Bottom is alive and well. Russia and the Syrian government “are out to get a military victory in all of Syria,” Ambassador James Jeffrey told reporters on […] Read More

Israel Strikes Iranian Ammunition Depots Target in Damascus Thursday night vowing not to let Iran gain a foothold along Northern border

The IAF launched an airstrike in the Damascus area, according to the Syrian news agency SANA, in addition to multiple sources. Syrian air defenses downed several missiles coming across Israel’s Golan Heights before they hit their targets in the capital, Damascus, Syrian state television said on Thursday. The attack was allegedly targeting Iranian ammunition depots in […] Read More